2018-07-02 18:02:40

@elliott I think I was able to run the very first version of the game but I forget what that was. My data file is 280 MB.

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2018-07-02 18:33:20

@jeffb - Cool, thanks. Would you be able to try grabbing Beta 58 (http://pragmapragma.free.fr/crazy-party … beta58.zip), extracting it and then trying to run the executable again? Are you on Windows 10?

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2018-07-02 18:40:51 (edited by Jeffb 2018-07-02 18:51:50)

@elliott I'm getting the same error after I downloaded extracted and ran it, and yes I'm on Windows10.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-07-02 22:18:53

Cool! a new version is always welcome and I definitley look forard to seeing the new minigames, though yee gods I could've done with an alternative to that bloody snake charming game in the desert big_smile.

Such as it is here is the changelog for those who want it:


Crazy Party is now playable in German, thanks to Connor.
New world between the city and the circus.
If you don't like the snake mini-game in the desert world, you have now an alternate path.
Some new battle cards.
A card that works depending on a major status shouldn't work if it's not possible.
Some bugs are fixed: about the chat, the ice, and the ghosts.
Some optimizations with the servers list.

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2018-07-02 23:07:51

hey guys, just wondering, what is the new world and how do I get it, apparently there is a way in either the circus or the city?

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2018-07-03 00:12:44

Hi all,

I read about a new world in the new beta of the game. But where should it be? Between the circus and the city, I don't understand that. Where and which level have I to play to unlock it?


2018-07-03 07:32:23

I'd take the snake charmer game in the desert any day over the alternate path. There are two very hard games on that path. They're definitely interesting, but don't seem easy at all. The snake charmer game is just a matter of careful tracking. You have to follow the snake when it wanders off but never lose track of the center road because if you lose that, you'll waste time trying to find it and lead the snake back to it. If you're brave you could try to predict the snake's patterns and keep stepping around it to avoid being bitten while whistling constantly to keep it on the road at all times, but this requires some quick cunning footwork which I don't possess big_smile. I think that's what you're supposed to do though. As it is, I can rarely get 20 points on it but I can at least pass it more often than not.

I found the new world in the city, thanks to Liam's June 30 stream. From the skyscrapers game, there's now a fork. If you find a game called paperazi's madness or something like that, you're on the right track. Just keep following that path until you get to the entrance to the plain world. The plain world is probably the hardest world yet, however. There are three mini-games which I absolutely dread, a bike game, rainbow tower and die rolling. The bike game and rainbow tower are on alternate paths and to access all the games of the world you need to play both of them. If memory serves, the die game is optional because it just leads to an exit which is accessible from the other path. , but I could possibly be wrong, I seem to remember both paths converging on the die game. I'll have to check that one.

I've thought about doing an audio/text walkthrough particularly of the rainbow tower, because i'm getting half decent at it but I have a feeling people are just going to rage quit and throw their computers out a window or something like I nearly did. Lol

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2018-07-03 08:07:24

I don't know why that says that. I do know that all you have to do is get a positive score on top of the sky scrapers in the city.
I'd like to say something which I don't know if it's supposed to happen. In the hidden palace, there's this random thing where you'll hear an error noise and you'll get warped backwards a few steps. It has no sound. I don't want to make it too easy, but maybe there should be an indication of this weird warp point.

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2018-07-03 10:07:43

I don't know what that's about. Maybe you're supposed to jump over those?

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2018-07-03 10:44:49

that new horse game is pritty cool man i loved it

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2018-07-03 15:53:33

It's official... I fucking hate slide puzzles. That is all.

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2018-07-03 16:05:29

hi! so really really hard games on this new one . I also hate slide puzzles, I was never good at them and, expecting me to solve them in a matter of less than two minutes is just.. never happening. . I had a hard time pollinating the threes, too. I had to play that about 5 times before I could figure it out, somewhat, and get a decent score. not sure how some people have unlocked so many worlds. Instructions for this game are missing at best. And don't even get me started on those hacked files that show people having over 10k gems when you go online to battle.

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2018-07-03 16:22:51 (edited by Tikki 2018-07-03 16:23:50)

just so you know, beta 60 is out, fixing the deck manager among other things.
But I do have another problem with the game since beta 59. I switched my language to German, and now the game always just closes after displaying the welcome message. I can't even get to the main menu. This happened with beta 59 and it happens with beta 60 as well. And since I changed my language to German with my old save file in the folder, I now can't play the game at all with my old save because the game starts in German and then closes. I also know of at least one other person with the same problem. This other one uses Windows 10, I'm using Windows 7 64 bit.
Best regards

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2018-07-03 16:50:02 (edited by Pragma 2018-07-03 16:51:08)

Hello all.

The beta60 is available.


The deck manager is fixed.
Some mini-games are fixed: beneficial cloud, powder recipe, hidden palace, clandestine arena (now this last one doesn't allow to use the joker).
The maths games are now based on a timer and not on the end of the sound.
Recently modified battle cards: railway construction, grease cannon, piston shot, passive intervention, pacifism, all the ancient fangs, all the bows.

Thank to the contributors and testers.

About the problem with the file data.dat, it's probably because you try to launch the game with an old version of the file. When you update the game, make sure to decompress all files. About the bug with the German language, unfortunately I don't know, maybe a character causes a bug. Make sure not to confuse the file data.dat and the file sauvegarde.dat.

Thank you all and have fun!

I forgot the link to the website: http://pragmapragma.free.fr/crazy-party/

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2018-07-03 17:22:56

I extract all the files and even after downloading the most recent version I still have the same issue.

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2018-07-03 17:53:07

I didn't confuse the files, I decompressed all files in beta 60 and then copied the file sauvegarde.dat into the new game folder. And the game just closes on me. I have no idea what the problem could be, but I know that not everyone who plays in German has it. Some people can play just fine, others not.

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2018-07-03 18:26:26 (edited by Tikki 2018-07-03 18:26:58)

sorry for double posting, but I just wanted to let you know that I found out what the problem was. I had my system locale set to japanese to play some japanese games, and it seems that the german translation of crazy party doesn't like that. I switched my locale back to german and now the game runs fine.

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2018-07-03 21:42:29

i last tried this game at beta 54, so is it a long game, the card game now? has it changed?

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2018-07-03 22:32:35

Not sure what you mean by "a long game" but short answer yes, there are probably now at least 180 minigames if not more, and a couple of thousand cards. The changelog lists all the changes from beta 47 onwards so you can see what has changed, and there has been lots, really Crazy party is quite an amazing game in both modes.

Btw as regards the new games, the plane has some tough ones. I actually think the rainbow tower should be more of a challenge in its own right, since I do like the idea   of going to other minigames to grab gems, but yee gods just being presented with things off the bat is rather tough, especially considering you can end up going into the same teleporter twice over by mistake.
This one should really be some later challenge on its own and teleporters should disappear once used to make it fair.

Heck it'd make an awesome board game, which reminds me,  are we going to see some editions to the board game? its one of my favourite parts of crazy party, but other than the addition of a new minigame or two to the roster of each board we've not seen any changes to the mode since the start, no new squares, no new objects, no new board types, and there is so much potential for random fun, just look at the actual marrio party games for a bit of inspiration.

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2018-07-03 23:52:43

I hope to achieve this function sooner.
Can use status cards and stat cards for team members
This will become more interesting

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2018-07-04 06:39:14

Someone mentioned the bike game was one they had issues with, and I agree, it's tricky to get the hang of. However, I did get the hang of it, and here's how.
Stay against the right wall unless you can hear the bicycle bell coming from what sounds like very very slightly to your right. That means it's in front of you and coming at you. Move one lane to the left, and as soon as you go past it, move back against the wall. I can and have gotten twenty points on this game.
In my opinion, the Rainbow Tower should give you a little more time. All those locations are deadly with the exception of the Mirage room, which is just annoying. And teleporters should disappear once they've been used so you won't repeat yourself. I've messed up multiple times by going into the same world twice.
Ye gods, those new desert games are tough! My personal least favourite is the hidden palace. It makes the Underground Facility look easy. And I agree about the sliding puzzle. That one's a beast. I keep getting one tile stuck far away from where it needs to be.
I'm getting the hang of the die game, and have gotten twenty on it once or twice, but you have to be quick.

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2018-07-04 09:20:13

Hello, so where's a new world? the plane one? between the citi and the circus phrase doesn't tell me anything.

flawless victory!

2018-07-04 11:55:10

It basically means you unlock it in the city and when you get to the end of the Plain, it links back to the circus. You need to find the "Paparazzi's Madness" game near the Skyscrapers one in the city after you beat it.

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2018-07-04 12:38:24

In the Hidden Palace, does anybody know the proper way to get around those ladders that teleport you back to the start if you don't go up/down them? It's very strange! Is Clandestine Arena part of the new world?

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2018-07-04 15:18:34

It is rare I complain, but something really really needs to be done about/with the bike game. It could be my messed up hearing, but it is impossible to tell where the bikes are coming from until it's too late. I have actually attempted riding on the right until I hear a bike in front of me. I then either don't react fast enough or end up moving over in to  a lane where there's actually a bike. Maybe converting the sound in to mono would be a good start I suppose and making it louder or having more sounds in it like a bike horn? I know it's been a mixed bag. Some people get 20. other people like me can barely get negative 8. Help!!!

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