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So I'm new to the forum but having obtained a Google Home recently it got me addicted to your game. I love it.. it really makes me feel like I'm back to playing D&D with my friends of old and I would love this game having multi-user support and input as it'd be cool to invite my friends to join me in my adventure with their own parties when they're over..  I've scanned this page a good bit but am coming up short with several things for interactions and have noticed quite a few bugs (and things that may have been intentional) that I thought I'd bring to your attention.

1) Game breaking bug in 2 formats. Both of which lose all progress and party data. First format is occasionally when I exit the game . Especially frustrating as I had a party I had put a good 20+ hours of gameplay into already. What happened on my end is I loaded the game, played, exited, reloaded a half hour later and I had a new party at the starting location. This doesn't always happen but when it does, your party is gone forever. I tried immediately reloading a couple of times but my old party is gone. The old party was called Special Serpents Club if that helps any.

The second instance of this is caused by one of two things and were not applicable to the first description as I avoided the things in this with that party. It either wipes data due to entering a glitched town cell OR it glitches due to cutting off the assistant with the voice activation command and giving a new command in relatively rapid succession. An example would be I'm in a town and I know the layout so to quickly move from space to space I say "West" Assistant begins to respond with "You travel west" or some such and I cut off the rest with a "Hey Google West" repeatedly. until I get to my destination. when this glitch happened (3 times)  2 seemed due to rapid commands and 1 was after listening to a full explanation but having done rapid commands before I had stopped to listen. The glitch happened on giving a directional command and sent me to the start point of the game with a new party and reset everything. Sadly I had such little time with these parties I do not remember their party names.

2) Saying "Enter" closes the game with a report of "6 Swords is not responding" Attaching a word on top of "Enter" i.e. "Enter Town" is fine.

3) Layout seems to get muddled in places. Mostly I have noticed this in hamlets where you enter the hamlet.. go a direction and you end up on the far end or middle of the town so you have to backtrack the way you came to find the rest of the buildings in the town. Slightly confusing but not game breaking. The other was in Narrow Cleft with the dinosaurs where quite often the Swamp, Dense Forest and Tall Fern grids would confuse directions i.e. "You are in grasslands to the North there you see Tall Ferns. To the West you see Swamp" "North" "Ferns as big as houses surround you to the North you see Grasslands. To the South you see Dense Forest" "South" "Thick Trees surround you to the South you see Tall Ferns" I'm not sure if this is intentional to to confuse the player (which I don't mind) but I thought I'd bring it up.

4) Interaction. From what I've noticed you have a good idea where the interaction is failing. However from my experience the most painful of these things and the most gamebreaking has been trying to buy enchanted weapons of any sorts from shops i.e. Dagger of Thunder, Anti-Devil Scimitar, Anti-Devil Trident. The game doesn't recognize these names at all and makes fighting special creatures with immunity to normal damage near impossible. I was wondering if there's a workaround I can use (once I know I won't lose my party constantly)  in order to buy these types of things.
The other part of this section is companions both in party and the hiring hall. it is not uncommon with a new game to have to check all characters to see if their name registers properly in the system and if some don't that you already have, kill your entire party to start again until all of them register. Otherwise you can't equip, activate, or fire that companion. The second is the hiring hall which of course limits your choices of companions due to the system hating the name of the person you are trying to hire. Both of these are a minor annoyance but not gamebreaking as you just ensure your characters work and hire ones that work.  once you have 6.. there's no real issue but it can make hunting for new companions a little painful.

5) Regardless of whether you fully decimated a group of enemies, they ran away or you ran away.. If you sleep immediately or you move one direction then sleep you can get interrupted with a totally false encounter that when you fight simply says "The fight is over" and it seems to be luck of the draw. I had one time where sleep was interrupted 7 times by non existant enemies in a row before it finally allowed me to sleep, let me sleep then interrupted me 3 more times with illusionary enemies when I attempted to top up HP more.

I know .. It's a bit to read through but I'd love to see this game done well as I've begun to really love it. I look forward to seeing my party existing for more than a day before vanishing into an abyss xD

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2018-02-18 04:57:37

Apologies for not replying sooner. It scrolled onto a 5th page and I hadn't noticed! Anyway, some good news and some bad news...

Google Home seems to have a problem retaining your user ID. Your game identity is indexed based on this. For privacy reasons, if you disable and re-enable the game, your user ID changes. It appears that Google is doing this inadvertently. I will report the problem to them and see if they can fix it.

However, they also had a bug that you noticed. When you say "enter" it exits the game. After four months of reporting this they have finally partially fixed it. Enough that I was able to code a workaround. This is great, but it means I have less confidence they will deliver a fix for the user ID problem quickly.

I do regret not making the game multi-player from the start. StarLanes was created that way, and did well until it outgrew its user interface. I hope to get back to that some day. For now, technically, I believe I have it so that two people can be in the same dungeon, and actually affect what is going on. But you won't actually see each other. Going forward I hope to have plans so that in the premium space all players make take actions to influence the civil war going on. No direct actions with each other like a good D&D session. But at least some interactivity.

I have found Special Serpents Club. What I need is your current party name. Then I can merge the old values into the new values, if that's what yous till want.

I know it is awkward to move through areas you have already been in. When you hijack the playback by using the system level interrupt, as you are doing, what happens goes out of my control. My code will react to the commands sent. What is probably getting scrambled is the commands sent. I'm not sure what I can do about that.

I'd like to do something like in the old text adventure games where you can say "go west west north east". But that is, unfortunately, actually rather hard to do with an audio assistant with any accuracy.

Swamps are, indeed, confusing. Much like a twisty maze of passages! They are not necessarily connected in a direct fashion. Treat them like mazes.

It isn't very good at the compound names, like Dagger of Thunder. However, it does recognize all basic names, and is careful enough not to place two items of one type into the same shop. So you should be able to say "buy dagger" and it will work it out.

As a fall back for both this and the hiring hall, you can say "one", "two", etc to pick the first, second, etc, option.

I have seen the evaporating encounter happen before. I thought I had fixed it. I guess I have to look at it again.

Thank you for your feedback. It helps establish direction. Right now fixes are a little delayed. We had set ourselves a goal of December 26th to reach a critical mass that we could expand commercially from. I'd, seriously, like to have three people working on this full time rather than just me doing it part time. Unfortunately neither Amazon or Google have created an environment that solves the business needs of getting enough publicity to an audio app like this to get it to the point where a return on investment can be achieved. Google have expressed a desire to, but just haven't delivered. Amazon appear to prefer a minecraft like setup where people adding value to their IP do so with free labor and no expectation of recompense.

We aren't winding down 6 swords or our other games. Right now promotional credits cover current monetary costs (other than the fancy voices from the Bardic college, but I'm trying to do a deal on that). It's just our time costs that we see no hope of being recovered. We're trying to work out a good plan to transition our model and approach to a non-commercial basis. And that, for now, mostly means that I get to spend less time on it.

You guys have been a great community and I appreciate your support and loyalty. We will certainly keep the game alive for the foreseeable future. If there are any Java programmers out there who are interested in helping out, drop me a line. It is a rather large and complex source base. Making it open source is problematic, as there is a crap ton of our intellectual property in there we aren't quite prepared to give up on yet. But we have no problem giving individuals access with agreement on a "gentleman's NDA".

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2018-02-18 05:19:54

Is there a way to play this without a smart speaker? I have no need for one and still want to play this.

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2018-02-18 15:12:02

As far as I have tested, you can play 6 Swords through Google Assistant in Android 6 or above, any Alexa-compatible app - official or not like Alexa Listens - or as a last alternative, with Google Assistant for PC, which is a bit tedious to get to work but it is doable.

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2018-02-18 23:51:14

Don't forget the "Ultimate Alexa" app from


2018-02-21 22:02:25

Sweet. Okay so I'll likely just.. start over again eventually. I wish something could be easily done about the user ID mix up cause the last thing I want to do is keep hounding you for my party back. As for the shops, I tried all the basic names for things but it wasn't going anywhere with it.. Hopefully I can use one, two, three. However for the purposes of activating party members and equipping/removing items with unresponsive names does that fall back still apply? I did stop hijacking the playback when I started Special Serpents Club because it seemed to be causing most of the early game problems in other groups.

I'm not too hung up on keeping the old party. It's been a while now and if the user ID problem gets fixed I'll definitely get immersed in it once more. All the other points I brought up were little annoyances that were manageable. If a fix is released for it, I'd love to hear when it happens. Thanks again for your time.

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2018-02-22 15:17:12

I've been talking with Google about the party ID problem. It appears they have a "feature" of recognizing individual voices. The problem is that if it doesn't recognize an individual voice, it generates a random ID. It's not clear to me yet if things will be better with this feature on or off.
I'm seeking permission from them to go back to how I had the skill originally, where it asked the user for their e-mail and then used that as the common user ID. That was much more reliable. It broke some rule of theirs and I have to find out if there is a way to use it, or get permission, so it doesn't break their rules.

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2018-02-22 19:00:00

hi where i can find this game?

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2018-02-22 19:33:10

well keep us posted on what changes you do make, I'm eager ot see what you make and I am very willing to pay for premium content.

Also, not sure what you're doing with the main story, but was wondering if you could give us evil options. Basically having an evil adventuring party. We'd still fight monsters and stuff, but we could work for some evil nation if there is one.

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2018-02-23 02:09:06

This game is available on Google Home (OK Google talk to 6 Swords) or Amazon Alexa (Alexa, open 6 Swords). We were kicking around the idea yesterday of making a web version using some off-the-shelf speech to text and text to speech technology from Watson/BlueMix. Chime in if you have opinions on that!

The main plot involves a civil war. As such, each side thinks they are the good guys and the other side the bad guys. So it's more point-of-view than good-vs-evil. I could do more with religious factions, which are very important later. The problem is that the setting takes place before a bunch of novels I've written, which kind of ties things down. (The first novel is at the very end of the civil war.) But I'm trying to to be constrained by that, and to just let the game go how the game goes.

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2018-03-02 23:00:58

hey guys, just got back to playing more six swords and found one of those gates of smoke. I must say to Joquinta, fantastic experience.

Most things in the game because I found some good money early on and some fortunate equipment for sale,  I plow right over. The gate of smoke (a gateway to demonic realms) was one of the first times in a long time where I had actually feared for my heroes. It was a small dungeon with only 3 effective rooms, with monsters only in 2 of them, but scary nonetheless. The text description is fantastic! also, those class D demons are no joke! It took me forever to wear those guys down. Thank god I only had to deal with 3 at the most at one time.

also, should I feel evil? I went to a disused tower (a castle dungeon for those who haven't found them) and was exploring around when I started having to wail on pilgrims. They were probabl just on a journey to visit this as a religious martyr's site, and then I go in, they approach me and I murder all of them.

It was an easy dungeon in contrast to the  gate of smoke, but just sometimes when the game tries to pick appropriate monsters, it can sometimes get a little crazy what it puts where. (don't change it Joquinta, it's delightful!)

also, the elite humanoids are pretty cool. such as the new upper tier bandits, and the dwarf fighters. I'd like to see more like that. Also, what determines when we go after one of those elite guys, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. And is it my imagination or are group fights less likely to flee when they have more elites left?

Finally, been wanting to ask this for a long time, but what are the current mechanical benefits of frostbrand and flaming weapons? it doesn't show up in their stats, they are very expensive (especially the frostbrand ones)  and my cheaper weapons are shown to do more damage right now.

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2018-03-05 03:13:07

Well, I'm glad there are still some surprises there that can scare the crap out of you. :-) I some point I'll be adding in Giant based locations and Dragon based ones. Those should ensure there are always challenges to overcome!

There are many gods in the world. Not all of them good. So pilgrims are not necessarily guaranteed to be good. However, it's a great idea to align pilgrims with gods and for you to get negative god points for killing their pilgrims!

I'm glad you like the elite humanoids. I want to make it more general so that, for example, stone giants often come with cave bears and stuff like that. But I got bogged down adding in monster descriptions. You are supposed to be able to say things like "tell me about goblins" and so for to get a description. But it started to mess with the audio model.

I believe the elites are spread out among the normal creatures in a sort of regimental way. Or it may be random. Or something in between. I can't quite remember. Monster morale is derived each round by comparing the total levels they started off with and the total levels left, and it also mixes in your total levels. So they typically won't fight to the last person, unless they are doing well and you are also nearly down to your last person. But, since it is based on levels, killing an elite does have an outsize effect on their morale.

Frost and flame brands are straight out of the book. They are +1 magical weapons, and so have an extra 5% chance of hitting and do an extra one magic damage. But they also do an extra 3 frost or flame damage. So they aren't top tier weapons, but they are pretty nice against certain creatures.

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2018-03-08 02:36:28

thanks for the info, also had an encounter I thought would be easy but turned out not to be.

Was walking off the paths and came across 20 giant wasps. All my guys were level 6 at the time but they all ganged up on one of my characters and on top of that those little nasties are surpisingly hard to hit and surprisingly durable. They actually did knock her out. I don't know how monsters choose to tattack people, I think she's got slightly worse equipment than the others so that might be involved in why she seems to be a frequent target.

Also, in the past few weeks, haven't seen any castle deeds or door permits dropping from monsters. Is that over? I have a ton of those things but  I don't think I ever got an entryway thing. So since they weigh nothing, was wondering if I should still be holding onto them or whether they have been removed from the game and I should just sell them.

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2018-03-10 04:37:02

20 Giant Wasps is the maximum! So I expect it is tough. Monsters are rated by fighting a trial mock combat against a team of six 'average' adventurers. The thing is the team is average, and the number used is the average appearing. Since it happened to roll max number, it was tougher than usual. I'm glad you survived!

The computer tries to deploy your characters in the best way possible. But it also deploys the monsters in the best way possible for them too. If a player has a missile weapon, it is provisionally put into the second rank. If it has a hand held weapon, it goes in the first rank. (If it has no weapon, it goes in the second rank.) Monsters all go into the first rank. Then it pairs off monsters against characters based on their size. Six small creatures per character, four medium, and two large. If there are more monsters than there are front rank characters, then characters are pulled out of the second rank.

So, if there are a lot of monsters, then everyone will end up fighting hand to hand. If there aren't as many, then your hand to hand fighters will hold the line and your missile fighters can attack without being attacked. By selectively activating characters you can control the "marching order". Players are deployed in the ranks in this order.

The Castle competition ended in January. Monsters stopped dropping deeds at that point, but you can still buy them from shops. You can continue to use them to build castles if you like. This isn't going to be removed from the game. At some point, they will be a form of strategic interplay in the premium area. Building fortifications will allow you to create bases for your side in the civil war and make them stronger in that area. But it will probably be a while before we get there.

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2018-03-10 06:51:38

To be honest, I've tried this, and I've got no clue what it is you're supposed to be doing. I got in one fight ad get stomped on so hard it wasn't even funny, and I think once I realized it was not going to go my way, I tried several times to retreat but my characters got decimated. That's fine, not a big deal, but what's the goal here, what are we trying to do etc.

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It is pure, free of judgement, and raises me to the utter height of glory.

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2018-03-10 08:05:19

Eh, 6 swords in a web browser??

Not a bad idea!

By the way, for those who have an Android device, you can also play 6 swords now via the Amazon Alexa app itself, or my favorite way is to use:

Ultimate Alexa - The Voice Assistant
(Above link takes you to the app's "Play Store" page.)

I will check out the "Google Assistant" version of 6 Swords more indepth, though I am wondering, if its mostly the same, though its a more softer voice than Alexa?

2018-03-10 14:53:50


pretty much you are a group of six adventurers and your goal is to travel around, clearing dungeons and fighting monsters to get money to get useful things such as weapons, armor, and potions, as well as castle parts if you are interested in such things.

If your early experiences are anything like mine, they probably started you with some really crappy adventurers so travel from town to town and check out the hiring halls for characters with better stats. I think character or stats will give your character stats. Get rid of guys with really crappy ability scores and low hp and replace them with better characters you find in hiring halls.

Also, especially when you've got crappy equipment and crappy heroes, stay on the roads, the roads are the least dangerous areas in the game. Yes, the game does scale via difficulty (when you get stronger the monsters get worse) but the roads are relatively safe. compared to the middle of nowhere. Also, if you need money fast, kill dwarves, they aren't super hard and they are loaded with it. Try to get the best equipment you can. lower armor class is best because of the rules Joquinta is using so a -4 set of armor is better than a -2 set. I've also found that for weapons, generally the best ones I've found are simply the +# weapons such as +3 broadsword or +4 light pick and stuff like that.

Get some decent equipment and then go dungeoning, there's going to be more to this game later but right now find dungeons, go in, slaughter monsters and get treasure to get better stuff.

Also you can sleep to heal if you didn't know that. which should help somewhat.

But the game is still making progress, Joquinta has recently added elite monsters leading groups of monsters such as kobold warchiefs or dwarf fighters with their respective regular monsters and recently they have added some new types of dungeons such as abyssal and diabolical portals and dinosaur valleys.

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2018-03-12 04:07:42

I reformatted this out of pity for those with screen readers. Found a really stupid parsing error which stopped over a hundred monsters being loaded. Expect the monster diversity to go up a lot in the near future.

The full list of added creatures is Afreet, Albertosaurus, Allosaurus, Animated Tree, Anklyosaurus, Apatosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Archelon, Argentinosaurus, Assagim, Babau, Barbed Devil, Baron Sahuagin, Barracuda, Bearded Devil, Behir, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Bone Devil, Brachiosaurus, Brass Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Brownie, Buccaneer, Buffalo, Bulette, Bull, Camarasaurus, Camel, Centrosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Cetiosaurus, Charonosaurus, Class A Demon, Class B Demon, Class C Demon, Class D Demon, Class E Demon, Class F Demon, Cloud Giant, Compsognathus, Copper Dragon, Deinonychus, Demonette, Devilcat, Diceratus, Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Diplodocus, Dretch, Dryad, Dunkleosteus, Edmontosaurus, Ekivu,
Elasmosaurus, Erinyes, Euparkeria, Eye of the Deep, Faun, Female Sahuagin, Giant Portuguese Man O War, Giant Sea Turtle, Giant Squid, Gorgosaurus, Horned Devil, Hypacrosaurus, Ice Devil, Iguanodon, Kraken, Kullule, Lemure, Leviathan, Monoclonius, Mosasaurus, Nothosaurus, Nymph, Ornitholestes, Pentaceratops, Pit Fiend, Pixie, Plateosaurus, Plesiosaurus,
Polar Bear, Pteranodon, Pterodactyl, Quetzalcoatlus, Quickling, Rhamphorynchus, Rhinoceros, Saurolophus, Saurophaganax, Shaitan, Shantungosaurus, Shub, Soul Worm, Spiked Devil, Sprite, Stegosaurus, Storm Giant, Styracosaurus,
Succubus, Tarbosaurus, Telmatosaurus, Titan, Treant, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Uduk, Velociraptor, Whale, and Wild Cattle.

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2018-03-12 05:06:24

actually I encountered class D demons and Shubs weeks ago, but only in smoke gates I found. Even so, In D&D I love fiends and recognize a whole bunch of my favorites here so If I'm seeing more of them, going to be pretty happy. Also love the wild animals, aquatic stuff, and dinosaurs.

Just a question, with those dragons, will they come in different strengths, in D&D classic dragons like that vary wildly in strength based on age. A young black dragon is fairly easy while an ancient one is one of the scariest things you could find among any monsters.

Lastly, how are we going to come into contact with those aquatic monsters? We don't seem to be able to enter the water as I generally have to turn back when I hit lakes (I've yet to find an ocean.) I really want to find them, just not sure. Is it that they might just show up on coasts? Either way happy.

Also, I know you are working with an open source code thing for 1e D&D but it seems it might be updated somewhat. I think several of those dinosaurs were not known in the days of 1e and some of them are recent discoveries I believe. Yes Albertasauraus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Diplodocus have been known for a long time, but a lot haven't.

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2018-03-12 13:44:02

Issue #327 was "Dragons should be multiplexed differently". So we will, indeed, get Huge Ancient Red Dragons, along with Young Small Silver Dragons, and so forth. I have "Dragon Dens" on my list, and we need that variety to make it so all parties can encounter them.

The aquatic monsters are mostly a place holder right now. You can meet some of them in swamps. But at some point I will introduce a ring of water walking and potion of water breathing. Then you can travel over water squares. This will be handy in the premium map, where there are oceans and islands.

I was going to release it this morning, but in testing my first level adventuring party just meant 10 Treant, and got its butt handed to it. There was another parsing error that lead it the challenge rating for Treants 1 instad of 10! I think I'm going to do a little more testing first!

In addition to 100+ monsters and the dragon varieties, there also will be Faerie inhabited Dark Groves as special locations. There's also a bug fix where monsters that occur in great quantities (e.g. bandits) were also biased to occur in great frequency and were crowding out other monsters of equivalent rarity.
Overall this should create a greater diversity of foes to fight.

I do hear you, Ironcross32. I try to split my time between game plot and game mechanics. Right now it's mostly mechanics, because that's easier to do with limited time. I need to shift focus at some point and do more plot stuff. It is just each time I think of some interesting plot point, I want another mechanic to support it!

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2018-03-12 17:35:05

well keep us posted, and having some dark fey groves sounds fantastic!  and yeah, I keep running into bandits, dwarves, and merchants to the point that I am sort of getting sick of them. Not so much the dwarves as they are loaded with cash (though I'm not sure what I can do with the 200,000 gold pieces I currently have.  as most places I go have worse stuff than I currently own for my characters and  so I don't ever buy anything.

Just a question though, is there any way you could insert descriptions into the badges so we know what they are for? I can guess for example that the hoarder badge you get for getting a ton of gold, but it would be nice to have specifics or even ways to say (you have the silver hoarder badge. You need a total of X gold to get the gold hoarder badge.) (just guessing at that.

I also love achievements, so adding new ranks to old achievements or new types of achievements are all things I'd like to see, and a lot of people love achievements so I think they'd like to see them too.

anyway, just keep up and post when you do stuff, and my love of this game continues to grow. as both my party grows and the game expands.

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2018-03-13 14:54:20

OK. new release pushed. Please let me know if you find any bugs or wildly unbalanced monsters.

Technically you can now say "about achievements" and it will give you your achievements, and after the "more" it will describe each achievement. But this is hard to trigger on Amazon. They aren't as good as Google on open ended requests.

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2018-03-16 20:37:50


I thought I would never be complaining about something I thought was too kind to the players but I'm going to do it here.

I've been fighting a bunch of dragons now and I managed to fight off 4 huge mature adult green dragons with my party of well-equipped level 7 heroes. I got about 1000 or so xp from the fight, which is more than fair as they went down pretty easy and other dragon fights that were similar also ended with similar XP rewards as well as gold rewards.

However, I got over 37,000 gold from the fight. I like having gold but I already have way more than I know what to do with when previous fights would on rare occasions net me a few thousand at most. I know that in D&D dragons hoard enormous treasures and should have a lot, but with the game as it currently is, the amount of gold I'm getting for some pretty easy fights is probably very unbalancing. I found some weapons that cost 15,000 in a couple stores, but I've got near half a million gold so even then I'm getting way too much money, especially because at my level and where I'm traveling, dragons are rare, but not that rare and almost all of the dragon fights I'm having are dropping these insane results..

Even if the tables you are using Joquinta are saying dragons should have that much money drop from fights, I recommend for balance of the game you either introduce some majorly expensive things to buy or significantly drop how much those dragons are dropping. After that fight that netted me nearly 40,000 the most damage anyone took in my party was 5 hp, so I think the reward is way too high for the risk.

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2018-03-17 23:58:40

I expected there would be a few mal-adjusted monsters with the new batch. Thanks for reporting this. I could nerf them down, but there are a few reasons I'd rather not.
1) If I start now, I won't know where to stop. I'm trying to use the rules verbatim, with the assumption that they are reasonably balanced. if I start modifying things, well, there are 400+ monsters. That's a lot of work.
2) The problem isn't really that the reward is too generous. The problem is the monster is not challenging enough. Right now, with the features implemented, a Dragon is just a lizard with wings. What these dragons really need are breath weapons!
3) I really do need a gold sink. You are right. After playing for a while, gold ceases to be much of a problem. I could make even more powerful weapons that are even more expensive, but that would just make it easier to make EVEN MORE money. What I really need are prestige purchases. Things you can buy as a player to show off that don't really come into game play. Castles were my first attempt at that. We brainstormed a bit at our lunch meeting and thought of things like buying titles, or even towns. I'm open to ideas.

I'm just finishing up adding Giant Halls and Dragon Lairs. I also revamped the feature system so they are related to terrain. It's kind of dump to have a Dark Grove turn up in a Desert. I will try to slip in dragon breath as well. That might help remedy the Green Dragon problem.

Slightly longer term, I'm going to short list what I need to do in order to move the main activity to the premium area. That's really were I want to focus on long term features. This doesn't mean we're going to start charging anytime soon. After we missed our goals in December it became clear we can't really commercialize this at this point in time. That's partially why the pace of feature addition has slackened off recently. We're been looking how to transition this project to a non-commercial basis. Today we decided since we've had the most engagement from the visually impaired community, we'll go with that. So, from today on, you guys are officially our main customer. Maybe someday we'll be able to look at a commercial direction again. (I'd love to hire three people to work on this full time!) For now we're going to focus on increasing our user base.
So, to that end, if anyone can recommend other forums, web sites, or publications that target the visually impaired, and accept advertising or might be willing to write an article about us, please pass it on. And, please, do talk it if up if you are happy with your experience with the game. Write reviews, recommendations, etc, and pass it around. Any effort is appreciated!

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2018-03-18 23:10:35

Hey, is there any way six-swords could be added to Cortana as a skill?

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