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Offen times, I get asked how does one go about killing enemies in death match project alpha, and this guide will attempt to explain it in detail. Note this is my first guide so improvements and suggestions can be sent to me via pm.
First off, what is death match project alpha?
Death match project alpha is a side scrolling shooter that takes place in the 2300's. Specificly, the year 2336, when mankind has long mastered space travel. When the phoenix red warp, a colony ship stationed neer the canary starsystem loses contact with the federation of human worlds, the federation sends out the rescue ship nova 4 to investigate. After an auto docking maneuver fails do to red warp's docking system being out of order, the ship crashes into the red warp dock and kills all but 2 crew members. Inside the derelict spacecraft however, something else seems to be a miss.
Enough about the story.
You can use different tactics on enemies to try and kill them. The tactic I found to be most effective is watching the enemies movements, and firing if they are in range of your plasma rifle. If they seem like they are about to approach you, quickly dash to the other side of them and keep firing, as the normal enemies can't change speed very fast. Don't forget something that helps when your swarmed by a group is to keep on the move, as enemies jumping on you will result in a massive loss of health.
The normal enemies incounterde in the game are extremely easy to kill this way.
Exploders incounterde in sirten areas of the game are one shot targets, simpply aim and fire at them. Don't let them get on you though, as if they explode at your position they will take off twice as much health as they normaly do.
Tenticles are stuck to various walls in areas of the game. In order to kill them, rappidly press enter until they release you.
Tip, always keep hmed kits on you at all times. You might never know when the next enemy is going to take a leap and land on you, or when a tenticle might grab you.

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