2015-05-12 05:10:50

do I have to do the com setup over and over again when I restart my computer?

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2015-05-12 05:19:46

Well, now I know why I still have an xp machine chilling around...

I use a Chromebook s my primary operating system, "daily!"
But for old DOS Games and for Eamon Deluxe, or for just wanting to use Seamonkey web browser, I keep it around.

Very cool Peter's done this.
Whenever all of the PCS Games for DOS/Windows back in the day, particularly Snipe Hunt, oh I can't wait!

PS. I've only played the Snape Hunt Demo, from "way!" back.

2015-05-12 06:10:27

Hi! I'm loving this! I have two questions. First, after I finish playing one of the GW Basic games, how do I get back to where I can go back to the games folder? Second, are there any life simulations that work with this? Thanks!

Role-play? Simulation? Strategy? Throw it at me! I'm all ears for the games!

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2015-05-12 10:37:46

If GWBasic is the same as I'm familiar with, at the OK prompt, type the command system and hit Enter to return to DOS. I don't know who thought up the word system to exit GWBasic, but there you go.

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2015-05-12 12:01:30 (edited by the_ruler_of_dark_forces 2015-05-12 12:02:25)

I've also got a problem with the screen echo running eamon under dosbox. For example when moving around in the adventures, it only says "your command" and I have to use the review keys to read backwards line by line the room descriptions. I am using asap as the screen reader.

Some people had problems with running gwbasic games. I've managed to run them by typing gw and then the name of the game.

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2015-05-12 14:05:00

The readme will definitely need some updating in some cases, in any case I'm glad people are enjoying this.
Some programs just don't echo automatically well because they write the output directly to the graphic card, not the bios. Setting up windows in the screen reader could help with this.

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2015-05-12 18:53:35

I found it funny that, in drone, barney the dinosaur appeared as a random encounter. even funnier, he dies in 1 hit!

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2015-05-12 22:07:32

hey in the talking dosbox can you put in the following please? MegaDots braille translator, wordperfect any version as long as it works, and also if you have it could you please put in lotus 1-2-3 for dos? I always wanted to play with that program but I never had a copy. thanks. up until now I was using the ms-dos virtual machine found at ... http://www.eurpod.net/vmware/   ... so if this talking dosbox is better than that cobbled hacked together solution which I hope it is then I'll switch to talking dosbox. and if mega dots and word perfect and other stuff runs in it that would be great!

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2015-05-12 22:10:35

hey everyone here is all the dos stuff i currently have. link is   ... https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/mjlvr7

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2015-05-12 22:14:37

someone has keynote multimedia? ;bet it would work in my windows3.1 and dos vm. also i would love keysoft and keynote multimedia for android. that would be great!

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2015-05-12 22:44:13

I would also love it if you could get keysoft working somehow in dosbox. Maybe we could even contact humanware but since keysoft for dos is no longer supported I'm not sure how that would go.

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2015-05-12 22:58:48

does provox support sb talker or the braille n speak?

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2015-05-13 00:05:45

I got a few questions.
1. How do I turn a folder with a game to be installed into a floppy image?
2. how do i mount that floppy image?
3. how do I use a USB floppy drive with dosbox if needed?
and also here is how to give espeak in dosbox a more american voice. edit this line in the well never mind I cannot find the espeak.py file in this custom dosbox. ok in the original braille n speak server you edit these lines, in the espeak.py file.

  _espeak.setVoiceAndVariant(voice=None, variant="klatt4")

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2015-05-13 01:09:28

Hi. Whenever I run a program in DOS the DOSBox crashes. What do I need to do to fix this?

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2015-05-13 01:35:27

so far no programs have crashed, but in the tenPin bowling game I installed sounds play very slow when I choose sound blaster. how can I fix this? how have the programs crashed? do you have com0com installed? what about pyserial and python2.6?

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2015-05-13 02:56:48

also sometimes espeak doesn't pronounce stuff right in games. could you rip eloquence out of the NVDA eloquence driver and make asap use eloquence instead? or along with espeak if people wish?

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2015-05-13 03:19:11

Firstly, referencing Keysoft for "anything" other than Humanware itself, is totally not gonna do any good one bit. That Goes for Eloquence!
have a look at the following Audyssey Gamer's archive:
http://audyssey.org/pipermail/gamers_au … 34996.html

Secondly, i would rather wait for Peter to get everything he's got delbt with before folks start asking more, and more, and more!

Just saying folks...

I'm just glad he was able to get it going in the first place. I'm definitely checking it out though... That's why I still have an XP machine, as I said somewhere before.

Patience is rewarding folks... Just saying!

2015-05-13 18:14:45

I am currently using the doss box with the talking directory manager, due to the fact tthat I am not that good handeling the classic shell.
The problem is that I can't open folders or click on files with the enter key, due to the fact that when I press the enter key, it just goes down to the next file, like it would when I press the down arrow key in normal windows.
Can someone help me with that problem please?
Greetings Moritz.

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2015-05-13 19:05:36

thanks for the person in post 55 who helped with the gwbasic games, they work now! So, of to have some fun with these. big_smile

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2015-05-13 23:19:45

I just downloaded this, and loaded a couple of the PCS games into the games folder. Every time I launch one though, nothing happens. The same thing occurred when I tried to run the talking directory program. It just sits there.
Am I doing something wrong? I'm not great at command line stuff, but am ok with doing the directory commands. I can get it to a point where it tries to launch the games, but I lose speech at that point, and have to force the process to end with task manager.
Any help would be appreciated.

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2015-05-14 04:15:24

I had that problem too, losing speech when I tried to open something. Do you use ASAP? That helped when I had that problem.

Role-play? Simulation? Strategy? Throw it at me! I'm all ears for the games!

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2015-05-14 09:33:46 (edited by grahamwp 2015-05-14 09:44:50)

Hi all,

This is a really nifty package! Much easier to set up than the virtual machines ... my only gripe is that the PC speaker is often a bit wobbly, but that's a minor thing.

I collected most of the games in the gwbasic folder between 2001 and 2003 when I was in high school, and made a website containing them ... it's no longer on the live Internet, but it's on the Wayback Machine (search for pianoman.port5.com/basic.html at archive.org ... sorry, I can't seem to type in a URL in this post).

I also wrote the Super Simon game which is filed as simon.bas and simon.exe.

It's probably worth noting that most of these games only accept input in uppercase, as many of them were written in the 1970s for computers that didn't support lowercase text, so caps lock should be turned on when using them. Here are a few of my favourites in alphabetical order:
*Banko.bas, a bit like Blackjack, but using points instead of cards ... try to get to 60 points, and try not to get below zero!
*Bigtrek.bas: A Star Trek computer game which I'm *still* addicted to, even though I first played it twenty years ago! Documentation for it is in trekinfo.txt.
*Escape.bas: The Great Escape, originally written for the Apple II by Delton T. Horn, ported to GW-BASIC by Jason Smith, and modified a bit by yours truly (adding save/restore and quit routines). You are lost in a giant maze of a hundred rooms ... try to get out ... if you can! Documentation is at ereadme.txt.
*Space.bas: Space adventure: try to deliver the secret plans!

Hope this helps.


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2015-05-14 09:36:04

LadyJuliette wrote:

Hi! I'm loving this! I have two questions. ... Second, are there any life simulations that work with this? Thanks!

Yes, there's life.bas in the gwbasic folder.


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2015-05-14 10:24:06

Hi there,

For new members to the forums, after you post at least 5 messages, you can post unlimited links. Well, more than just one...

2015-05-15 02:54:10

I was playing drone...again. this time I managed to get killed by barney! guess the first time I fought him, I was using my sword. the other time the sword was cracked by a previous enemy and I managed to be attacked by his terrible singing voice attack. that's exactly how I feel about his most recent voice actor (deen whent) and body double (kary stinsen).

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