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Draco's guide to DMPA fighter combat:


1. Basic principles

1.1 3D Space

1.2 Weapon range

1.3 Speed and direction

2. Keys

3. Useful notes

1. Basic principles

Welcome to my guide on fighter combat in DMPA. In this short guide I will explain several key principles.

Firstly, space is a 3D environment, so lets take a closer look at it.

1.1 Space, a 3D Environment

Space is a 3D environment, that is there are threre axes to consider when flying or, in this case, fighting.

The X, Y and Z axis. he X controls left and right, or east and west movement, the Y controls forward and back, or north and south, and the Z controls vertical, or up and down, movement. In DMPA the arrow keys in manual pilot,bmode control the X (left and right) and Y (up and down) movements, with the equals and dash keys being used for the Z axis

This means with practice you can, for example, move left, forward and up at the same time, or move left, and then go backwards on the Y axis then downm, and then go right, forwards and up all in one move.

1.2 Weapon range

The laser on the Hellcat has a range of 5. This means that in order to be able to shoot, assuming you are outside of the safe zone, you must have all three axes within five coordinates of the target ship.

For example:

I am targeting a ship at 5000 5000 5000

I would need to have the X, Y and Z axis within 5 coordinates, at the same time, so 5001 5000 4980 would not allow me to fire, nor would 4999 5010  5000

4001 5000 4999 however, would as each of the three axes are within 5 coordinates of the target ship

1.3. Speed and direction

Remember the controls in section 1.1 above?

Put them to use in a fight. Do not stay s till, always keep moving, even if it's slowly moving, to throw your opponent off. Keep moving and keep one step ahead of your oppponent. Don't be predictable and don't move slowly, if you feel you need to run from a fight don't be afria do escape

2. Keys

Arrow keys - Move forward, back, left, right
= and - keys - Move up and down
Tab/Shift tab - Switch between installed weapons in your ship
S - Check speed
C - Check coordinates
V - Sensors
T - Select target
Space bar - Open fire

To target a ship

T  (opens target window)
Enter (to select ship type then ship name)
V (opens sensor menu)

Enter (to confirm contact)
Tab (to switch weapons)
Space (to fire)

3. Useful notes:

1. Sitting a few coordinates above or below somebody is a perfectly viable tactic, do not fight on the level

2. Do not be afraid of running from a fight if things go badly

3. Do not be afraid to make alternate characters specifically for dogfighting

4. Do not be afraid to prey on damaged ships. Yes it sounds cheap and dirty but don't be afraid to finish off adamaged opponent instead of letting them go.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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