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This will contain a list of articles that you obtain after playing bk3. I shall update the list as I find more. Note, this is translated using instant translate for NVDA, so I'm not responsible for any mix ups.
For museum
Museum is a place where you are storing books and materials picked up in the adventure. When you pick up the material during the mission, which is sent to the museum automatically. In addition, eating and drinking and smoking in the museum because it is prohibited, if hungry, if thirsty, so that you will be able to leave as soon as possible, thank you and if you want to smoke your cigarettes.
How to collect materials
If a document is falling during the mission, such a sound is heard. Paper crumple, paper crumple, paper crumple. By picking up this, you can increase the materials you read. Picking up paper. You can if you pick up a document, read the contents in this museum. In addition, some of the articles, and conversations with fellow players and also you may have entered. Because it is a collection of reading material element based content to say what which way, please do not be bound by the word "material" This is (laughter).
Monster Guide powerful Bear
Monster you operate and increase production in bio-control, the image of the big bear that was in the school of Crystal City. In bulk very power of the punch is quite. Sometimes come throw a huge stone, unknown from where the stone may or may come. Intelligence is low as possible, it can not only simple movements.
Monster Guide launcher
In the system figured out in order to transport and drops a monster piece is produced in biocontrol, and is shaped like a tube tall. Return to the sky, and also discharge the monster to the ground came down. Launcher is destroyed, not that monster contained therein is discharged to the outside, monster of medium to disappear with the disappearance of all launcher. Monster that is discharged is replenished in real time from the fortress of the piece, keep in mind that it can continue out the monster forever and leave alone. The rumors, the base unit of launcher system to oversee the launcher seems to exist.
Monster Guide Mad Fighter
Piece-made bio-control, monster huge mud. Literally, the body is made of stone and mud all, is very tough. Attack means is not almost the same powerful bear, but it is possible to fly through the air power of attack of one shot one shot and also strong.
Mini super daemon Monster Guide
The thing that mini daemon become bigger. It is unclear why such mutations is happened, but several theories about the matter of the individual. Theory that Ndei! That Chima~tsu become big, terrifically such Anyway such as agreement with the devil such as magic such as the angry theory of evolution due to the fact that it was thrown out in a natural environment totally different them forcibly the piece, such as stress, other mini daemon of all of are those born from this huge mini daemon, and there is a theory that is a leader to direct the flock this big mini daemon, controversy is brewing among researchers. "Daemon group is a kind of Demon, impossible Fiend and a contract with Fiend" or, Frankie Frank Lee, who figured out the theory of the second, in particular, indicated by the "conclusion to the researchers of the other two It continues to have the beliefs dispersion range is too wide, the probative value logical and is "amount to nothing while people are negative.
Monster Guide Security jet
small fighter piece from the rise, has been used as escort for. In addition to a free flight in the air, it is also possible taxiing. Since the material is a special material with varying bioenergy, bioenergy requires many to policy, but without bioenergy the drive. Piece has been placed also made more than 20 security jet therefore are provided or if the biocontrol is damaged, when the bioenergy is insufficient. Strong armed is mounted on the security jet, it is possible to capture the organism alone. Is sent to the headquarters of the piece, organisms were captured are bioenergy.
Monster Guide Bomber pod
Bomber made with bio-control piece. The inside of the body has become a hollow, I'm embarking bombs countless. However, the medium is a cavity is a major weakness, it is awfully weak to attack. there also be damaged by the blast of the bomb that I dropped. Piece also seemed to have been calculated it once, it is is not to stop the work in about broken to some extent, but is designed in such a way that you get hurt more than a few in any attack, the author is where you want questioned.
Monster Guide burner
Attack monster that made the piece. Purpose and the burner is to burn all that is around, and blow up, dispel. It is determined that given the damage, and there are enemies nearby, cause an explosion intermittently while jumping up in the air. All materials on the course are included in the attack. In addition, it announced a large amount of Firestone, and the sea of fire around. However, more than to continue to attack indiscriminately around their own, the burner will continue to damage just is active. When you fight, identify the direction in which the explosion occurs, you want to fight carefully.
Monster Guide huge battleship
Delinquency type battleship piece noticed hero has been launch a war in the fighter, was developed using a large amount of bio-energy. It seems to have aimed at jet received security code does not win SkyRacer, juggle the power and attack durability in aerial combat. However, it is not particularly frightening feature, I sank easily missiles SkyRacer.
Monster Guide Guardian Devil
Piece was furious huge battleship is to was overthrown is, delinquency type battleship of the second having produced it in desperation half. I was waiting for him a hero in the air of Crystal City. Considering the strength of the armed SkyRacer, it is not capable of withstanding attacks were a priority that is not subject to attack time. However, to create a system that is not subject to attack, bio energy immeasurable is required, the problem plagued the piece. One minute after the attack, devil guardian to take into account the recruitment of bio-energy in the Crystal City, was made in the investment bioenergy Most realized the body that is not subject to attack of all. It was a prospectus is brought to it by the long-drawn-out war, that will Otoso the SkyRacer powerful armed. The plan failed again, but it is possible to secure a large amount of bioenergy Thanks brought the endurance race, pieces began to regain the energy balance.
Monster Guide combat helicopter
The original was reduced fighting for electron, but manipulated by powerful forces of bio-energy, was struck a lot of people. I come and attack at the machine gun, the irradiation of lightning from the sky. It is not possible to damage as long as the very hard, I do not use and powerful explosives. In addition, since not come down to earth, attack weapons, such as the province difficult. To begin with, but is not work.
Ghost of insect huge Monster Guide
At the fort of the piece, the King class of monster insect made in order to be on the watch a hero. The fluid was hit but was sealed motion, pierce their prey in thick sharp needle. It also has a strong corner, not stand a chance when it is skewered in this. When receiving the attack to call peers while escape into the air. And fired a needle penetrating the bio-creature, monster insect fellow of the called, come aim to ensure that hero.

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