2014-06-13 19:54:18

This is directly copied from the mainstream games topic, which is pretty buried, and so I thought I would stick it in a more central area of the forum.
Thanks to Seal for writing this guide.


Hello to my Guide for steam, a PC platform. This usefull place contains many or most actual digital releases. I'll write here how to setup steam to work with it without any kind of frustrations.

So, without any further talking let's go!

1. Download steam and create your account on:
2. Install steam.
3. Uncheck at the end of the installation process To not  Run it yet!
4. Go to your desktop and find steam icon, go to properties of that icon.
5. In the first edit field after the quote at the very end enter space and add these parameters:
-login 'YOUR-USER-NAME' 'YOUR-PASSWORD' -no-dwrite
6. Run steam, it should update first, if not, it will shows login window but don't worry, it should log in you automatically.
7. MY PERSONAL RECOMENDATION: run it with NVDA screen reader. I didn't tested it with something other, so try on your own.
8. GET OCR PLUGIN: It's highly recommended, or, NEEDED to have OCR addon installed to your NVDA. It allows you to read few of the things from the steam window.
9. If you'll find the License agreement, Run your OCR [insert plus r]
10. Find I agree at the bottom of the window.
11. If you click on it, steam will shows up a steamguard window.
12. It's kind of protection you are the person behind the proper account. Click on: 'I have code' And click next. [OCR could be required here]
13. Check your email to get a code from steam. When you'll get it, return to steamguard window and simply paste it [ctrl plus v] and press enter.
14. Bum, you are logged succesfully! Steam will be in the system tray when you'll click alt plus f on the steam window.

Now you can do what you want. Steam is now much much more friendly for us. Ofcourse, still only one option to navigate on steam is mouse cursor, but everything will be much better, cleaner and easier.


Here are some tips for you how to use things and what problems you can expect sometmes:
1. SOmetimes you'll be not able to see anything in the steam window. From my observations it's happening when your steam is running long.
Solution: Simply restart the steam client and everything will back to normal.
2. Some things are easy to use directly from the steam client like browsing your friends on the list, browsing your games, running those ofcourse and changing your status. Some  others are only accessible from the steam website or easiest like chat which works much better on the site. You must add friends through the steam site, it's the only one accessible way to do that. Browsing profiles, achievements etc is fully doable from the steam site also.
Buying / browsing the catalogue of games also from the steam website.

Thanks for reading!
Happy gaming!

Thanks to Erion AKA Robjoy for finding the option and testing 'enable direct write,'!
To Pitermach  for finding commands parameters and suggesting these and for all of you who is reading it!

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