2018-07-28 14:58:39

Nice job. But is it possible for you to complete the 3d sound using fmod? Because there are still many games out there that are using bgt and if fmod works well why not upgrading their sound systems to fmod?

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2018-07-28 15:18:37 (edited by Genroa 2018-07-28 15:19:00)

In fact, I have a version of the engine using a FMOD sound environment, or at least demos using it, based on the FMOD DLL. But this was kind of experimental as far as I remember and you could easily crash the entire game if you did anything wrong.

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2018-07-29 08:28:44

Please put it here, Maybe we can do something about it. If possible though

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2018-07-29 11:11:18 (edited by Genroa 2018-07-29 11:22:32)

Here is the experimental library for BGT, called V3DSound. It relies on a custom DLL called v3d.dll used to manage 3d vectors that can be understood by the two supported sound systems. It provides BASS and FMOD full 3D simulation support, with position, velocity, etc. Not all features of FMOD or BASS are included and there are probably a ton of hidden bugs, but here is the link:
Link to 3d sound experiment

DLLs are included in the archive.

Also, here is a slightly older version of the library, considered to be the last stable version. It uses V3DSound by default. Link: Link to Heat Engine v0.9

EDIT: Warning, after reviewing this very old code, I'm pretty sure it isn't really usable or it doesn't use V3DSound even though it includes it! Long story short, this would need more work to integrate it cleanly. But basically, it proves I made attempts, and you can still use V3DSound separately to work with it. But Heat Engine still doesn't really support it.

The next version, v0.10, didn't have V3DSound shipped with it, probably because of stability/bugs issues. I don't really remember why. Also, on HE 0.10 I was working on a fully accessible level editor for HE games. In the 0.10 version this cannot be considered usable.

Also, I would considerer rewritting everything and possibily in another language... I think we should really all gather and build  unique engine for our audio games.

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2018-07-29 14:06:05

Hi @Genroa.
From post 100: "But I would love to build a project with the people on this forum to build a new engine, on a more moderne and maintained language..."
I would be happy to get in contact with you, because I think we can help each other.
If that sounds good, you can just pm me with a method of contacting you (skype, email what ever) and we can get you on board.
- NicklasMCHD

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2018-07-29 15:01:29

I sent you a PM on twitter. smile

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2018-07-30 14:03:50

what does Heat Engine  do?, i meane how it works, mayking classes for objects?, or how

2018-07-31 13:16:48

Can anyone send me a working link for heat engine here. Thanks.

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2018-07-31 17:54:24

I provided a new link just 8 comments ago.

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