2015-11-02 05:13:08

It should be noted that the map commands you get in the school after you do the tutorial and do the city school quests are not perm. I think they are only for those tasks. Thus, once they're done, it's back to memorizing and figuring things out as usual. I think some of these cities are bigger than Ankh-Morpork on Discworld Mud. You've been warned!

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2015-11-02 08:08:17

You can use these commands to get around and find out where you are.

nearby - tells you what cities are close and in which direction they are
zoom - lets you quickly travel to various locales (type help zoom for more information)
find - another way of locating places
shopping - lets you cycle through the shops in a given city; it actually takes you to each shop

The cities are big, but I've found the location descriptions to be unique enough that they help to orient you somewhat.  Even the wilderness locations have fairly unique wording, and a lot of times, they'll tell you something about where you are in relation to what's around you.

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2015-11-02 16:36:14

After choosing a guild, were you sponsored in? If not, otherwise the game is Pay to Play.

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2015-11-02 22:29:01

Hi. Guys. I wanna ask a favor. I am using mush cliant to play alter aeon. But currently my mushcliant is set up for alter aeon. I wanna play this game but i don't know how to configure in order to run this game on mush cliant.
What I did is i clicked new world at the file menu. Then I type the world name which is...
And then i press tab and it says mud address and port grouping. Here i type the port number of the game. My favor is, can someone please help me how do i run this game using mushcliant? And if i did something wrong to configure avalon using mushcliant, please help me. And before i forgot, do i need to download something in their website? Thank you. smile

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2015-11-03 00:35:08



About sponsorship don't worrie. when you meet your guild master, or at least it went this way for me, he made my account sponsored. you don't ahve to pay since council members, guild masters etc can make you sponsored. as long as you can Ensure them you will play for a longer period.

I obtained 3 badges this evening together with my guild master and when i asked him if he could help me another oness tomorrow, he agreed. the playerbase is the friendliest i have ever seen. the base of alter is also such a base. as long as you are doing and behaving normal and not irritating people since the friendly behaviour is gone then. but that is just the natural way of people.

But it feels diferent in avalon, i am to short in the game to be honestly sure.

Ooh yes and about the find command, i thought that one is only available during your devine protection wasn't it?

well i am off to bed guys. till later.

greetz mike

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2015-11-03 03:36:48

Anyone can get a sponsorship, from your guild, or from your home city.  They emphasize that the game is free, so don't let that concern stop you.

Mike is right about the player base; these people are super friendly!

I'm not sure about MushClient configuration.

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2015-11-03 06:22:36

Hey there folks, first post here as a couple of people had drawn my attention to this thread. I'm glad some of you are enjoying Avalon!

To answer some of the questions:

1) Sponsorship is available from guilds, cities or divine orders; almost nobody is denied it and the format is designed this way so that the playerbase can regulate itself from spammers or bots or the obscene newbies that occasionally crop up. Subscription is an option but not mandatory and sponsored players can all do the same things and reach the same levels / positions etc as anyone who pays.

2) Avalon is very accessible and our current highest ranked fighter is a blind player; he helped contribute to this page: http://www.avalon-rpg.com/info/blind which may be useful. Avalon is a meritocracy and welcoming to all.

3) The game world is around 15000 locations across dozens of unique areas and territories. There are a lot of helpful commands to get you learning your way around.

4) PvP is one of the options for the focus of your gameplay along with economics, merchantry, politics, warfare and adventuring / questing -- there are many MANY options for personalising your character to tailor it to your own ambitions and goals within the game.

5) Avalon is the longest running online RPG in the world, some interesting facts and features about the game can be found under 'Facts' on the info tab on the website.

Each city has a PR ministry which concerns itself with looking after new players. I'm glad to hear they're doing their jobs and those of you who have already tried the game have received a warm welcome into the population.

Good luck!

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2015-11-03 10:47:11

Welcome to the forum!

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2015-11-03 20:16:57

Hello guys
I've stuck at the basics of this game: I just picked up the messanger corse as my first one. I delivered my first note to a spy, but my second note... It seems that nun of them wants it. whenever I  give it  to them they say that it's not for them.
Do i just need to search more?

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2015-11-03 21:04:56

Type "remember" and that will give you hints about the task you're currently on.  There might be some helpful hints there.

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2015-11-03 21:09:47

I signed up a few days ago, and I'm liking the game. I'm hoping to continu to play it, might be losing my internet for a bit not sure.

Audio game king

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2015-11-04 01:37:07

hi! are there  soundpacks for this mud?

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2015-11-04 07:20:28

Ahoy all
I started playing this mud a few days ago, so far I've done the school courses and the 4 newbie quests. besides that I don't have a clue on what activities can one carry out and so on, unlike other muds I haven't seen many mobs around that you can kill and stuff besides trying to kill other players which might not be such a good idea considering I'm just starting out and nude. :d
The selection command does give me different classes to try out but where do I get the eq to try the skill with? or the mobs to kill?
I do hope that we are able to use the find command even after we are done with LW status because without it I don't think I could do much in this game unless speedwalking is allowed?  I guess I could map things with the find command now and keep them for later
One thing I've gotta say for this mud though that it has some of the best descriptions for rooms and for emotes and such that I've come across in a mud haven't really had a chance to try combat so couldn't really say as to how that compares to other muds but aye, dam good.

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2015-11-04 08:03:44



A high ranked player or is it a god ... i don't know .... told me about a high ranked fighter who is blind and has made a soundpack and mush configuration himself. his name was argawayn i thought. i have to contact him myself as well. but the player/god also told me argawayn used jaws and i don't know if nvda would do the job as welll for the peeps using nvda ...


greetz mike

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2015-11-04 12:33:52

After you type "selection", type the name of the class you want, and I think it gives you a few pieces of equipment.  I'm not sure where you find mobs to kill, since I haven't killed anything, but you might try "find amphitheater", because that's where you train combat skills, and there may be mobs for killing there.

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2015-11-05 10:55:32

Can i somehow get the farming-skills without joining a guild? I wanna decide this Guild-stuff later.
HAHA, i had a funny funny bug about a locked door in the school-tutorial. A god had to come and fix it. I was soooooo mad about it and blaming myself for not getting the clue! But it wasnt my mistake.

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2015-11-05 12:15:05

hi firefly,

You will get the farming and labor skills automaticly i think, since both aren't linked to any guild. these are skills every character gains.
i experienced that my character gains knowledge in farming or labor when i was idle.i got a notification telling me one of the two has improved. I got these from time to time.
but it also can occur that you are busy with something and the knowledge improves. i haven't discovered exact times yet, but it happens from time to time for sure.


greetz mike

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2015-11-06 14:33:57

Can anyone give me tips on joining a guild? I have done the school, but I'm a bit lost. I like the knights guilds or warriors guilds.

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2015-11-06 14:51:45

Hello there everyone, karate25 here. I love this mud quite a bit, I'm known as quanshee, helper of the needy there, and I'm a ranger. Basically, to answer everyone's question about the find command, yes, you can indeed use it even after your lw status is gone to my knolledge, and in order to find the knight's guild or warrier's guilds, you could just enter find knight's or find warriers and it'll guide you there. I hope this helps.

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2015-11-06 15:10:28


Ah, i see ... i thought the find command became unavailable after your novicehood.
But to find the Knights guild you even can typ zoom knight.


it all depents on what you want. i am more a tradesman and crafter in most games, since i like it to earn my money by selling goods i produce. That's why i joined the loremasters guild.
Do you like it to be independant, join the druids guild. as far as i understood are the druids not linked with any village or town, but with the forest. Don't you like combat at all, join the brother of the druids, the annenists.
I have to tell one thing here and now ... the annemists aren't involved in combat at all. When you want to kill something you get a notification that you can't do that while in the annemists guild.
Do you like combat but also the non-combat abilities, join the rangers.
You see, there are many guilds, and this were a few i know of and what my impression is of the guilds i just mansioned. probably not 100% accurate. but all people make mistakes. so do i.



greetz mike

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2015-11-06 20:01:39

OK, i got a question. I hope i can explain it so that you understand. Is there a command to point out the things in a room wich are important? For sighted the important stuff is written in a different Color.
Another question: What is the difference between find and zoom?
I found a quest about a goblin city. But find or zoom didnt work for it. Does it mean i have to find the city on my own?
Is there some kind of map we can use?

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2015-11-06 20:28:50

This mud looks great on paper, and in practice it is exactly the kind of mud I've been hungry for -- deep crafting system, manually controlled combat, etc. The inclusion of the pay-for-perk system though, kills the mud.

Pay-for-perk systems usually mean that obtaining those self-same perks via in-game means becomes an extremely tedious and annoying chore. Witness Alter Aeon: The game claims that you don't need to buy credits to play the game, that it's just a convenience. On the surface, this is true, but an analysis of gold distribution and the scaling code has shown me that: 1. gold is difficult to obtain unless you're a thief, effectively making that class the de factor class for in-game currency. 2. The "denting" system means that if a player manages to find a way to make consistent gold, it will be hammered anyway. 3. The player market for gold to credit exchange, at least while I was playing, was more often than not less than optimal. Compound these factors with the fact that your carrying capacity is limited by both way and amount, and a weightless container quickly becomes a necessity, unless you're willing to contend with the headache of managing multiple tensor's discs, which then locks you down to prioritizing mage as a class option. Furthermore, since weightlesses are finite, you are either locked into continually upgrading it, or continually renewing your storage locker if you have any plans of accruing items.

On paper, neither AA nor Avalon should require real-world currency to play the game. In practice, this is only true to a point, and it's probably fine print to mask the necessity for such expenditures. I'll be fair in stating that my observations on Avalon's implementation are not first-hand, so I cannot say for sure whether or not the system will eventually force you to spend money on the game, or if indeed it really is just a matter of convenience.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind paying for a game. I've paid for Alter Aeon perks in the during my time playing that game, and occasionally buy video games from steam. I just wish muds that had a pay-for-perk system didn't make game progression well nigh impossible without paying for said perks, as I've heard a lot of Iron Realms muds do. Conversely, if progression is difficult without such purchases, be honest and say so. Don't candy coat it and claim "no purchase necessary".

I don't make these observations to rebuke those who enjoy this game, I only bring these points to potential players' attention so that they are aware of the potential future headaches such inclusions may entail, since the game introduction makes no references (that I noticed) to the pay-for-perk system.


This site's drama(s) needs major popcorn!

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2015-11-06 22:28:03



I can awnser two of yor four questions for sure, the others are assumptions.

1. I am not sure, an assumption as you see, if there is a brief mode available, since avalon is originally build for the sighted community, not specifically for the blind like aa. (in my oppinion)
2. this is also an assumption i think. the way i use it is i zoom for areas and find is for locations in villages. but what i don't understand is that i can find the loremasters guild within thakria with the zoom command. so i am not sure if both commands have the same function or that they are different in some way.

3. i also had trouble with finding the green Woods area, but i asked on the novice channel and i got a polite awnser that i spelled it the wrong way, it was greenwood put together as one word and no two words, like green wood or green Woods etc. i suggest you ask on the novice channel, since in my thoughts it should be possible to track the goblin village with the zoom command. but under wich name i don't know.
4. i am pretty sure there isn't a map designed for blind people. as i said earlier i think that this game has originally been designed for sighted people and the maps seem to make use of the aski design. probably there are blind people who have mapped out locations, but the zoom command does it's work pretty well to track a route to a particular area when proper used.


I agree with you on a few points. in the case of alter aeon and my case of running a clan wich i do with a friend. to keep up with the costs of the dues is very difficult when you also have a life outside aa. that's why i purchase for $10 of credits from time to time to pay the dues. the advantage is that our clan has minimal costs, so my role of pumping credits in the dues had become easier. there was a time i had to pump 400 creds in the dues after a few days. but that was while our dues were much higher.

That was my case, but i agree with you on the fact of a weightless and storage locker time. i have to say that dentin or the other staff don't push me that way. they are very friendly and helpfull, and i have decided that it makes playing aa a lot easier and due to the fact the staff is that friendly i don't mind to donate from time to time.

It is difficult to form a solid point of view about this matter. however i agree again with you that devs shouldn't claim that they are free of charge when they aren't, but at the same time i find that donating is a choice, no requirement in such games.

// end of replies to other members, a little story from myself:

Today i have talked with agarwain, a master combatant on avalon. how i discovered him was a little funny as well, i saw a notification that he killed someone. pretty crue huh? i know. but i asked him about his mush configuration and he didn't hesitated to share his soundpack and configuration with me. it isn't as good as the one of alter, but it gives the game some sounds. also for tells. but he told me that a bug shaped rune is required before that sound will work.
Agarwain is a very friendly player. but i will ask him if he wants to join the discussion as well.


greetz mike

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2015-11-06 23:04:16 (edited by Matador 2015-11-06 23:06:24)

Hey all,
In Avalon I play as Agarwain, the Firebrand. I have been playing Avalon on and off now for eleven years. I am the Prince of Parrius, Guildmaster of the Enchanters and High Priest of Lord Cornelius, the god of the void. I have been ranked top in attack-rating, have invaded several villages at the head of a massive army, and won two of the fourteen gems contested in the run-up to choose Avalon's next Ordained deity. I am so excited more people are discovering Avalon's incredible vistas and possibilities. Since I notice my name coming up in this thread quite a bit, I wanted to make a post clarifying a couple of things.

1. I am actively developing a MUSHClient soundpack for Avalon. It is tailored to my uses right now, which means it is probably more minimalist than the AlterAeon pack for instance. I am slowly but surely learning the Lua chops necessary to make this thing bigger and badder, but my speed and enthusiasm for this project would be way higher if I had more people actively playing, bugging me for features, or best of all contributing to the project!
The latest version of the soundpack can be found right here.

2. Xoren, I understand your hesitation about the "pay to win" style of game. Let me assure you though that Avalon is anything but, for a couple reasons. Firstly, you won't be able to beat anyone with your wallet. The purchasable trinkets are skewed entirely towards expedience and convenience, not utility or bad-assery. I can regularly kill the person who brags most openly about his trinkets in Avalon, and they do him no good in battle when he is riding the deathship! Secondly, using any sort of trinket that gives even a slight advantage in combat is heavily stigmatised. Fairness (or at least, everyone's interpretation of fairness) is a ridiculously important concept in Avalon. While there is a lot of debate as you might expect from a game where people are so passionate to win at any cost, the one thing we all agree on as a culture is that no one should be able to pay their way to the top. And finally, even if you did want to pay, Avalon offers a very accessible and flexible way to earn interest on your investment - either in in-game gold or "real-world" currency. I've seen a lot of the models out there and Avalon's is better and more fair than all of them.
Tell you what. Play the game for a month and tell me if you still think Avalon doesn't match up to what it promises "on paper".

3. While you will need to process text pretty quickly for personal combat, there is a slower and more thought-out style called warfare as well, where you lead and command legions fighting with weapons, armour, bows and arrows, catapults and mortar bombs, battering rams and siegetowers and cauldrons full to the brim with scalding hot oil. And if all of that doesn't do it for you, there are thousands of quests, hundreds of non-combative abilities, many different ways to play. You'll never avoid the conflict altogether. In fact, what I like about Avalon most is that everything you do has a very real and meaningful effect on the people around you. But there are many, many ways to get involved. I hope you will jump in and give it a try.

In Avalon I am Agarwain, the Firebrand. Let me know if you need anything.

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2015-11-07 03:38:19

You can also use the "nearby" command when you're outside a city, and it will tell you the cities that are close to you and the direction they're in.  Then you can type "zoom" and type the city you want, and you'll usually get there.  That might help you with navigation.

OMG you are a legend in Avalon!  I've heard your name since the first day I played!

My Own Thoughts
I have never been interested in roleplay.  I usually just want to explore, build, create, etc.  But this player base is (1) so incredibly welcoming and understanding of screen readers, and (2) so amazing in their roleplay and writing abilities, that I've really gotten into the game more than I would have otherwise.

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