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This is going to be a long post with detailed instructions on how to actually play on pokerstars. Keep in mind that I highly suggest you to play on QuentinC's
playroom if you're only looking to play for fun or you don't really want to spend time ajusting to pokerstars, because the accessibility just can't be
compared and is not worth it if you don't enjoy poker like I do. It's far from perfect. I'm warning you just so you know what you're getting into. You
should also be familiarized with the JAWS cursor. Here's a short demo of me playing a tournament. Keep in mind that you need to be fast with the keyboard
and jaws needs to speak quite fast as well. You only get about 10 to 20 seconds to make your decision, depending on the type of tournament you're playing.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/omhkrhjkrk5fi … o.mp3?dl=0
Let's be honest, pokerstars is the largest poker network in the world, period. With lots of tournaments and the opportunity to play with thousands of people.
I love poker and I always wanted to play where sighted people could play. I literally sent hundreds of messages to pokerstars for the past 5 years begging
for them to help. They basically told me the same thing over and over again and they never really wanted to help, so I had to find a way to play, because
what we have so far in regards to accessibility playing poker with real money is definitely non-existent. So if you're like me and really love to play
poker and are willing to deal with a few issues here and there, just follow the instructions below. Once again, if you only want to play and don't care
about all of this, I strongly advise you not to do this. This takes time and you have to get used to so many things. You also don't want to play with real
money right away. You should wait to get used to the software and the steps you need to do to overcome the few issues you're going to be facing.

If you live in the United States, you will only be able to play with play money, however they just started allowing people to play for real money as well,
so if you live in New Jersey you're good to go. Check back with pokerstars frequently if your city and state allows online poker.

What you need:

Pokerstars.com if you do not live in the United States or if you live in New Jersey
Pokerstars.net if you live in the United States (excluding New Jersey)
Hotspot clicker
Scripts and hotspot set for pokerstars
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bsu2dozvd3q68 … s.zip?dl=0

1. Install pokerstars. Make sure you read the notes above to know what version you should download.
2. Install hotspot clicker.
3. Download the scripts and hotspot set for pokerstars (link above).
4. Extract the zip file.
5. Go to start, all programs, jaws, explore jaws, explore my settings and paste everything there, overwrite if prompted.
6. Download the file user.ini from the link above
7. Copy and paste the file user.ini in the following dirrectory: c:\users\your name\AppData\Local\PokerStars and overwrite when prompted. This file contains
the correct chat settings as well as the hotkeys you will need to use.
8. Open the pokerstars software and create an account. Make sure you use the jaws cursor to help you.
9. Go to folder options and make sure the option to show hidden files and folders is on.
10. Go to c:\users\your name\AppData\local\pokerstars or pokerstars.net depending on the version you use
11. Press the application key (the key that simulates a right mouse click) on the file called pokerstars.log.0 and send a shortcut to your desktop
12. Go to your desktop and press the application key on the shortcut you just created and go to properties. Press tab till you can add a shortcut key to
this file and add one. I use control+alt+l

Please note that the script files will also change the way jaws say certain words for the notepad application, so make sure you use word or another program
to read text.


f1: Fold
f2: Call
f3: Bet/Raise
f4: Focuses the pc cursor in the box to type in the amount to bet/raise
f5: set bet amount to 2.5 times the big blind
f6: set bet amount to 3 times the big blind
f7: set bet amount to 50% of the pot
f8: set bet amount to 60% of the pot
f9: set bet amount to 80% of the pot
f10: set bet amount to 100% of the pot
Grave key: set bet amount to 33% of the pot.
Control+A: Set bet amount to all in
Control+Alt+A then left mouse button: rebuy/add chips when available
Control+Alt+I then left mouse button: I'm back button when you're sit out for some reason.
Control+Alt+R: Register in tournament (only works in a tournament lobby)
Alt+C: Confirm the registration to a tournament

Hotkeys for 5 card draw.
Alt+1 through 5 and left mouse button: Select the corresponding card to discard. Keep in mind you need to left click the card you want to discard.
Example: Your cards are
And you want to discard the king, the 4 and the 5. Press alt+3 and then the left mouse button, alt+4 and the left mouse button, alt+5 and the left mouse
Alt+D and left mouse button: Discard/Stand path

Here's an example on how betting/raising works. You have pocket aces, everyone folds to you and you want to raise the pot to 2.5 times the blinds. Press
f5, this will automatically set the correct amount to raise. Then, press f3 to inniciate the raise.

To play for real money/play money

In the lobby, double click on quick seat, then on cash games. Press Insert+Space, o, r. This will inniciate the JAWS OCR. Scroll down and you will hear
play money, real money. Click on either one of the two to select it. Note that sometimes the OCR doesn’t pick up the right letters, so you might see a
slight difference for the words play and real.

You're all set now. Before sitting at a table or registering to a tournament, add the following text to your clipboard:
updatemycard 0:
so whenever you press control+v this line is pasted. For now, pokerstars does not allow you to see your cards in the dealer chat box, so this is why we
need to get them from the file pokerstars.log.0. Here's what I do whenever I am dealt new cards:
Wait till it's my turn to act
Press the shortcut key to open the file pokerstars.log.0
Press control+END to go to the end of the file
Press control+f to open search
Press control +v to paste the text updatemycard 0:
Press tab twice and press up once to search by going up
Press enter
Press escape
Your first card is now focussed, and if you press down once you hear what your second card is. You also can hear that I muted the line updatemycard 0:
because I only want to hear my cards and nothing else. You now know what your cards are and can act accordingly. Whenever the flop, turn and river are
dealt and you want to hear them again, here's what I do. Press insert plus space, then press h. This opens a file with the last 50 things spoken by jaws,
so it's easy to review what cards were dealt on the table or your own cards after jaws spoke them. To clear the history, simply press insert plus space,
then shift+h.

Well, that's it. I know this is a lot of information and it definitely might seem hard at first, but trust me, it'll become second nature. If you have
any questions just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

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