2007-05-12 02:50:19

hello, the reason SL knows if youve beaten it is this: once you've beaten it, it writes a value in the registry called won, and it has a value of 1. If you for instance had to format your hard drive, and you had to reinstall, hear's a tip on how to play around with your "saved" games: 1, go in to the start menu\run... 2, type regedit and press enter. 3, go in to HKey_current_user\software\VB and vba program settings\superliam\game. 4, go to the list view and then to the end of it. 5, go to the menu bar\edit\new\string value. 6, erase what's there and type won and press enter. 7, hit enter on the new item that shood have apeared and type in 1 finally run SL and if it worked, you will get the cheat box. Also, if you want to change what level and act your on, do the following: 1, oppen regedit from run... 2, find the previous value location in Hkey_current user\software\VB and vba program settings\superliam\game. 3, find the list and go to level and act string values. 4, if you maybe wanted to go to the x1 battle from sandy serf, erase what's in the field and type x in to the field for level and type u in to act. If your curius, r is sandy serf or act1, s is suburban streets or act2, t is wild woods, u is lava lake or a boss, v is silver spaceship, w is waterworks, and x is lethal lab. goodby.

2007-05-12 07:43:10

you can change your lives and health as well with this stuff. you know there is a total score box, if you copy what's in there and paste it into the health box, if you have 10635 points, you will have 10635% health. it will take quite a while to count the scores at the end of the level, though. i actually figured this out quite a long time ago but never got around to post it here.

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2007-05-14 01:15:52

I have to say that SL is definitely harder than I thought.  I've had it for a few days and still haven't managed to beat it.  I got up to Lethal Lab act 2, but tried an experiment so had to start over.  One thing I don't like is that after every act it saves how many lives and how much health you have.  Sometimes that can be a good thing, but when I got to Lethal Lab act 2, I only had 1 life left and about 30% health, making it virtually impossible to get past some of those dumb waves of enemies that the intruder alarms bring.

Since SL is a platformer, I pulled out my gamepad, and after alot of playing around, played the game with it.  It was much better than using the keyboard, right up until I hit Suburban Streets.  It doesn't register presses of the arrow keys very fast, so it's impossible to jump hazards.  I managed to make it over the first sewer once, though.  If you didn't have to tap the arrow key to get over hazards, I'm sure I'd have beaten it by now since I'd have been using my gamepad the whole time as I feel platform games are better suited for those.  On the other hand, having to tap the right arrow to get over hazards does add something unique to the game.


2007-05-14 03:40:50

I will for sure have a good SL recording up by tomorrow afternoon so those of you who are still stuck will have something to follow.
Here's what happened:Today, I did almost all of the SL recording. In fact, it was the first time I've ever beaten the game without getting hit once.
During the x1 battle, someone knocked on my door and interrupted me. Since I had to shut the comp down I didn't have time to save my recording.
Oh well, I've beaten it about 40 times, so what's a 41st?
Nothing to me...

I'm sure I'll have it done tomorrow.
PS: getting passed lab act2 with 30 percent health should be doable(it might take a fiew tries though)
Anyone ever tried to play terraformers with a gamepad?
Is it easier?
Talk to you tomorrow.

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2007-05-14 07:31:49

plus it makes your fingers get tired after a while

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2007-05-14 14:39:02 (edited by Trajectory 2007-05-14 14:39:57)

Here is the link to my SL recording:

I got hit once at the end of lava act 1, though I find that trouper too hard to avoid. It was the only thing that hit me though.
I could have done a lot more high-precision stuff and tried to throw people off with it;though decided to just keep it simple.
I did how ever do a speed run of this game where I litterally could go through a level without delivering or taking any hits(Only possible in the earlier levels)

Anyways, I hope this helps, and let me know what you think.

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