2017-03-19 02:27:49

Hello all guys, thank you Soul Keeper, we will surely add new things to do ffor wich you get more exp. I have started the server, but i don't know when it will crash again. I think it will be fixed today. Thank you guys for the critisism!

flawless victory!

2017-03-19 09:56:40

Hi I want to know how I go to sewers, and forest? now I am level 5

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2017-03-19 11:05:16

what this text is meens?
Îøèáêà, äëÿ âõîäà íåîáõîäèìû âàø ëîãèí è ïàğîëü, ïîæàëóéñòà, çàğåãèñòğèğóéòåñü, èëè çàéäèòå â íàñòğîéêè è çàïîëíèòè ïîëÿ äëÿ âõîäà.
have a nice day

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2017-03-19 11:40:45 (edited by Mayana 2017-03-19 12:44:06)

Hey guys, there's no need to post every time when the server is down. This is a beta, so for sure it's going to be down sometimes. No need to tell us about it every second post. Trying the game now, will edit this later with my opinions.
Edit: Alright, tried out the game. It is looking nice enough, but so far, it gets boring quickly. The exp robots give is way to small, so leveling takes years. And with so many people on the same map, this gets even worse. The consept is good, however, and it will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

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2017-03-19 12:33:20

hi there i would like to say some thing the coordinate bug was not fix completely.
because today i play then the client kick me out after that i log in and walk around can't hert any sound after pressing b it said that unknow area
would you help me out i'm using same name as you see in forum thanks

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2017-03-19 14:08:54

the server is down?

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2017-03-19 17:04:41

It's a beta. We neded to be pacient

Today, is better, than yesterdday!
God bless you, a lot of mersy.
Gracias, thank you, your welcome, thumbs up, what ever, Luis Carlos. Have an awesome day!

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2017-03-19 17:49:13

I found a bug. when your in the forest some of the items are inside the wall and sometimes if i enter the forest on the top right cornter of the desert map my coords are in the negatives and i don't hear my footsteps

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2017-03-19 18:02:05

Currently, because of the large number of people on the same map, getting exp is pretty much impossible. I really hope the developers will fix this in the next version, either by spawning more robots or by offering more maps.

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2017-03-19 18:23:37

I think the problem is that the maps need to be bigger, with that, people dont stand in a big cluster and have the possibility to spread out and take on robots them selves.
Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2017-03-19 19:32:48

I can't download the game.

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2017-03-19 19:38:01

now I am level 14 what new map I can go?

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2017-03-19 21:49:25

hey this game is avesome! Keep up a good work

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2017-03-19 22:33:57

could the sounds be lowered the robots in the forest are loud and I got a headache with them swarming around me

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2017-03-20 01:31:59

This game is awesome, but I think robots need to spawn a lot more, I think at lower levels we should get higher amounts of xp

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2017-03-20 02:17:34

Few things.  The running speed needs to be the default walking speed.  Also, has other people have said, the amount of robots either needs to be increased, or exp caps need to be raised for kills.

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2017-03-20 03:47:50

Hi all.
I started working on the polish language file, and game not supported polish characters, for example utwórz konto has utworz konto. You can add support to pl language? I based my lang pack on the english.chg

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2017-03-20 05:22:11

This site can’t be reached
chg-server.ddns.net took too long to respond. wen i try to download it i get that

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2017-03-20 05:56:55

I really enjoy the game, Please keep working on it. As has been said before. I feel that either the Exp gotten needs to be raised, or, and this should happen anyways, the robots on the maps need to be more.

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2017-03-20 06:04:41

The game is very nice... Autough I think players should earn more money.. The robotes simply give too little for the bigger weaponry pluz ammo
purchasing.. Alsso, it would be nice if itens like ammo would spawn randonly around the map..

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2017-03-20 06:32:13 (edited by Chris 2017-03-20 06:57:52)

Why is the download so slow? I'm currently trying to download the game and Safari reports it's downloading at 56 kbps.

edit Okay, I finally downloaded the game. However, when I run the .exe file, I hear beeps and music with something that sounds like error. The music plays for another 2 or 3 seconds and the program exits. What's going on here? I'm using Windows XP. Also, what is unzip.exe?

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2017-03-20 11:26:23

Hi all

I think you not get good exp it's you go to desert,  you know? it's the only area available for new players. if you want hit many robots please get your level to 6 and wen you are level 6 you can go to forest it have many many robots.

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2017-03-20 14:11:03

I searching a poland people to help witch me of creating polish language file. To join to team please send e-mail to me [email protected]

You must know... Cats are soft!

2017-03-20 16:10:14

ok, today i try the download and the link just will not work can sum 1 upload it to dropbox

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

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2017-03-20 16:51:10

my suggestions:
1. There is one type of robot which it is impossible to flee. No matter how fast the player runs, they cannot get away from it. I think there are two types of robots -- one that makes a winy mechanical noise when it moves, and another that sounds like someone hitting metal bars. It is the latter that moves very fast.
2. Pvp would be cool, but maybe later on as now it is difficult to hear other players when attacking robots.
Overall, a great game so far. Keep it up.

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Have a nice day!