2014-12-16 23:48:10

A list of general tips for snow race.
In order to do tricks, one must be in the air. You will here a clicking sound, this is your boards nose. S will decrease it, W will increase it.
In order to do tricks you must increase your boards nose position. A and D will turn you in the air.
The hire your nose is, the more tricks you can pull off, but the more balance you'll lose.
A list of tricks and their key combos.
Backside 180. Left and up.
Frontside 180. Left and down.
Tail grab. Up and down.
Rost beaf. Right and up.
Stail fish. Up and z.
Try to tweak your boards nose while in the air, half way up and half way down, while holding down the trick combos. This way you can still pull off massive combos but still maintaining enough balance to land.

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