2017-12-28 21:24:37

At the start of my time on Echo I tried many different games. Of late I have decided to mostly focus on doing one game very well. That being said, if there is an easy port that could be interesting, I'm happy to take a look. Many text adventure style games don't actually work well on these devices. It only waits 8 seconds for input, and long streams of text get boring very quickly. But if it's been popular with screen readers for some time then it might be past that.
If Rich wants to reach out to me that's fine. I'll happily give him my opinion on the level of effort needed for a port. I had a look at the page and saw where to get the games, but it does not appear the source code is available. Or maybe I just missed it.

The background sounds and different voices you hear in some games are not a feature of the platform, but mostly come from a service called Talestreamer. This is produced from the people who brought you The Magic Door. They have opened it up for use by others for a price. 6 Swords is currently using this till at least January. Then we'll negotiate price and see if I can find a cost model that works for me.

I think you've caught just about all the miscellaneous noises that are in 6 Swords. They are really just there to add color and depth, and not to convey information. But I like that idea. Just created an issue in the backlog to see if I can find "signature themes" for certain monsters. Which monsters most fill you with trepidation? Wraiths freak me out now, because I added in level draining!

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2017-12-28 21:59:51

haven't seen all that many monsters, I'm still pretty weak at the moment with a few people on their way to level 3 and one poor guy with pathetic weapons down in level 1 still and I've only cleared 2 dungeons, both of them having nothing worse than skeletons in them. I tried another temple that was a bit tougher (4,000 gp instead of 1000 gp for winning.) but the wights were way out of my league, Luckily they didn't do anything particularly nasty to me before I fled.

Also, how does one cash in one's blessing or know how a God favors you. I've done some clearing out for Jupiter and Diana but not sure how getting your rewards for doing stuff like that works and don't want to waste them if they can get used up. For example if you can only use the healing pool once per blessing.  and I don't need any special healing right now. I know it involves going to a temple where your god you helped is worshipped, but don't know anything else.

Also one more question that I'll probably figure out on my own later, but  do all temples have undead in them or will some have other types of monsters too. I've seen items that seem to target devils, demons, werecreatures, giants, demi-humans, and dragons but for the most part I have seen very few of those creatures aside from undead and beasts and demi-humans so I'm wondering if I might walk into a temple and find out I've got to deal with devils or giants instead of undead.

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2017-12-28 22:40:13

Hey, Jjaquinta.
Send me your email address off the forum to the following email address.
I will be sure to give it to Rich.
[email protected]

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2017-12-28 23:22:26

Blessings are not used up. You need to have been blessed at least once to be able to use the healing pool. If you have been blessed three times (I think) then you can get past the pool into the infirmary. They will cure you of level drains there. (Handy after fighting wraiths!)

Right now only undead are in temples. More likely I will add in other feature types with themed monsters rather than make temples different. There are demons, devils, giants and even dragons in the game. But they are mostly very rare. I don't think I've ever seen a dragon outside of testing. They're that rare.

I've rolled out this week's update. There are a few new human monsters: Bandits, Brigands, and the like. Just more monsters to fight for now, but I have an open issue to make them so that they will be lead by higher level commanders. Also, when you say "more" after a "look", you will get your longitude and latitude. I've been convinced that a confusing map as interesting game play was fine for StarLanes, but not so much for 6 Swords.

Please pass on any bugs you find with this!

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2017-12-29 19:44:10

a couple things, first a question or two, and second what I think is a bug.

first, how does ammunition work? I have 100 sling stones in my inventory and 60 arrows but it has always been that way and even though I've got two sling users and two people that almost exclusively use bows, the number never goes down even though they've got to be firing off a dozen to 2 dozen of them at least each battle, is the count just basically the max you can have per fight? I can't equip the characters with the ammo so don't know how it works and was thinking of buying some better arrows but want to know how it works first.

also, does the phase of the moon mean anything. I imagine it might have something to do with werecreatures showing up but not sure. Even if it is just cosmetic I love the fact that you have the moon rise and set at appropriate times for the phase it is in, that's a nice touch. A lot of people forget that the crescent moon is largely high in the sky in the daytime, not at night.

Also, a weird little something happens after I chase enemies away, particularly on the world map. When I kill enough enemies and they run away, I often move 1 down the road after the battle ends to rest. the reason I do that is even before the most recent update, if I rested in the same place I fought a battle, if my sleep was interrupted, and I tried ot fight the intruders, I would simply continue the previous fight with who was left.

This now happens even if I move from the place where I fought the first fight and get interrupted while resting.

concrete example below:

Fought a fight with 13 giant bats, won the fight with four remaining who flee.

Go south

Area has no monsters in it


your sleep is interrupted

3 giant fire beetles appear, they advance on you menacingly.

I say "fight"
Joselle misses giant bat with her +2 warhammer (just a combat example here, it doesn't say that every time.)

and then things play out as though I was still fighting those old giant bats with exactly 4 remaining as if they had not run away.

When I beat the bats, the fire beetles in question are nowhere to be found, it wasn't like they were waiting for the bats.

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2017-12-30 00:11:24

Ammunition. I thought it was too much of a headache and no addition to game play to make you independently equip each character with ammunition. Instead characters pull the best ammunition available from the common pool and use that. Ammunition used is retrieved at the end of a fight, unless you run away. So if you've never run away, you probably won't lose any ammunition.

The Moon. YES! YES! YES! Someone noticed! It is a pet peeve of mine when I read books to my kids where they talk about the sun being up during the day and the moon being up at night. Look out the window! That's not how it works! And, worse, in a game like minecraft, the moon goes through phases, but still only comes up at night. Drives me crazy!

Anyway, editorial aside, you might slightly tougher monsters at night compared to the day time. I thought werecreatures were nastier, but I can't find it in my code. I better put that on the to-do list.

I've noted some oddness occasionally about fights recurring. But I hadn't tracked it down. I think with your input I have an idea what is going on. I clear the encounter data structure when a fight is over. I think I may not be doing so when you run away. I put another issue on the tracker to look at that.

Many thanks for the help!

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2017-12-30 03:48:55

I wasn't talking when I run away, but when monsters run away. Oftentimes in the wild outside of dungeons, if you encounter a group of monsters and kill several of them but not all of them, sometimes they will attack you once more and then it will say something like "Giant Bat has no more stomach for fighting," "You chase giant bat off the battlefield." or "The giant bat runs away."

That is where the strange bug comes up.  I usually don't encounter the problem if it is a single monster though that I didn't quite kill. For example, Fire mephitis usually attack me by themselves with no help and if I chase the thing away but don't kill it, I don't have the problem of it showing up again, only when the battles have groups of monsters.

Also, I have run away from many fights and my ammunition supply has not fallen. I might be shooting myself in the foot, but just wanted you to know that.

also, if there are no werecreatures, why are there werebane weapons in some of the shops? or are you just saying that werecreatures are the same strength all the time?

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2017-12-30 22:59:09

another issue I'm not sure about and it's really driving me crazy.

I cleared out a forlorn chapel dedicated to Juno and received a blessing of a breastplate of Juno as a reward. I assume both because it is divine and because it is a breastplate that it must be pretty special and I tried to get it equipped on one of my characters, but could not accomplish it. I've tried the following with no success.

1. telling it to equip the item to a chosen character.
2. Asking a character to wear the breastplate both given as "breastplate" and "breastplate of Juno" (I have no other breastplates right now.)
3. Doing attempts one and 2 with an implied subject such as saying "Equip breastplate of JunO" or "Equip Breastplate" with the desired character as my active one, (generally how I equip things because it is most consistently successful.

Most of the time, regardless of how I do this or phrase it when I say 'Equip Breastplate of Juno," it comes back and says "Benjamin is carrying...) and then lists off his equipment. It often flows to Benjamin, and I suspect this might have something to do with the fact that his name starts with a B and none of my other characters' names do, However, sometimes it stays on who I actually have active as I intend.

If I just say "equip" without an object, often the game will simply list my current active character and then say what they are carrying, so I wonder if the breastplate of Juno is somehow a non-object in the syntax somehow?
also, if the Breastplate of Juno is crappier than +1 banded armor, let me know. If you have the "what command" in there, it doesn't really work yet if it's there.

and one last thing you might want to check is something that frequently happens in the shops. Sometimes the prices for items get cut. For example it will list the 3 items for sale on a page but only give the prices for 1 or two of them. I often must enter a shop several times in order to figure out the price of what I want. sometimes for example in a ranged weapon shop the speech will say...

"This shop sells +1 shorbow for 60 gold +1 longbow and sling for 5 gold."

I know for a fact often by returning that the longbow and the sling don't cost the same. but the middle price gets swallowed somehow.. It also happens on the first and third items frequently as well so it isn't just an issue of the middle item. if one of the items has a long name, it seems more likely to happen.

Hope this can help you improve your game.

also, I figure it is something in the formatting somehow, but you can get some basic statistical info on items when you are in a major shop in a town as well as price and weight but it seems that is lacking in a gypsy camp. I bought up +1 banded armor for everyone in my party because I remembered it was far better than +2 padded, but not sure exactly how much., in a town store that only sold armor, I could figure this out. Is it due to the fact that Gypsy camps sell a little of everything?

but still loving the game, if I didn't I wouldn't point this stuff out and I'd just quit, and I don't intend to do that anytime soon. If they were in the game before, didn't see them on the roads where I generally stuck, but love dwarves. They carry so much money and it was because of them I was able to get crazy amounts of weapons and armor all in one place.

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2017-12-31 04:41:37

Ammunition. I've opened an issue to look into it to make sure things are working as expected.

Werecreatures. There are Werebears, Wereboars, Wererates, Weretigers, and Werewolves. They just aren't very common, so you don't meet them all the time.

The Breastplate of Juno is, in fact, a fancy name for Banded Armor +2. Alexa isn't the best at recognizing exactly what you say, so I have to do fuzzy matching to try to connect the two. It sounds like it got something like "Breastplate" if it tried to match against "Benjamin". I'll try to create this problem and see if there is a tweak I can do. In the meantime if you say "banded armor" it will probably work.

Shop item prices. OK. I thought it was just me. But since you have seen this, I'll write it up as a bug. And, please, pointing out this stuff gives me something valuable I can't replicate myself: priorities. I have to divide my time between writing new features, writing new content, fixing bugs, and trying to play the game to discover the bugs. It isn't always easy to work out what it is best to spend my time on. Having feedback from users like this is extremely valuable in helping me work out the best thing to spend my time on to make it a better game. So, many, many thanks.

And, yes, because Gypsies sell anything, it can't do the same data dump that you get in specialty shops in town. If it's a weapon shop, I know I can tell you the damage that each item does. But potions don't do damage, so when it's a mixed lot, it has to go with the common denominator. Hopefully the "what is" command will take up some of that slack when that rolls out.

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2017-12-31 17:38:08

just letting you know that saying "banded armor" did actually get me the ability to equip the breastplate of Juno to who I wanted.

Also got a little chuckle. (THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT) about something that happened yesterday. Decided to try for a 2000 gold dungeon just to see if my characters could manage it, and the answer was an emphatic yes even though it said "The monsters around here would be a good challenge for your party." though I got a ton of experience on my level 3-4 party for it. We went into an animal burrow area and the dungeon, which was supposed to be cramped caves according to the narration was infested with wooly rhinos. I actually really thought that was cool and tried to imagine them scrabbling down a little hole only to have rhinos charging at them from that hole.

also, thought of some ideas for themed dungeons for other kinds of monsters. You already have undead dungeons and animal dungeons that I've found so I have a few ideas for other kinds of creatures.

1. Giant lodge (giants.)
2. Dragon's lair (dragons or several high-end minions and one very strong dragon by comparison in the end by itself.)
3. Ravaged town (evil humans/evil humanoids such as dwarves and stuff.)
4. dark fey grove (evil fey, I think there are fey/faerie monsters in the game as I've seen cold iron weapons and in a lot of RPGs those mess up those kinds of monsters.)
5.  savage city/camp/etc. (monstrous demi-humans like kobolds, hobgoblins, werewolves, etc.)
6. infernal sites (devils)
7. diabolical sites (demons.)

also, could you give me the basics of how to build a castle? I've mentioned it to other players on this site but don't know exactly how it works. I've got a ton of permits and deeds, but don't know how to do it yet.

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2017-12-31 20:36:58

one more question, and it has to do with monsters scaling to level? It seems that as I level monsters in the open world are getting stronger by comparison. I'm on the roads and regular monsters that are easy to beat are showing up in much larger groups and I'm starting to see guy I normally had to stray a good deal from the beaten path to find. So do the monsters you encounter scale with the total level of your party?

also, if they do, does this also happen in dungeons? I've encountered some pretty easy dungeons that didn't seem to get harder as I leveled up, as animal dens of 1000 gold piece bounties often still have almost laughable small groups of giant rats in them frequently, but my strategy was to avoid doing any really high-price bounties until I leveled some more, but I might take the plunge if the enemies in these dungeons are getting stronger as I get stronger.  I tried a 2000 gold dungeon yesterday and it had woolly rhinos in it. If I were to have tried that at a higher or lower level, would the monsters be of stronger or weaker varieties? or perhaps be in smaller or larger numbers?

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2018-01-03 03:42:37

Wooly Rhinos in a den? Too funny. That's what you get with all the procedurally generated stuff.

And that's my dilemma. You've got good ideas there and I've noted them down. My choice is to create, say, a "dark fey grove" generation routine and have them generate as a type of random feature. Or to custom craft a specific "dark fey grove" in one location. Generation is good because you will get them all over and are more likely to run across one. But it's bad in the sense that once you've seen one, you've seen them all. Even if I make them varied there will be still be a certain "sameness". The alternative of hand crafting is great because I can do very detailed and custom content that tells a real story. The downside is that I can only put it in one location and have to put in signs and rumors pointing to it so that people can discover it. It's not always easy to work out which direction I should put the effort into.

Castles. So, the best thing is to first find a location. Somewhere that you either note the longitude and latitude of, or that's a known distance from a known landmark. Once you have picked a spot, use the "entry" land deed. That will prompt you to confirm, and WOOSH you should have a one room castle.

To expand, enter your castle. Pick another deed of a room that you want to create. Use that did. You will then be prompted for a direction. Give a direction and WOOSH, that room will appear in that direction. You now have a two room castle.

Keep going and flesh out your castle with what you want. It is going to be kind of linear because you can only extend from a room you already have. If you want to cross connect locations you need to use the mark permit and a door permit. Go to the first room in your castle that you want to connect. Use the mark permit there. Then go to the room you want to connect that room to. Then use the door permit there. WOOSH, those two rooms should now be connected.

There are also one way door permits, and doors that only let certain level characters through. You use those on existing doors between rooms to add more interest. Be careful, though, because you can cut yourself off. I haven't got the logic in there yet to warn you when you make a closed loop. If you get stuck, let me know and I'll sort it out.

Oh, if anyone here is a you tuber, or a podcaster, wrapping up some of these guides into podcasts would be super wonderful. I'd promote them as much as I possibly can!

Progression. I really don't like the idea of progression in games. The first versions of 6 Swords had difficulty firmly tied to how far you were from the road. That was more realistic, but, unfortunately, resulted in more boring game play. The monsters you met along the road were really just nuisances, and you had to hike all the way into the mountains to find anything interesting. So, reluctantly, I changed it so the monsters get progressively tougher as your team gets tougher. You can think of it as that as you get stronger, the lesser monsters don't even bother to come near you, and we're saving you the trouble of continually running away from tough ones.

Monsters scale in terms of numbers. A goblin is always a goblin, with the same armor class and hit points. But at low level you might meet them in single digits, where at high level you will meet dozens of them. And, I tell you, there's little as fulfilling as having six character fight a hundred and something kobolds and to wipe the floor with them!

Bounties don't scale, however. So it's probably a good idea to collect them as early as you can. Eventually you will be meeting monsters with enough money that the bounties aren't all the exciting anyway.

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2018-01-03 15:34:36

hello, can't wait to see what's in store for Six swords down the road! and can't wait to clear out some more dungeons.

Just a question of something you might do to make exploration a little easier though, provided this isn't a thing somehow.

Instead of just having 3 bounties per fort, I'm not sure of if Castles or outposts have different numbers. Have them cover in notifications the X number of closest dungeons that aren't covered by another fort/outpost/castle. I have no idea how to find dungeons that aren't part of bounties and wandering completely at random seems really difficult and such, though of course that might be the intended part of the fun so I retract my idea if That's intended that there are a lot of dungeons you aren't supposed to be able to find without exploration or hints from an outpost.

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2018-01-03 20:31:44

Exploration is definitely part of the game. I learned that in StarLanes where some players just loved roaming the outback to see what they could find. My aim is that there are enough places that you can easily find, but also hidden locations you can stumble across.

I've just been adding some today. This week's update will include three new area types inspired by your suggestions: Demonic and Diabolical portals, and Hidden Valleys full of dinosaurs. They are pretty rare though.

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2018-01-03 22:06:13

yeah, I did some exploring today and found I had a great time striking out into the middle of nowhere. I found I was overestimating risk to my characters and that was making me stay near the road too much. Even when I go to places where they say things like "The monsters here would be a serious challenge" or "this place is very dangerous" I stomp over everything I encounter. I have some really good equipment though, with no weapon my characters have being lower than a  +2 and the character who has that as a melee weapon has a +4 sling. Everyone's got +2 banded armor, giving them -8 defense and  also everyone has a +2 small shield.

Also, a question about the world. I found a hamlet of Ridgedale quite some time ago and hung out there for a while doing stuff around there. Near the fort I am currently working from when I last played there is another crossroads where a road East is pointing me to the Hamlet of Ridgedale. However, I know it has to be pointing me somewhere new. I know the roads around the Ridgedale I know of like the back of my hand  and know, being very far off to the northeast, (We're talking a couple hours real time gamply of travel at the least) that this road east can't be leading me where the Ridgedale I know of is.  so I was wondering if there were randomly-generated towns and such? Sometimes I got the feeling as things like "north Street" would be given as names to eastern or even southern streets in a town.

And one final personal question that probably doesn't apply to anyone else. What does an elixir of Mercury do. I explored randomly round a swamp, found a chapel full of mummies that were replaced with banshees as I leveled up in there, and got one as a reward. I don't know how potions work or what they do.

oh, one more thing. I found Elven chainmail in a store and it was very expensive but it doesn't up your defense any more than regular chainmail does, so why would I want it.

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2018-01-06 15:29:22

Ridgedale. Names for towns are randomly selected from a list of about 3000 per culture. But, because it is random, you may get duplicates. Maybe I should change that name slot to Springfield!

Elixir of Mercury. It's a potion of speed. The whole winged sandal thing. I was in a bit of a rush doing the divine gifts. I haven't even done the gifts for the non-Roman pantheons yet either. If you have suggestions for gifts, (or even tiered gifts) I'm happy to take them.

Elven chainmail. The advantage of this is that it is quiet and encumbering. Both of which have no effect, currently, in the game. So, right now, it's just a prestige piece.

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2018-01-06 15:48:00

This week's updates include new feature types. And, now that we have a coordinate system, I can tip you off to where to find them!

Latitude 0 degrees 1 minute south, Longitude 0 degrees, 9 minutes east: narrow cleft to dinosaurs.
Latitude 0 degrees 26 minutes north, Longitude 0 degrees, 11 minutes west: flaming pentagram to devils.
Latitude 0 degrees 34 minutes north, Longitude 0 degrees, 21 minutes east: demonic portal.

Working now on adding leader types and descriptions to monsters.

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2018-01-06 16:54:27

what does a potion of speed do though, your potion shops tell the name  of potions and their weights but nothing else.

Thanks, and I don't need tipping myself to where stuff is now, as I've had a lot of fun just looking around.  What I generally do is when I either come to a dead-end road or a bend in the road, I execute an elongated rectangle route to explore for fun stuff to do.

For example, I find a road bend that goes from south to west. This means that there is definitely a road square to the west and south and the corner of the road faces northeast.

I We'll assume for the sake of argument that I am coming from the west. Going around the compass I get to North first. So I head off to the North and go as far as I can go before things start getting really hairy. Then I step to the west and head south, knowing I'll eventually hit road again as there was a road square west of where I started out from. I then go back to the road corner I started from and head east as far as I possibly can without things getting too scary, and then go south and head back to the road once that starts to happen. If there are a lot of straight road sections, I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but I'm finding a lot too. Also at this point my amount of gold is obscene as a lot of fights are netting me more than 2000 a piece.

As for non-Roman ideas.


Kaxchli should have a trident.
Tettzkatlipoca should have a dagger. or greataxe.
Quetzelcouatle should have either a staff, or some super-powerful light armor.
in terms of Aztecs and the armor they drop,  as rewards, they ought to be really nice light armors. The Aztecs did not have very heavy armor in real life, unless you are introducing something like obsidian plate (which was a thing in a D&D campaign setting I know of) they ought to have awesome  light armor and small shields though.

In terms of general patterns of equipment.
Ring maile and axes ought to be more common than swords and daggers  though two-handed swords would fit too, and shields ought to be the large type.

Odyn should have a greatsword and/or a large shield associated with him.
Hel/Hela, (depending on which version of her name you are using,) should have something that is really good at messing up undead. She is the goddess of the underworld but she also protects the inescapability of death, which means she would have a serious beef with undead. As would many gods of death. Mezo-American, West African, and possibly dieties of evil fantasy races might be different but despite how death is often portrayed, a lot of death gods viewed through their own classical lenses aren't evil and are very much "Just doing my job and have to follow the rules." types.

Dwarven gods ought to have few magical items that aren't high-end weapons or armor.

Elven gods of course might hand out staves, bows, and good light armor. Also potions and possible future magical items might be appropriate as elves tend that way. I have refrained from buying potions until I have some way of knowing how they work and all. so I can't give you potion advice.

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2018-01-06 16:56:49

also, forgot to mention this in my last post, but how about super castle chambers as a reward for clearing some temples. For example, there could be a castle deed for a god-themed room that you can only get clearing out a temple and can neither buy nor find as a random drop.

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2018-01-06 17:50:15

Oh, Dark, the audio model update should now be live in the UK. See if "news" and "sleep" work now.

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2018-01-11 23:51:18

Hello, got to tell you guys of some funny stuff that happens to me in Six Swords, also don't know what a potion of speed does for you still.

But I have seen capitalism taken to extremes in this game. I'm frequently walking about on the road when I suddenly get jumped by 50-odd merchants. I've even encountered merchant groups as boss fights in caves. It is cold-hard proof that capitalism leads everyone to try and tread on everyone else.

I know that the progression and such is making that happen and its not really anything beyond numbers, but I find it funny.

anAlso encountered wyverns and griffons for the first time, Wyverns are scary, Griffons are downright wet-your-pants monsters though they give you quite a bit of good loot if you can manage to hold the line.

Also, I can't figure out what country I'm in now. I headed east out of Green Priary but it didn't say where I was going. I know black river is to the north and whitefort is to the south and all, but not sure of much else. It normally will say where I am if I do the 'look command" and "more" enough times but it doesn't say anything where I am. I'm near the equator but there's a lot of mountains, tundra, and arctic plains where I am and I'm about 1 degree east or so and about 45 minutes north.  I went over this way because there was a road I was following that the description said kept going even though it didn't and I just fought my way through some hellish mountains.

anyway, still having fun with the game big time and love to finish some of the fights I'm in and get the satisfaction of hearing it say "you receive 15 thousand gold." which has happened with some of the gorgimera I've fought.

Also, for fun, provided it is possible, and I know you're quite a long way from quests, but could you either have alternate quests to reflect different moralities or in quests allow evil options? Basically to let the players be evil adventurers if they want? I don't need like a full nine-alignment system or anything, just options for good or evil deeds.

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2018-01-12 02:05:06

Sorry, thought I replied. A potion of speed doubles the number of attacks the user gets in combat. Definitely a nice potion!

The quests I have planned for the premium area are not so much alignment based, but politics based. The Empire or Romitu crashed and burned about 70 years before the present. The remaining core became the Republic of Romitu since then, and the rest loosely banded together into the Amphictiony in joint support of the travel gates between capitals.
The main political parties of the Republic have been the Blues and the Greens. But recently a charismatic leader of the Reds proved very popular and broke a number of deadlocks between the Blues and Greens. His crowning achievement was getting a contract for new gates between new countries in the Amphictiony to be built fulfilled. However, in doing so he also, as a private citizen, funded the creation of many more gates in secondary cities. This earned him great respect from those overlooked cities and enmity from the major cities. Not long afterwards he left Romitu politics, and rose up in rebellion, with the stated goal of reestablishing the Empire.

So... backstory aside, the quests will mostly be aligned with either supporting the Republic or the Empire. Both will have armies roaming the field, much like caravans do in the normal world. If you are neutral or aligned with one faction, you can enter the army camp and receive quests. These will usually be to go and fight other armies and scouts. Doing so will destroy outliers, weaken that army. Unlike caravans armies can meet and fight, or be picked off. As they move they suborn territory for their side. So while the players don't control armies, their actions affect how the armies do and thus their activity affects how the war plays out in game.

But we're a bit of a ways from that yet. This week I've been revamping the item selection code. It's not going well, (and I'm currently traveling on business), so it might not be out till after the weekend. But at that point I hope that "what is a goblin" and queries like that will work.

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2018-01-12 04:04:39

How are potions used, I assume they only work for a limited time or one fight?

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2018-01-12 06:21:40

Just give a potion to a character and they will drink it. They work for a limited time, depending on the potion. Most combat orientated potions will work for 10 to 40 in game minutes. Each round of combat takes one minute. Moving from room to room takes ten minutes. And moving from outdoor location to another takes 60 minutes. So it should last at least one combat. Possibly two if you roll well and there is another combat quickly.

More things I need to put into "what is potion of speed"...

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2018-01-12 13:43:32

thanks, that helps a lot, I'll probably save it for a rough dungeon. But nnow that I know how potions work they'll be part of my gaming.

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