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Firstly I apoligize this next installment to the level guide of death match project alpha took so long.
After the elevator stops, head right. Their's a few lockers you can open. Make sure to do so as you can grab some sweet bonus items which will vastly help in the layter parts of the game.
You should get a tip about upgrade stations, these stations are extremely useful in upgrading your weapon.
Go through the door into the small corridor, and head into the room beyond that.
At this point, 3 enemies will decide you make a good lunch and spring out at you.
These guys are quite easy to kill. Don't close the doors you traversed through for quick and easy shots. Just keep backing up, fire, and reload if required. Once their finished, their's a ladder in the room where they jumpt out leading to a secret area with a 5000 credits bonus, protected by a hacking station. Assuming you've decided you want them or you've moved on, proceed right until an explosion is herd, this indicates that a structural failure has spawned.
Proceed right through the door and walk up to position 86. Hold shift and hit j to fly over the jetpack.
Once over the structural failure, continue walking right. At this point another one of project alpha's creations should leap out at you, kill him as well but be careful not to step too far back else you'll have a bad contact with the structural failure. Proceed down the massive hallway until you reach a door.
Inside the next room is an upgrade station, use it as you won't be able to upgrade after this for a while.
Their's a door which requires a battery. Tractor the power system into position and head through the next door into another corridor.
The next room after that is a vast control room with a status console in the middle. Accessing it will give you the state of the hydraulic systems, proceeding right will lead into the vehicle bay.
After accessing the status console, proceed right into the vehicle bay and take the cargo lift up to access the shuttle.
The game should explain how to fly the shuttle.
After docking, you will be in a big room.
When you walk right, a quarintene lockdown will initiate and 3 enemies will spring out at you. Keep backing up and finish them off with a few cheap shots.
3 more will spring out, deal with these guys as well.
Tip, the last one is the slowest, don't worry about him until you've killed the other 2 guys.
After you finish both waves off, the alarms will shut off and the doors will unlock, allowing you to proceed.
In this next room is a galactic network terminal. At this point, if you've been hacking your way into the secret areas, you will have more than enough to order the fusion cutter and a clip for it.
It isn't really useful that much, but it will clear out a few enemies with 5 shots, if only it wasn't so slow.
Proceed into the corridor and into the generator room.
Their are 3 seporit generators which must be hooked back into red warp's hydraulic system before you can boot the primary generator up.
Tractor the first one into position 160 and proceed.
The next one after tractored into position 170 will spring several enemies up, get rid of these guys first before you tractor in the next generator. If you haven't upgraded your gun, now is the time to start doing so as these guys will require a fast gun to kill.
Get ready. As soon as you tractor the final generator into position 180, several more enemies will spring out and require you to finish them off. Once they are done, proceed right into the generator control room.
Hit the console ahead to refire the main generator.
Keep walking right after the generator starts up. At this point, you will be grabd by an alien tenticle, that loves to hang around walls. Rappidly tap enter to throw him off, he's not the last one you'll see hanging around.
Proceed into the corridor, but prepare to change objectives as it seems the required tram system to traverse across red warp's vast hydraulic deck are out of order.
After you exit the corridor, you will be in a large room with a single ladder in the middle.
The text log and the few items you will get in that area arn't worth it, unless your desporitly low on health, so don't bother trying to hack the door. Proceed ahead till you find an item lieing at the foot of the door, this is a spair medkit just in case you really need the health boost.
Meat up with your friend at the tram control room. At this point, he'll tell you to go to the tram power car bay.
This is accessed by a ladder, and 2 small corridors. Go up the ladder and proceed right through 2 rooms to enter the tram power car bay.
Another enemy will spring out at you, shoot him before you can get to work.
Drag the first broken power car into position 470 and release. The ship will replace the tram car with a new one. Drag this one over to position 480 and release, and the first power car will be online.
Drag the next 2 power cars towards you and release them, this will replace the second power car.
Finily, for the last power car.
Go to position 490 and tractor both cars into place.
The tram power car system is now repaired, but we're not done yet. The system needs a databoard to be completely functional first.
Head down the bay and use your tractor beam module to open the door, and take the ladder down. The door on your right will lead in to the spair parts bay, but wait, their's another one of these tenticles lieing around. Rappidly press enter to kill it.
As soon as you pick up the databoard, 3 enemies will spring out at you, kill both of them and head back the way you came to the tram control room.
But wait, as soon as you put the databoard into the tram control computer, now you need to go back into the tram power car bay, and tractor a fuel car into place, why can't these engineers have done better construction on this system when building red warp.
Fortunitly this time, its much easier.
Shortly after you enter the tram power car bay, a new enemy will spring out.
He's explosive, and one shot is all that is required to kill him, but be warned. Each time you kill one of these things, your health will be subtracted by 10 percent do to their explosions, if you let one get ontop of you you lose 20 health when he explodes.
The best way to avoid this is to use the plasma gun for killing normal enemies, and save your fusion cutter ammo for explosive guys like that one.
Proceed right, and go through the door that requires a tractor beam again.
Tractor the fuel car into place, and return back to the tram control room.
You've done it, the tram is now online. Take the tram up to hydraulic fuse control.
The room you will end up in is a rair room where their are plenty of goodies, an upgrade station, and a galactic network terminal. Grab everything that's up the ladder, then upgrade your weapons. At this point, if you buy more upgrade components from the galactic network terminal, you should be able to finish the job off with your plasma gun.
Proceed right through a corridor, and enter a room that's not well protected.
An asteroid from that belt you tried to navigate will proceed to slam into the hull, creating a large structural failure. Fly over it and go through the door.
Be prepared.
2 enemies and several exploders will suddenly spring forth, finish the enemies first before dealing with the exploders.
Once their delt with, tractor the 3 fuses into the generator to fire it back up.
With the hydraulics system now fully operational and running, head right through the fuse control room and enter the tram station. Press enter to take the tram to the fusion drive and gravity management deck.
You've completed level 2.

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