2014-11-30 01:38:57 (edited by Orin 2014-11-30 02:51:29)

Hi all,
So, I got Wineskin, Swamp, and made a wrapper for Swamp. The Swamp folder is in the simulated program files folder, and I selected the program executable as swamp.exe, and the DLLs seem to be there.
However, when I do a test run it ran and said Swamp has no windows. It didn't seem to execute Swamp itself. Could it be because I have to register the DLLs with this fake registry equivalent? If so, how do I do that? Do I open the emulated command shell and proceed to do it manually as though I were on Windows, via the options dialogue?
Edit: I realize that there is not a read in the version of Swamp I have downloaded from DropBox. Apron's download was timing out for some reason so had to go the DB route.
Can anyone tell me the command to use for a 64Bit system--I'd assume it's emulating 64Bit Windows. If not, feel free to enlighten me. Also, since the Wine Command shell, at least with VoiceOver, is completely inaccessible, I would assume it is in the default C directory by default, so to get do the Swamp directory:
cd program files/Swamp
Thanks agin.
edit2: Okay, so I got the game up and running, with no speech. On the other Swamp topic, Mehgcap said he installed the Speech SDK, I assume 5.1. However, how would I install it into the Wine wrapper? Do I have to go to the "Install Software" option in the Wineskin app and just tell it to use an installer? If not, it's from the command line. I saw on a GoogleCode thread that someone installed it using WineTrix, but is that a variant of Wine that WineSkin uses?

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