2017-03-20 10:31:08

I threw this guide together in about 5 minutes, so I apologize for any brevity or errors in advance.

In order to trade with yourself in Manamon, follow these steps. Please note that I used NVDA to do this and have not tested any of these steps with JFW:

1. Download Process Explorer from https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sys … lorer.aspx

2. Run Manamon and load your saved game.

3. Run process explorer. Make sure you run as administrator, even if you're on an admin account.

4. This is where things get a little complicated.
You have two panes here. One says pane, and one says list view. If you aren't seeing them both, go to the view menu and make sure enable lower pane is checked.
The part of the window that says pane is your process list. It's not spoken. If you type the letters RPG, you should land on RPG.exe. You can press enter on the process to see it's properties come up and confirm this. Press escape to get out of the properties window.
Now you want to tab to the list view and you should see a huge amount of handles for the process. Press s and then start moving up through the list. You will see a process that looks like this eventually:

Mutant \Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\bgtManamon 1

Right click on this and choose close handle. You'll receive a warning that the program may not work correctly. Choose yes.

5. You can now start another instance of Manamon. If you want to trade Manamon between saves, for instance to get the other starters, you need to switch the saved games at this point. Your previous save will remain loaded into the memory of the first instance of Manamon, but you can load your other save into the second instance.

6. On both instances, go to the online trading center. Choose to host with one instance. With the other, choose join room and type localhost for the IP address.

7. Go through the trading process as normal on both instances.

8. Once you've finished trading, you can disconnect. Make absolutely sure that you save the game you want the trades to remain on and that you have any saved data you want to keep backed up before continuing. Saving the game at this point will overwrite the save you traded from if you were trading between save files.

I hope this helps some players get around the issues with trading.

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