2016-07-20 21:15:37

I would like to welcome you to the world of Manamon!
Manamon is a turnbased roleplaying game in which you capture various feral monsters you find around the world and use them to help you complete the storyline.
It features experimental online gameplay which will allow you to trade and battle your friends to determine which of you is the stronger Manamon Tamer.


In the world of Tangeria, children around ages 10 to 14 become Manamon Tamers. A Manamon Tamer is someone who captures and befriends creatures in the wild. The tamer will then battle with other Tamers in order to gain more experience. Its a Manamon Tamer's job to collect and train Manamon in hopes of becoming the Manamon Master, but the road to become the master is never easy.
While traveling across the world, you will occasionally discover stadiums. Stadiums are battle arenas with powerful leaders who will put your Manamon to the test.
You must defeat seven of these leaders in order to gain admittance into the Master's Stadium where you will battle the Manamon Master. The Manamon Master is widely regarded as the strongest Manamon Tamer in the land of Tangeria, and its for that title that you endeavor.
In the game, you will play as a brand new Manamon Tamer who hopes to take on this Stadium Challenge.
That's your plan, at least. But when you discover an evil organization bent on the typical goal of world domination, your plans to become the Master might be interrupted somewhat.
Its a long way from 1 stadium to the next, so your bound to meet lots of people and have many adventures along the way.
Who knows what your Manamon adventure may bring!


158 Manamon Creatures to discover, capture, and fight against.
Over 200 different attacks these Manamon can learn.
A large world in which to immerse yourself.
A complex turn based battle system.
A unique system of straight forward navigation which was first introduced in the game Paladin of the Sky and was improved upon in Manamon.
Lots of items for you to find and use in order to help yourself during your journey.
Many types of equipment you can give your Manamon to make them stronger.
Several minigames for you to play throughout your adventure.
Creative sound design making all of the cities, caves, and battles come alive.
An experimental online system which will allow you to battle and trade with your friends.
An online battle recorder which allows you to relive noteworthy battles.
A few postgame surprises.
Self voicing using SAPI 5 compatible voices.
Demo limitations

Manamon is a shareware product, meaning you'll have to pay in order to experience the full feature set and storyline.
Manamon does offer a generous demo mode which will allow you to reach the second stadium leader.
Apart from all online functionality being disabled, you can play the entire game unrestricted up until this point.

Getting the Game

You can download Manamon here
You can buy the game for forty U.S. dollars here
We hope you enjoy the game!

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2016-07-20 21:23:37

As one of the beta team, I've been itching to wax lyrical about this thing for a while. This is Aaron's most advanced game yet. I really, really think you guys will love this game as much as I do.

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2016-07-20 21:34:34

I'll download the demo when I can, sounds like a cool game. I've never played a game like this before, seems like this is a new type of game for us audiogamers.

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2016-07-20 21:39:17

inteteresting, pokemon at aaron style. downloading

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2016-07-20 21:56:40

hello there
it is a cool game , keep up the awsem work

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2016-07-20 22:00:00

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, this is the type of games I like, and I surely will buy it. It's pretty nice to see that the great VGStorm is still alive and become greater.

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2016-07-20 22:26:53

This looks very promising. I'll give it a shot.

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2016-07-20 22:33:28

Pokemon with your own unique creative twist? Sounds good man, and that's not a criticism by the way. I'm a huge pokemon fan as it is, so, if i get a similar experience, i'm all for it.

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2016-07-20 22:36:29 (edited by blindndangerous 2016-07-20 22:39:38)

Alright, I'll bite.  Let's see what you've got here.  Hopefully you improved on the suggestions we gave for Paladin, and I bought that, and liked it.  Didn't finish it, but liked it.  Grabbing the demo, and let's see  if it's worth it's price tag.  If it is, expect $40 from me.  Also, like a user said on twitter earlier.  Keep in mind that normal games are $60, this is nothing. Nice job Aaron.  Hope that if the game needs them, that you'll continue to support it. Not drop one version and leave it.

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2016-07-20 22:48:31

Apart from online functionality, this is almost exactly the same basic idea as pokemon, which is already being made accessible (degonite is doing gen 1, tspivy has scripts to do the same to gen2), so I don't think it would be worth the purchis with those 2 free alternatives, unless of course nintendo comes knocking on their doors for a nice c&d.

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2016-07-20 22:49:11

Downloading the demo as we speak.

Something this complicated is a true terror to balance, so I'll play with the demo and see how it goes.

Pokemon VG-style. That's a neat way to look at it. I have high hopes for this one.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2016-07-20 22:59:18

Hi everyone,

As another member of the beta team, I have to say, this game is awesome. Probably one of my favorite games ever, audiogames anyway. I't is very promising, and it's definitely one of Aaron's best titles. I like them all, but this outways all the others in my opinion by far.
Even if you disagree with the idea, please at least try the demo! You'll be very surprised. The game is amazing.

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2016-07-20 23:05:50

Is noone going to mention how this is basically Pokemon, accept slightly changed?

Plant type, flame type, aqua type.
You have a rival that counter picks you.
7 arenas
Trainers stop you to battle, sorry, tamers.
you find wild Manamon

I could go on and on. Look man, I'm not wanting to put you down, honestly, but this is not original. I love the sounds, and I love the mechanics you use for navigation, but this is clearly derived directly from Pokemon. As a die hard Pokemon fan, I just can't bring myself to play it. Hopefully it's just me and everyone else loves this game.

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2016-07-20 23:08:32

This game looks interesting but can you please just add NVDA support? The game feels so sluggish right now due to quiet and laggy Microsoft Anna being the default voice for most people. I really do like the sound quality so far, also.

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2016-07-20 23:09:07

Looking forward to playing this when I get home. I have 0 problems with a clone or remake so long as it has cool features and will hold my interest. To add to it am a huge fan of the Pokemon games so can't wait to see what sort of spin Aaron has put on the concept.

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2016-07-20 23:11:46

The footstep sounds are a bit quiet for me compared to all the other sounds. The game looks really good though.

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2016-07-20 23:17:52

Have played this for a bit now and like it so far. Probably not going to buy it but still a interesting game. True, in some ways it's just a clone, but still why not? It's a nice game nuntheless, and it's nice the blind players can now jump on the pockeman bandwagon.

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2016-07-20 23:23:44

This sounds like it might be interesting, except for the price, a game will have to be exceptional to get me to pay $40 for it. The online element is another exception, I generally prefer to play against a computer intelligence rather than with other people. Is the online portion required in order to complete the game?

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2016-07-20 23:30:58

Hello Figment,
No, the online portion is entirely optional, unless you want to collect all species. Even then, you don't have to battle.
Best Regards,

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2016-07-20 23:32:14

I would imagine not. I think the online portion is just to play with your friends. But yes. I do believe screen Reader support would be a good Idea. But it seems like this game has the same structure layout as Paladin of the Sky did. But more advance and lost of sound effects.

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2016-07-20 23:33:09

So my first thing that I'd like to see added is the ability to use a screenreader not SAPI.  I really think this should be one of the first things devs add to their games.

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2016-07-20 23:40:52

I myself am a big dragonball z fan. maybe this game though will also get me into pokemon?

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2016-07-20 23:48:43

trying it now!

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2016-07-20 23:48:59 (edited by Trajectory 2016-07-20 23:51:01)

blindndangerous wrote:

I really think this should be one of the first things devs add to their games.

Just my $0.02, but no it's not. It's conceptually and fundamentally broken; screen readers are not designed for games. They don't have the backing functionality to allow a dev to take the level of control needed in a gaming environment. Case in point, missing functionality such as the ability to detect when speech has finished or control how speech can be interrupted. This is like suggesting an ocean steamer as a tool for driving down the highway, or a plate and fork to eat soup. It's just the wrong tool for the job. You can get both espeak and eloquence for sapi; both are going to sound just as good as your screen reader and are responsive enough to be used in a gaming environment without messing up the behaviour and feel of the game itself.
Edit: I should add that I was also a member of the testing team and I second comments from the others. This is an incredible game.

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2016-07-20 23:50:29

Hay Aaron baker.
This,,, is something I will buy for sure.
I just downloaded the game, and now I can't wait to get home to try it out!
With you being a big Pokémon fan, I had a feeling something like this might come out of your studio one of these days.
I had a problem with paypal not letting me use my creidit card for bk3, but that was a foreign transaction, and this is not.
If I have to buy another prepaied card to get this game, so be it.
Yes, I know this is a Pokémon clone, but considering it has 7 more monsters and more than 40 more attacks than gen 1, plus all new creatures and world...
everyone, please give this a try, I know I will.
Aaron Baker, in regards to your other games, I will be buying the gate eventually.

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