2016-02-25 11:28:03 (edited by Cocoa 2016-02-25 11:37:24)

The most serious question in my mind: How did you learn BGT?
I asked many people to teach me, but they thinks themselves the best, and they always tell me don't be lazy or read or something. I need your tips, how did you learn BGT? Waiting the answer from the giants developers.
The highest appreciation and respect to you.

2016-02-25 18:31:47

I started learning BGT two years ago, but I never used it to make a game. I learned it by reading code and looking at the manual. Now I'm trying to make games with python.

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2016-02-25 20:24:21

Hallelujah. I need only tips not philosophy.

2016-02-27 14:45:12

Hello, I am not a really good coder but here's my advice:
1-Practice the alert function first. It seemed very hard for me. I couldn't do anything else than alert because I kept putting in wrong scymbols etc.
2. If you have a friend who knows bgt better than you, it will be more fun learning bgt and it will worth it to make him check your code so he can understand what your mistake is.
3. If you have a mistake and can't figure out what it is, don't be angry. Check over and over. If you still don't understand, take a brake for a while. ıt might be anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 3 days or even a week. Depends on what you feel like doing. Also, there is a code analyser called matcher which I use that can help you a lot on unclosed braces, mismatched quotes etc.
You can download it from here:
4. Don't think like "I can't do it, I am a bad coder", etc. Everyone was a bad coder at the beginning. When you begin to understand bgt and practice more, then you will understand that you can do things that you coul not in the beginning.
Hope those little tips help!

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2016-03-02 08:46:28

Yes bro! I agree with you. Haha, but something laughable. When they see you succeed, they wish they were you. When they see that you did something new, they comes and.... You got it.

2016-03-02 09:00:27

Burak is right, and, I don't think that you're that bad Burak big_smile but hey, number 2 is for me, I've finished coding a simple piano program, but I always get a compilation error when I try to compile it, though I'm sure that there is no mistake. The problem is might be in the sound storage or the like, but I've tried a lot to fix it, or to be more accurate, tried a lot to look where the problem is. I've taken a break for munths, but let's look in the code. Will I find a solution?

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2016-03-03 17:46:16

I don't think the BGT tutorial is not that good. I learned myself by having a little help and I used scrolling battles source code. Of course, you experiment with the code and fix and break things.


2018-09-27 02:19:22

how do I get, or how can I get open sorce code to practice with. I feel like the manual is to dam basic for my liking.

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2018-09-27 06:25:52

I started with mason's open source games in 2017, and i'm lurning to make tlw better and better

2018-09-27 14:46:19 (edited by kianoosh 2018-09-27 14:47:08)

Has a lot of open sourced games that you can practice with, And if you think the manual is too basic for you, just read the reffrence and get hang of the functions. When done, go ahead and work on your project

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2018-09-28 12:20:02

yeah' the open source. unfortunately that's in 7zip but everyone has 7zip now. if you dont, there's a link to it on agarchive.net. also a link to it with faster download speeds on that webpage.

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2018-09-29 22:37:40

i learned bgt from the   help file that comes with the programe, actualy, i used ultra power source also back in 2016 to learne more feu things and understand how it works, you could the opened sources  to understand it , when you finished, go ahead work in your project

2018-10-05 21:40:05

Personally, I think the BGT manual is too in-depth for a beginning start to BGT. For example, and this is just my oppinion, I feel like pieces of code are just thrown at you, then briefly explained, or explained like the person should already know.

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2018-10-05 22:09:02

I don't know. When I first looked at BGT, since english is not my native, i couldn't understand much, and I decided to study a language which had an italian tutorial. That language was PHP.
After PHP, I went to python, and then I came back to BGT for seeing if I could understandit. Since I've been learning other languages concepts, understanding BGT was pretty easy at that point.

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2018-10-06 03:31:58

I learned Javascript. Then Java. Then C. Then spent 2 and a half years making the console games and Mario. Then got tired of Windows screwing up case in jar files, and ported it all to BGT, since that was easier than setting up everything I'd need for C#. But, uh, that was like 6 and a half years, so IDK.

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