2017-02-10 21:22:26

Hi folks,
So I come on here every week or so and see people struggling and struggling to get something off the ground. I also see other people, who know just enough to be dangerous, sending people off down the wrong paths time and time again.
I've finally grown tired of this, and have decided to take a crack at solving the problem.
I have begun writing a series of blog posts targeted at getting the computer power user with some programming experience up to speed and able to produce a full-fledged audiogame in Python, my personal favorite programming language.

Here is a preliminary list of topics which this tutorial will cover:

* Preparing your environment: Getting Python, Pip, virtualenv, and a C Compiler set up so that you can install and run Python packages
* Using a virtualenv to keep your projects separate and dependencies under control
* Playing sounds in 2 and 3 dimensions using Camlorn's excellent Libaudioverse project.
* Capturing Input and acting upon it
* The concept of game screens
* The Model View Controller paradigm
* Finding and using appropriate 3rd-party libraries
* Maps, serialization, and other topics having to do with data storage for your game
* Compiling your masterpiece and distributing it to others to enjoy

So far I've only gotten most of the first article written, and don't yet have the blog set up, though that's simply a matter of sticking a Nikola instance up somewhere smile
If you guys are interested, I'll go ahead and post a draft of the first tutorial, preparing your environment, and start work on the rest.

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2017-02-10 21:25:12

I am going to base this set of tutorials around actually producing a game. It will be quite simple, I'm currently envisioning a traditional side-scroller or similar, but the hope, when completed, is to have something that's fully playable.
This will allow me to explore and write about some of the pitfalls along the way, and how I decided to solve them, as well as giving you a nice history of code to follow to see how things evolve along the way.

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2017-02-10 21:44:50

I think python programmers would definitely be interested in this.

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2017-02-10 23:42:32

That would be interesting, as I am taking Advanced Computer Programming next year in school (where video games are created, or in my case, where audio games will be created), so yes, it would be really nice to get the basic fundamentals down in a Python game.

I love audio gaming!

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2017-02-10 23:46:01

Part 1 is posted: https://blog.q-continuum.net/posts/lets … vironment/

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2017-02-11 00:30:43

@ctoth, I sent you a private message. Can you look at it?

I love audio gaming!

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2017-02-11 05:30:49

Nice work, looking forward to the rest of these tutorials.  Not sure if I'll do anything with them, but I will read them for sure.

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2017-02-11 07:54:22

I will reely be happy to start learning this python.
It is my favourite language, altho i can not use it fully.

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2017-02-11 10:44:32

Can I us e this tutorial even if I don't know Python?

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Raduvay se domaki ne
Kolko liste po gorach
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2017-02-11 14:25:29


Firstly, thanks a lot for starting this. This'll help a lot. I have a few questions though:

1. Is there a particular reason I should use 2.7? lack of particular packages in 3.*? your familiarity with 2.7? LPTHW being for 2.7? something i'm missing?

2. Are you going to have a repository of the  game you're going to build? if so, Are you going to link blog posts with repository tags? I think that'd be cool.

3. In reference to your projects in particular, I see you're using a mercurial server. Are you doing this because centralization? easy contributing? something else? I think if accessible_output2 et al. were on pypi you could probably do a meta-package of sorts, pulling in lav, pyglet, AO2, etc. and then just ask people to do pip install audiogame-environment or something.

Again though, thanks a lot for doing this smile. I think there are a lot of people willing to help out, there just needs to be a person who starts the process.

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2017-02-13 11:41:24

I will defenately look at this.
but I want some audio walkthrough where you have written a code for a simple side scrolling map.

life's battle do not always go to the stronger and faster man,
But sooner or later who win the one who thinks he can!

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2017-02-13 23:03:11

1. yes
2. Yes. The game will be hosted on GitHub
3. How people started using my hg server as a source for their libraries is utterly confusing to me, and is one of the issues I intend to sort out with this series of posts. I won't be making a metapackage, as part of this project is to show people how they can select their own components for things.
I've got most of the second post done, in which you'll set up the project, bootstrap a virtualenv, and get a window up on the screen. Will probably post this later today.
Keep truckin

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2017-02-13 23:04:39

@Thakur ishan
What precisely are you asking me to do?

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2017-02-14 06:29:02

If I had to guess, guides like [this] may have helped. Not to mention word of mouth propagating here on the forums, and the fact your hg server is the first google result for accessible_output2. This was the first place i'd heard of it, and the pypi accessible_output version hasn't really been brought up much, even if it were people are inclined to gravitate towards what they see as the more up to date version.

-BrushTone v1.3.3: Accessible Paint Tool
-AudiMesh3D v1.0.0: Accessible 3D Model Viewer

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2017-02-23 10:41:45

Quick update:
I haven't forgotten about this smile I've had a busy week at work, and then I decided to go back and move part 2 to part 3, and instead write about game design, and the actual game we'll be producing in part two.
Hope to get parts 2 and 3 up by this weekend, no promises smile

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2017-02-27 09:06:50

very nice! But i need audio tutorial for learn how to make audio game using python etc, i am ready to pay for it. Please help me.

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2017-02-27 09:10:31

i love audio gaming and this is my mission to learn making game, if anybody wants to help me on any fees, i am ready and waiting. Please send me pm or email. I regularly check my pm and email. Hope any one or some one must help me.

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2017-03-10 21:11:01

awsome awsome so nice job  superb you dun i actually fill your guide is fun and easy to lern  nice   so nice  i did what you told us  to do in tutorial

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2017-03-10 22:33:50

Hey, what has happened to this? It's 3/10/2017, it's been a couple weeks since the last update. This looks quite promising.

Twitter: stevo399
Website: stevend.net
Have a nice day!

2017-03-11 07:00:58

I think he's been a bit busy.

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2017-03-11 19:32:12

Hi  blindangerous!
is there any nnew update?
hey author of this walkthrough.  guide and tutorial.
I want the audio walkthrough of a side scrolling map like thing.
from very basic to intermediate.
like how do you creat dimentions. and what is a timer or time elapsing kind of things.
How do we can creat the enemies
so and so.
I hope I am bit clear.
and sorry for the delayed response because I was not good in my health.

life's battle do not always go to the stronger and faster man,
But sooner or later who win the one who thinks he can!

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2017-03-11 21:13:45 (edited by ashleygrobler04 2017-03-11 21:21:04)

Can you please continue the tutorial
You are reely doing well
I did as you said and it all works well

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2017-03-13 20:42:21

It could just be me but ...
How would a completely audio-only tutorial for learning how to program even work?
To the people who are asking for this, how would it need to work? I mean ...if I'm learning a programming language I'll often enough have to look up the exact syntax of a certain construct, would I have to rewind and fast-forward through a huge audio file to listen to how someone else typed it? How is that in any way or form practical?
Don't get me wrong, for the big picture and for explaining certain things I think audio could be a good medium ...but for the nitty gritty bits I really don't recommend it. If you want an audio tutorial, Set your screenreader to SayAll and have a Nuance voice read you the blog posts, I think that might be a good compromise smile


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2017-03-14 03:08:48

Agreed. The only reason it worked in B G T when that form of tutorial was available was the fact that the text version could be read along with the recording should there have been any misconception.

Twitter: stevo399
Website: stevend.net
Have a nice day!

2017-03-14 10:44:30

Yes I agree as well. You can't learn to program by just using audio recording. You definitely need code and instructions on a paper to help you out if you get stuck. That's how most of us learned to program.