2017-05-21 20:17:32

hello everyone, for some reason from one night to another almost all of the games I have on my system that were coded in bgt were suddenly flagged as viruses by avira and put in the quarantene folder. Effected games were crazy party, rhythm rage, desafio mortal, redspot  and survive the wild. I uninstalled avira and tried avg, however it does exactly the same thing, though for some unknown reason beatstar remains uneffected. Anyone who doesn't experience this problem, can they tell me what antivirus they use? And even after I did a system scan to find out if there maybe was actually a piece of malware that was infecting my programs, it still does it when I install new programs.

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2017-05-22 00:01:40

Interestingly, I am using AVG and haven't had such a problem.

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2017-05-22 03:02:28

Hello! Another AVG user who was forced to delete all the BGT games is here! I've switched to ESET smart security which I had the university license.

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2017-05-22 08:17:46

I know crazy party may be detected as a virus cause of the UPnP feature it has, which I've experienced it my self, yet it won't delete the original game,; it will tri to tell you about upnpc-exe. other than that bgt games all fine for me. could be a faulse detect due to what the new antivirus  softwears are doing: sscanning the behaviors of itch app, and tranna worn you about the actions they apply with out the user's knowing. E.G. if the games are sending info concerning  your pc online with out letting you know, your antivirus will say it's a thred, but actually this data is beeing sent to help in the ban system.

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2017-05-22 08:56:03

A friend of mine had the same exact issue with AVG and he couldn't play anything until he uninstalled it completely.

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2017-05-22 15:19:51

The trouble with antivirus these days is they seem to no longer just be antivirus, so it becomes very misleading. The current version of AVG seems to be filled with a lot of trial messages as well.

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2017-05-22 17:41:08

Avira no longer detects crazy party as a virus. I submited it to them 2 weeks ago, and they removed the virus signature. Here is what you should do. Go to program data/avira folder and find the infected folder. Then go to avira to submit a sample and chose false posetive and upload each sample as such. The analyses should be done in a few hours and the sample is no longer detected.

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2017-05-22 17:43:49

FWIW I have run into isssues with games, and I'm talking mainstream AAA games triggering certain anti malware/virus scanners based on heuristics detection. No idea why either, but the advice in that case is....drum roll please....

Disable your AV entirely and leave it off when you have the game installed.

Personally I just made an exception for my Steam folder at the time and that sorted it.

Oddly enough on my other Windows machine, BGT doesn't tirgger either Sophos or MBAM, but Typing of the Dead triggers both every time, yet by the same toekn I have had Warsim of all things trigger my AV on my windows box....yet Crazy Party doesn't, so for me at least, it seems hit and miss based on heuristics alone.

@Aaron: Agreed, and they are trying to predict and predict and yet they can't reliably predict malware at all, it still needs updating to fight off a malware infection.

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2017-05-24 03:39:31

Having suffered through the same mess with norton which I posted about a while ago, I'm glad to see this isn't an unknown problem. I do wonder if there's anything on the developer's end that can be done to circumvent some of these issues. While I am surprised to hear this happens to triple A games, I do feel like BGT games in particular are usually the biggest alarm trippers.

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2017-05-24 11:21:47

I use ESET NOD32 and haven't ever had this problem.

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2017-05-24 22:03:45

i am using avast but i kan't play stw
help me please
and thanks to all

2017-05-24 22:34:46

the problem is, the compiled script is bytecode which anti-viruses may say thats a virus
secondly, bgt's compiled scripts are appended to the  end of exec.bin somehow, and antivirus may think again thats a virus
for my anti-virus, i'm using kaspersky internet security 2017

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2017-05-25 15:16:56

I have some good and bad news! Let's start with the potentially bad.
Yikes, I was just reading something online and I don't know what to think about this, taken from an AVG article.
AVG protects you better than ever before, because we now leverage the power of over 400 million users—more than the entire population of the United States!—to thwart even the newest, unclassified forms of malware.
How does this work? Basically, every AVG user acts as a sensor. Anytime one user encounters a potential unknown threat, we quickly analyze it, determine if it’s malicious, create a cure, and then push that cure out to all our millions of users. The end result? Better protection for everyone, without you ever having to lift a finger.
Link is below.
http://www.avg.com/en/signal/avg-evolve … -antivirus
I have also found a way to report false positives, and even cooler, a developer can ask for their programs to be whitelisted, or a user can report a program and give details about the problem. While tha analysis is automatic it does ask about an email address so I don't know if they will communicate with you or not. They claim they won't, though.
This can be found at the folowing website:

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