2015-08-14 10:04:50

I see the talking dosbox with keynote and keysoft has been removed from sendspace. Wanted to try that one as well, though I like this one, except for 1 problem.
In the manual it states that when you want to play a game made in gwbasic, then type gwbasic gamename.bas
but when I do that, it says illegal command gwbasic. So I'm not sure what to do any more, I tried running gwbasic in order to get the programs to work but no result there either, only get a "Bad syntax" error.

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2015-08-15 05:33:52

I don't believe it talking dosbox? I haven't used dos since I don't even remember. Now all I need are talking windows 95 and 98 emulators and my life will be complete lol.

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2015-08-15 06:08:12

get talking dosbox with keynote and keysoft from


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2015-08-18 22:39:16

Thanks for the download. There is however one question,. In the talking dosbox itself there is a windows folder, and I do suspect that keynote and keysoft only works with that windows together with the windoweyes, but there is no way to start that windows/its screen reader from the dosbox prompt, or not that I can see in the manual.

To know, and not to do, is not to know.

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2015-08-19 05:47:29

to start windows 3.1 in talking dosbox with window eyes and keynote gold type

cd \windows
hit enter

hit enter.

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2015-08-25 18:23:59

I'm trying to install vocal eyes 3.0 demo for anyone who wants to use that in dosbox, but the only com choices it gives me when choosing the comPort for bns are com1, 2, 3 and 4, then lpt1, 2, 3 and 4. Any way to get it to use com8 and 9?

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2015-08-25 18:27:42

@Jack COM8 and COM9 are just the ports on your host computer that COM0COM controls. In the DOSbox machine, you only have COM1.
I actually have a bunch of screenreaders installed on my DOSbox, including vocaleyes, provoice, etc.

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2015-08-25 20:03:22

how did you get vocal eyes to work? it did not work for me. i am using the dosbox that talks through NVDA.

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2015-08-25 22:40:19


I really really am adicted to drone. It's an awesome text adventure. I don't really like text adventures much but this one is very adictive.

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

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2015-09-02 17:30:58

I am wondering, are there more accessible doss games then these in the folder provided with the doss box?
It's not that these games are boring or something like that, I just want to see if there are other games out there which are worthy to  check out.
So, any ideas on that?
Greetings Moritz.

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2016-09-24 11:09:46

Has anyone noticed that the games in the kitchen folder won't play?  I imagine I've probably missed some step in  aking 'em run.  Also, has anyone been able to find wordperfect 5.1 or so that'll run in there?

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2016-09-24 11:17:18

Is anyone runnin this on Linux?  If so, how's it done, particularly on arch?

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2016-09-24 14:59:34

@SouthernPrince, no talking dosbox  does not work in linux. and here is a link for talking dosbox with wordperfect5.1 and lotus123 and all the other stuff.


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2016-09-24 19:21:58

SouthernPrince wrote:

Is anyone runnin this on Linux?  If so, how's it done, particularly on arch?

I'm not, but dosemu works better for me in some cases, and that reads fine with Speakup. Some games which I want to play don't read very well with ASAP, but will with Dosemu.

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2016-09-25 12:37:07

John has put up all of my DOS games on the Audio Gamer Archive at,
All of these games are distributed as zip archives.

• any night football demo.zip, 136.75 kb
In this text based football game you become the coach and send
in the plays. Feel the same frustrations that the million dollar
coaches experience when the quarterback changes your play.

• ARTHUR'S QUEST.zip 2.7 mb
You are in medieval times. Your quest as Arthur is to find and recover Excalibur, then
fight the Dark Lord with it, ridding the land of unrest and

• breakout demo.zip, 721.27 kb
• breakout full.zip, 1.00 mb
Smash! Pow! Crunch! Break through wall after wall of objects that make over 130 real sounds.
Breakout contains four game variations, bust through, clear the
wall, squeeze play and stretch to breaking where you can break
glass, smash cups, pop balloons and try to beat your highest score.

• car racing demo.zip, 662.99 kb
• car racing full.zip, 674.97 kb
You try to control your super charged computer down the straight away towards the next critical turn. Will you make it or will it be curtains? You can
race your car against opponents on five different tracks.

• card club demo.zip, 1.31 mb
• card club full.zip, 2.38 mb
Play a game of Hearts, Norwegian
Whist, Widow Whist, or Crazy Eights.

• cops demo.zip, 1.13 mb
• cops full.zip, 1.35 mb
you play the roll of a police officer in a
cop car restricted to movement on roads, parks, and
parking lots. All you have to do is catch
the suspects before they escape.

You hunt for a goal which is one of the objects on the map
picked at random.  Try to beat your speed by moving on the
roads which only take one minute to cross one mile.

• fox and hounds demo.zip, 990.96 kb
The dogs have the scent, and you hear them coming closer as
you steer your horse to track the fox.

• haze maze demo.zip, 803.50 kb
Hear the sound of your footsteps change as the ground beneath you goes from stone to wood  as you navigate through a maze.
A wind chime becomes slightly louder as
you work your way closer to the exit and get free.

• MOBIUS MOUNTAIN demo.zip, 1.02 mb
A Math, Shoots and Latter game.
Watch out for the rock slides and pits, and answer math problems correctly at a ladder, and make giant leaps to the top.

• monopoly demo.zip, 1.31 mb
• monopoly full.zip, 2.57 mb
Can you become the big tycoon and replace Trump at Atlantic
City? Or are you going to wander around the cardboard city
panhandling your way back into the game.

• pack man demo.zip, 874.01 kb
You are the rolly-poli Pack Man, a glutton for fruit. Travel around searching and Eating all that can be found including power pills.
Don't let the ghost get you.

• PANZERS IN NORTH AFRICA demo.zip, 1.22 mb
• Panzers in north africa full.zip, 2.54 mb
Battle enemy tanks from the great desert
campaigns fought in the north African theater in world war two. You
Command either an American, British, German or Italian  tank, and fight your way to victory.

• red dragon kickboxing demo.zip, 1.13 mb
A real time kick boxing game for fast
action lovers. There are twelve
ranked kick boxers for you to fight.

• shooting range demo.zip, 1.11 mb
• Shooting range full.zip, 1.31 mb
In the skeet range you can shoot at clay birds. The rifle range you can shoot at a target trying to hit the bulls eye. the pistol range
you can shoot at a steel human silhouette target, or at the junk
yard you can shoot a weapon at over thirty objects.

• snipe hunt demo.zip, 2.93 mb
Grab your flashlight and a sack and go Snipe Hunting!
This fast action arcade game is sure to have you hopping around
bagging flocks of the Elusive birds.

• ten pin bowling demo.zip, 884.61 kb
Will you make the strike? Or are you going to choke and miss?
You need to time your release perfectly to knock down pins. Hear the ball roll down the lane, hit the pins, and the crowd respond to the result.

• world series baseball demo.zip, 1.25 mb
• world series baseball full.zip, 3.89 mb
Hear the sounds of the ball park as
you manage your team to victory or defeat in the world series. In
collaboration with Harry Hollingsworth, we have added fifty real
sounds to his 1997 version of World Series Baseball.

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2017-03-25 01:35:43

I'm having a problem getting ASAP to run under Windows 10.

I installed Com0com, and either the layout of the setup utility has changed, or I've completely forgotten how to work with it. I remember getting this to work under Windows 7, but not only is that obviously an older OS, it was also 32 bit. Now I'm running 64 bit.

It's hard to tell what's what in that tree view, because it keeps saying virtual pair 0, no matter how far down I scroll. At one point I heard it say virtual pair 1, so I tabbed around to the edit fields, and told it to use Com8 and Com9 as stated in the readme. But ASAP still doesn't run. It beeps and then just sits there.

I wouldn't mind this except that, as I said early on in this thread, JAWS and Flipper have issues when it comes to running games. I mainly want to use this to play the old PCS titles. I haven't tried it with text games or anything, but I do know that JAWS and Flipper won't work when I try to run one of the PCS games. The whole thing just freezes, and the game never loads.

What am I doing wrong? I hate it when I know I'm doing something obviously stupid and can't put my finger on what it is.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2017-03-25 03:04:16

Hello Turtlepower.
I've never seen this before! Do you have another screen reader on once dosbox starts? I mean your regular windows screen reader. Sometimes they have a weird interaction with each other. I'll try and figure what else it could be it's a strange way for dosbox to act.

What has been created in the laws of nature holds true in the laws of magic as well. Where there is light, there is darkness,  and where there is life, there is also death.
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2017-03-28 06:54:47

In the end I figured it out. I had to use the version of Com0Com that came with the version of Talking Dosbox that includes NVDA. The driver in that version is apparently unsigned. Fuck knows why that should make a difference, but apparently it did. I also needed to create a virtual pair via the command line utility that was included with Com0Com. At that point, I was able to interact with the GUI utility as expected, and input the values to make it run.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2017-03-28 16:34:26

When I start all dos box executables my computer crashes completely.
And I have 4 ghz of processor and 8 gb of ram.
Can you help me please?

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2017-03-28 18:10:48

Grabbed the latest version, set up the com0com stuff but when I fire up the ASAP reader it starts off at 100 speed, is there a way to lower it to around 40 or 50 or set it to a speed I like?

Just curious here

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-03-28 22:57:43

I was actually wondering about that myself. I don't mind the fast speed personally, but I plan to do a podcast which demonstrates a few things about the system, and that speed won't do for demonstration purposes, since everybody has their own preferences when it comes to things like that.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2017-03-29 05:29:28

The other issue is Jaws and Flipper are too slow and don't skip over 'fluff' on the screen like symbols and (least here) certain games don't work with Jaws (er...the Talking Dosbox one in the DL) or Flipper, Looking at you, Drone. Hella fun game, only seems to work with ASAP for me

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-03-29 08:20:39

Figured out the ASAP speech, the docs say hit control \

What you have to do is hit control ad # at the same time, then 1-9 and s for speed.

Can't find a way to save those every time I restart the talking dosbox I have to redo that

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-03-29 13:17:45

Quick question, people.. The trit command isn't working on my dosbox, neiter is cd.. It just says command invalid.. Could someone please help me?
Trid works but I seem to be unable to browse the folders with my nvda or with the jaws of the dosbox..

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2017-03-29 18:23:20

For CD you need to put a directory to go to

CD .. takes you up a level and if you want to step through the directories do cd then hit tab to cycle through the directories one by one.Now for a weird question. Trying to create a federation in Piledriver (yes I'm a nerd damnit!) but whatever I do it gives me an error no matter what I pick, is that an issue with the dosbox or the actual game files itself?

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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