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Monkey Business
     Version 1.9.1
     By Draconis Entertainment
     Walkthrough by Bryan Peterson



1.    Intro
2.    2. Legal Stuff
3.    3. The Monkey Business Story
4.    4. The Controls
5.    5. Frequently Asked Questions


1.    The Laboratory
2.    2. Welcome to the Jungle
3.    3. Climbing the Wall of Vines
4.    4. Ledges
5.    5. The Aztec Temple
6.    6. Wild Wild West
7.    7. Surf N Turf
8.    8. Camper Bob’s Campsite
9.    9. Enter the Fearsome Forest
10.    10. Dr. Wobbles Lab: The Final Showdown

1. Monkey Business review
2. 99 ways to Die...or maybe not
3. A Final Statement


  Welcome one and all, to my walkthrough for what has got to be one of the most addicting computer games for the blind that are currently available. I refer, of course, to Monkey Business, a product of Draconis Entertainment. This title has passed through two other companies’ hands before finally landing squarely, and with a monkey’s indignant screech, in Draconis’ lap. I refer to ESP Softworks and Adora Entertainment, both of which are no more. But thanks to Draconis, those who didn’t manage to download and play Adora’s and ESP’s excellent titles can now do so. I’ve been a registered user of Monkey Business for about two years now, and as I said it’s got to be one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. Like BSC Games’ Hunter, Monkey Business plunges you into ten levels, each of which is as different as possible from the previous one. Fortunately though, you don’t have a whole new set of keystrokes to learn for each level in Monkey Business, although occasionally you will be required to use other keys. But the rich, immercive and above all varied audio environments are some of the best I’ve heard to date. Just take a listen to the jungle level and you’ll hear what I mean.
  So why am I telling you all this, you might be asking. Well as I said this is going to be a complete walkthrough of the game. I’ll attempt to help you through all ten levels of…wel maybe not terror, but certainly bizarre, witty humor and plenty of insanity. So let’s get on with this, shall we?

     Legal Stuff

  This document is the property of me, Bryan Peterson. You may host it on your web site as long as it remains unaltered. I plan to submit this to www.audiogames.net and probably to Draconis as well if they’ll take it, so you’ll always know where to find it. Monkey Business itself is the property of Draconis Entertainment.

     The Monkey Business Story

  Oh no! Dr. Wobble’s hatched an evil, sinister, wicked, diabolical plot! It all started when you, Mr. Smith, went into work. You’re an assistant for a whacky inventor named Professor Smegal, and it’s your first day on the job. Upon entering the lab, however, you find that it’s been trashed. Worse, the plans for Smegal’s new teleporter are gone. Even worse still, the prototype teleporter in his office is inoperable. And that’s not even the worst of it. After answering the phone and learning of Dr. Wobble’s involvement, not to mention the fact that every last monkey save one has escaped from the lab, you are tasked by your boss to go on a quest to round up the monkeys and ultimately bring Wobble to justice. Why, we wonder, doesn’t Smegal do this himself? Oh well, if he did there wouldn’t be a game for us, now would there? And even if there was, it wouldn't be as much fun.

     The Controls

  I won’t list all of them, since the manual is very thorough about that. I’ll list the basics. The controls in this game may seem a little dawnting at first since they use keys that aren’t often used in audio games. But they’re actually not that hard to learn. Here are enough to get you started.
Up Arrow: Walk forward. Hold for continuous motion.
Down arrow: Walk backward. Same as Up arrow.
Left Arrow: Tap to make a small turn to the left.
Right Arrow: Same as left except to the right.
Alt: Hold with either Up or Down to run.
Left Control: Hold and press Up to jump. If you press Down, smith will crouch and remain crouched as long as you hold the keys. You can also press Control in conjunction with Left or Right to change the direction you’re facing.
Left Shift: Press with Left or Right arrows to sidestep. Good for when you have to move left and right while keeping your current direction.
Number Pad Insert: Used to quickly turn and face the opposite direction. Note that there seems to be no key for this on Laptops. On Laptops the insert key serves its normal in-game function, which is to speak your current health percentage. Hopefully this will be corrected in a future version, as they’re talking about implementing a laptop layout for the game.
Page Down, Delete and End: These are your Scanning Keys. They scan to the left, right and ahead of you. You’ll get to know them well.
Space Bar: Swing net, use sword. This is your main action button. You’ll get to know it well by the end of the game. As stated it swings your net or your sword, activates switches and...well...all sorts of stuff
  That’s just a few of the keys you’ll use throughout your adventure. Refer to the manual for more information.

     Frequently Asked Questions

This section currently contains questions that, while they might not necessarily have been asked, are certainly questions that could come up.
Q. So what the heck is this game?
A. It’s a 3-D arcade style game from Draconis Entertainment. Your goal is to run, walk and climb through ten levels of insanity as you try to round up a band of escaped lab monkeys, retrieve stolen plans for a teleportation device and bring a wicked scientist to justice.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. I believe it costs about thirty-five dollars, but don’t quote me. Visit the Draconis web site and their store for exact info.
Q. So where do you get it?
A. Take a trip over to www.draconisentertainment.com There you’ll find all the information you need on this and their other titles.
Q. I lost my unlock code. Can I get a replacement?
A. Yes, Draconis Entertainment will usually replace your unlock code once, for 25% of the game’s original price. However, they will do this only once, so you really want to make sure you back it up somewhere. I recently remembered a pin drive I bought for college and have begun backing up  all my non-hardware-specific software reg codes on that.
Q. Are the keys hardware specific?
A. No. This means that you can install the game on several machines, although I don’t know if there’s a limit to the number of times each code will work.
Q. Help! I can’t see anything! Where are the graphics?
A. This is a game designed primarily for blind players, so there aren’t any graphics. However, with patience, practice and perseverance, a sighted person could learn to play the game just fine and probably even enjoy it as much as a blind player.
Q. Why aren't some sounds playing properly? I'm in the temple and I'm not getting footsteps. Even the lab footsteps don't play properly.
A. Though it isn't required for playing the game due to the fact that you don't need a screen reader loaded, it's highly recommended that you get a multichannel sound card, otherwise certain sounds won't play properly if at all. Besides, you really can't appreciate the fullness of each audio environment if your card is just a single channel one. But most new computers today come with multi channel cards, so you should be set if your machine is fairly new. I know because I first played the game on my mom's old dinosaur of a computer, which had the original Windows 98 and a single channel card to boot. But most of Draconis' titles should be played using a multichannel card just for the reason that some sounds won't play properly otherwise.


  And here it is ladies and gents, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The walkthrough! I’ve divided it up into levels, so look for the title of each level as seen in the table of contents to easily find what you’re looking for.

     Level 1: The Laboratory

  Listen to the opening scene. Smith is waiting outside the lab building as a bus pulls in. Apparently it’s not on time very often. Off gets Professor Smegal, greeting you cheerfully. You’re not so sure about the beautiful morning bit since you just got up. Anyway, you enter the building and the professor tells you to follow him.
  This part of the level can be sort of tricky. In fact it’s for this reason that many people recommend a good set of stereo headphones rather than using speakers unless you happen to have a good surround sound set. Anyway, the professor will walk along the corridor, whistling all the while. Keep the sound of his whistling and footsteps as close to the center of your stereo field as you can as you walk along. Walk, don’t run. If you do you could end up getting ahead of him. If you do somehow manage to lose him he’ll occasionally make a comment or go la la la la. More often though he’ll hum to himself and you can get a fix on him that way. Be careful though, because if you take too long trying to find him he’ll decide to let you go and you’ll lose a life. This doesn’t seem to happen in the demo version but in the registered version it will. Just follow him as best you can. At various points he’ll yawn or make some comment to let you know you’re on the right track, so stick with him as best you can.
  Soon you’ll reach the door to the lab itself. After some initial difficulty in getting the door open the professor will enter the lab, so follow him into a world of whacky sounds.

  Oh no! The lab is trashed. Follow the professor some more until you start to hear the ringing of a phone. Walk up to it and press Space to answer it. The professor will hurry over and tell you to put it on speakers. It seems Dr. Wobble was in the neighborhood and decided to drop in. Unfortunately the lab monkeys had gotten loose and the teleporter happened to be on. Yeah, right. We all know he was the one who switched it on, and who set the monkeys loose to begin with. So now it falls to Professor Smegal to go find the plans for his teleporter which, he mentioned earlier, were gone. Oh, wait. No. It looks like that’s your job. First though, Smegal gives you a task and a briefing on how the navigator works. Your task is to find the net. It’s over by the washing machine. Walk around the lab until the navigator starts to beep. Follow this beeping to the net and you’ll automatically take it. Smegal will come over then, so follow him to the monkey cages.

  Oops, seems there’s only one monkey left. Smegal decides to give you a crash course in monkey gnabbing. He lets the monkey out for you to catch. This is quite simple. You have to follow the sounds the monkey makes. When you get close enough it’ll start screaming at you, so swing your net with Space. If you’re close enough you’ll catch the monkey and Smith will let loose a triumphant gotcha! Now, follow the professor to the teleporter. It seems the monkeys took out a vital part, rendering the machine inoperable. Smegal remarks that the monkeys have been trained to jump from teleporter to teleporter. He suspects that this time they’ll  have dismantled the teleporters after each jump, so not only do you have to find the monkeys but also round up the parts to the teleporters. Fortunately for you, the parts are on the monkeys. Anyway, you're not off the hook yet. The professor has a spare part for this particular teleporter, and so we’re ready to go. Step up onto the metal platform and hit Space to be on your way.

     Level 2: Welcome to the Jungle

  Welcome to the jungle. We got fun and games. We got anything you want, honey we know the names...Oops, nope. That’s a Guns n’ Roses song. Well, welcome to the jungle anyway. There are four monkeys to catch. There are also coins scattered about in various places. First, let’s try grabbing some monkeys. Well first though you gotta find the sword. Take one or two steps to the East, the direction you're facing when you gain control, then turn North. Run straight North and you should find the sword. Be careful here, since there are coconut trees that will drop coconuts on you if you run into them too many times.
  This level has a river that runs north and south, with a waterfall at each end. There are also quicksand pits. To swim across the river, walk towards it and you’ll eventually fall in the water. To swim, hold the Up arrow and repeatedly press Space. You’ll swim across to the other side. That’s also how you escape quicksand. You’ll probably have to swim across the river several times in your quest to catch all the monkeys. Also, be careful where you fall in the river. If you're too close to either of the waterfalls when you start your swim, you'll swim right into it and it's lights out. Finally, don’t forget the coins unless you don't want a nice bonus. You earn points depending on how many coins you find, and if you can find all the coins in each level you'll get a nifty bonus depending on how many coins there were in the level. That’s partly what the sword is for. It’ll cut through the brush you can’t otherwise pass. Once you’ve caught all the monkeys and grabbed all the coins you want, head to the east for further instructions.

     Level 3: Climbing the Wall of Vines

  This one’s tricky. You’re climbing up a wall of vines, but there are several hazards to watch for. First and formost are the dropoffs. You don’t want to fall from here. If you hear crumbling rock, move away from it. Also watch for the sandy patches, which will cause you to slide back down the wall. Finally, watch for the hawk nests. The babies won’t hurt you but the mother hawks will attack if you get too close. So grab the coins if you want and just work your way up to the top. No monkeys to grab here.

     Level 4: Ledges

  This one can be quite tricky. You’ve made it to the top of the cliff, but now you have to navigate the ledges to the teleporter. The tric, is to do it without falling off the cliff. It’s fairly easy if you know what you’re doing. Grab the coins and just avoid the places where you hear crumbling rock. Don’t try to jump the ledges or you’ll die. Just try to follow the sound of the teleporter, keeping in mind that the wind blowing along the clifftop will make it hard to hear. Once you’ve grabbed the coins if you wanted them, and found your way to the teleporter, it’s on to the next level. Note that Draconis has a fairly strict walkthrough of how to get to the teleporter, but it doesn't allow for much in the way of coin grabbing.

     Level 5: The Aztec Temple

  Note: If you’re running the demo version, this will be the level you jump to immediately after level 1. As the professor says in his transmission, your first objective is to navigate the trail containing acid pits and poisonous snakes. The acid will kill you instantly, while the snakes will simply hurt you. When you start, take two steps or so to your right. Trust me on this. If you don’t you’re likely to have a snake right on you when you land. Since a single snake bite does twenty percent damage to you you don't want to get bitten if you can help it, especially since there's no way to recover lost health except by dying. Anyway, walk forward until the sound of your footsteps changes from sand to mud. There are three mud steps leading up to your first acid pit. Hold down both Control and Alt and then press Up arrow to jump. It’s advisable to keep tapping Up until you hear Smith land again, just to make absolutely sure you clear the pit. Holding Alt allows you to actually move forward while in the air. Anyway, now  walk forward to your second pit. Again, three steps, so repeat the pattern. The next two pits have only a two-step boundary, so keep that in mind. After clearing the four acid pits and avoiding the snakes, you’ll enter the temple.

  You’ll enter a torchlit corridor and you’re facing east. The best way to navigate this area is to turn West, then hold Alt, Control and the Down Arrow so you can run backwards in a crouch. Why would you want to do this, you ask. Well, it’s a simple matter of those poisoned arrows that’ll kill you instantly if they hit you. So run past them all and you’ll enter a new corridor.

  Holy crap! The ceiling’s collapsing! No matter, just run like hell in the direction you’re facing when you enter the corridor and you’ll be fine. You might need to do some sidestepping but just keep running. Two or three cave-ins in all and you should enter the main temple chamber.

  Here, you’ll find quite a few things. There’s an altar and a bunch of statues. There are also five monkeys to catch and a bunch of rocks lying around. Oh yeah, and the coins as well. Thing is, you can’t grab the rocks until you’ve caught the first four monkeys. So you might want to turn off your object locator for the moment if you don’t want the beeping to drive you crazy.
  This one can be tricky, so pay attention.

  As the professor pointed out to you, the teleporter seems to have vanished. So that’s your first order of business. There’s a specific way you have to do this. First, catch the first four monkeys. At that point the rocks you’ve been detecting will become gettable. Don't grab the coins yet. You can do that later after you've taken care of the puzzle so there won't be any distractions. First, grab eight stones, no more and no less. Now take them to the altar, which is at coordinates 47 21 or thereabouts. When you walk onto the altar with your eight stones the teleporter will be revealed. Note: DON’T STAND ON THE GRAVEL IN FRONT OF THE ALTAR FOR TOO LONG OR YOU'LL DIE! Ok, so the teleporter has been revealed. Now you can catch that last monkey. Just be careful of the ghosts the monkey will start to summon at this point. They’ll cause quite a lot of damage to you if they touch you. If they get to be too much of a problem for you you can neutralize them by approaching the altar, but the monkey will call more. Just catch the monkey and you’ll be prompted to locate the teleporter, which if you grabbed and deposited the eight stones you should have already done. With the monkey caught the ghosts will be neutralized for good. With that done, you can safely grab the coins if you want since there's nothing else to distract you. They tend to be in and near the corners of the chamber. Once you’re done, head up to the teleporter and press Space to be on your way.

     Level 7: Surf N’ Turf

  If you’re playing the demo, this is the last level you’ll be able to play. Also, this seems to be the next level following the temple in the registered version as well, as the Wild West level seems to be missing. That's why I haven't included that level in this guide as yet. And Draconis doesn't seem able to reproduce this issue so there's no fix forthcoming yet. Anyway, you’ve reached the beach…well almost. First you have to get down there. You stand on a plateaux which is connected to another via a creeking bridge. Take one step to your left when you start, then just run forward. You should be able to run safely across the creeking bridge without it collapsing. Once on firm ground again, turn to the direction East Northeast. Walk forward and you’ll descend a set of metal steps down to the beach.

  Ah, time to catch some rays. Nope, sorry. Do not approach the trash cans near the stairs. There are bees hovering around them and they’ll sting you, just like the bee hives in the jungle earlier. Also be careful of the sand crabs. Just catch them with your net before they pinch you.
  Notice the coins? Notice that you also can’t pick them up? They’re buried under the sand. You need the metal detector before you can grab them. First though, let’s deal with the monkeys. There are five of them. Four of them are wandering on the beach, but the fifth is onboard the ship. Unfortunately for you, he’s discovered a nack for using a cannon. He’ll fire on you if you get too close to the eastern side of the beach. Unfortunately, that’s where the monkeys like to gather. Your goal is the ship docked at the eastern side. You’ll have to climb a set of metal stairs flanked by seagulls, then walk across the dock to the ship. Note that Captain Monkey won’t generally fire on you if you approach the stairs. It’s often recommended therefore that you go catch Captain Monkey on the ship first. Just step onto the ship and wait him out. Don’t try to explore yet since he’s also loosened the mast ropes. These will kill you instantly if you get hit by them. So just wait for the monkey to come to you. Then go after the other four monkeys, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about cannon balls. Once you’ve caught the monkeys you can see about getting those coins. The metal detector is directly across from the stairs to the dock, so grab it and then grab the coins. Just be careful not to go out too far into the water. As the professor told you, there've been reports of sharks in these waters!
  Ok, so now you’ve got to find the teleporter. When you enter the ship you’re facing East. Turn to the south and listen carefully. There are two ropes that will swing in turns. The nearest one should be to your left and behind you. You’ll hear the whoosh of the rope as it swings, followed by a protracted creek. The other rope will then swing and you’ll hear two short creeks. You want to do what you did for the arrow traps in the Aztec Temple. Crouch and run backwards as soon as you hear the protracted creek of the first rope. Keep running backwards until you reach the wall, then turn West and repeat the pattern for the second rope, keeping in mind that this time you listen for the two short creaks rather than a protracted one. Once you clear them you should be able to get to the teleporter and be on your way.

     Level 8 Camper Bob's Campsite

  This level is actually quite mild compared to what you've been through up to now. As the professor informs you, there's just the odd camper living in these parts. Let's go have a chat with him. When you approach, his dog Spike will growl at you until the old camper, voiced by Ron Shamerhorn, editor of the Audyssey gaming magazine, calls him off. He seems to know quite a bit about the monkeys, as they've been stealing fire from his campfire and using it to set brushfires. If they keep it up they'll have the whole place up in flames in no time. We can't have that, now can we? He also mentions that there's a bucket in this area that can hold water to help put out the brush fires.

  Note: You'll need to find the sword in this level to cut through the brush and reveal the teleporter. Why you would need this sword is a mystery since you never lose the one from the jungle, but oh well. Anyway, your primary objective is the monkeys. After you talk to Camper Bob, his dog will go ahead of you and flush out the monkeys from their hiding places. He'll bark at them and they'll start to scream, so you can track them fairly easily. Also, Camper Bob will start yelling at them if they come near the campsite. Just be careful of the brush fires. They'll kill you if you touch them. If you want you can grab the bucket and fill it from the pond to extinguish them. Just take care you don't accidentally put out the campfire, or Camper Bob will sic Spike on you and you'll die.
  So you've caught the monkeys and revealed the teleporter. Walk up to it and press Space to...oh. Wait. It's not working. Not to worry. Go back and chat with Camper Bob. He commends you on your monkey gnabbing skills and gives you a part he found in the bushes. He doesn't know what it's for  but you can have it anyway. Thankfully it just happens to be the missing piece to the teleporter. So head back there and let's go!

     Level 9: Enter the Fearsome Forest

  Well well, it seems Dr. Wobble's taken the last teleporter and hidden it somewhere as a final challenge. Your goal is to find it. There's also a monkey in this level. This one can be tricky if you're not careful. First and foremost, DO NOT CATCH THE MONKEY! If you do you'll die. Yes, this is a sure thing and unavoidable, so don't catch the monkey. Instead, follow him. Stay as close to him as you can. If you lose him or take too long to follow him you'll die. The same animal, presumably a puma or panther or wild cat of some kind, that appears if you catch the monkey, will kill you. Anyway, follow the monkey and he'll lead you to the teleporter, making the jump ahead of you. Now here's my question. There are over a hundred coins scattered in the forest, so my question is how in the hell you're supposed to find them while keeping up with the monkey. Ah well, just one more element of difficulty.

     Level 10: Dr. Wobble's Lab: The Final Showdown

  At long last, you've made it to the final level of the game. The professor starts to contact you as usual but something disrupts the transmission. You know it has to do with power switches. Anyway, the moment you start to move, Dr. Wobble himself greets you with his laugh and a contemptuous speech. He's not impressed with you, so it's time to show him what for.

  This level can be a bit tricky or incredibly easy, depending on how you handle it. You find yourself in a large arena with a teleporter in each corner. They warp you to various locations around the area. There are also four walls with switches on them and four concrete stalls. Each stall houses one of Dr. Wobble's diabolical robots. The switches on the four walls control the power to said robots. If you approach the stalls and remain by them too long the robots will emerge and attempt to kill you. There are a total of sixteen numbered switches, four to a wall. Each wall has switches numbered from one to four. The idea is to try and figure out the sixteen-digit sequence to shut down the power to the robots. You can actually do it without encountering a single robot, but if you happen to trigger them it's not a big deal.
  When the robots are activated they'll walk around the arena intoning "Search and Destroy" in low, menacing voices. Once they come to within about five feet of you they'll lock on to you and release powerful bombs that will kill you instantly if they explode near enough to you. Fortunately they cann be destroyed if you pick up the rocket launcher located somewhere in the arena. There are also extra rockets for said launcher scattered throughout the arena and also hidden inside the stalls where the robots are.
  But if you want to finish this level as painlessly as possible, when you start the level immediately turn to the opposite direction from the one you're facing and run to the wall. Now, just run around the outside of the arena, hitting each switch as you come to it. The game is actually quite forgiving in this area, since there's no penalty for a wrong choice. Each switch will speak its number in an echoing, robotic voice, so you know wich one is which. Each time you make a correct choice you'll get a sound to indicate this. At every fourth correct switch you'll get two quick beeps along with the usual correct sound, meaning you're one fourth of the way through the sequence. Also, as you progress further in the sequence, unneeded switches will cease to speak their names, making it all the easier to figure out the rest of the numbers. Just run around the outside of the arena, hitting switches until you figure out the sequence. Note that it's generally randomized each game, so keep trying.
  After you shut down the robots, Dr. Wobble appears to do battle with you. He can be tricky if you're not careful, but if you know how to handle him he won't prove much of a challenge. He flies around the arena in a hovercraft and frequently taunts you, while periodically dropping bombs. Unlike those fired off by his robots, these won't kill you right away, but they do cause heavy damage, twenty percent to be precise, so a few of them in quick succession will take you out if you're not careful. The key is to destroy his craft. This is done with that rocket launcher I mentioned earlier. If you didn't grab it earlier, do so now. Then go to a couple of the robot stalls and grab the ammo. Then center the sound of Wobble's craft and hit space. Note: Make sure you have plenty of space between you and the walls or you'll die in the blast. Each time you make a successful hit you'll hear the explosion followed by an annoyed outburst from the wicked doctor. It takes four hits to bring him down, so listen to the admittedly rather anticlimactic ending. Note: SPOILER AHEAD!

  After destroying Wobble's craft, an overjoyed Professor Smegal will contact you to tell you that the choppers are on their way. They'll load up Wobble's damaged craft  and the doctor will vow to return someday. You also presumably board the chopper for transportation back to the lab. As to whether or not you were able to retrieve the plans for Smegal's teleporter, the game doesn't say. After all that, your score will be announced and you'll gain access to the one bonus level. Now go beat it on the higher difficulty settings.

     In Closing

     Monkey Business Review

  This game is, without a doubt, truly one of the most innovative titles available to the blind gaming community. Quite apart from its whacky story and innovative controls, the audio environments are some of the richest I've ever heard. Even the music, what little there is, is quite catchy. The menu theme, to pick one at random, could hardly be more fitting to the theme of the game. Oh, and the monkey sounds accompanying it only add to it.
  The sound effects are also just right to the game. Take a listen, as I've said earlier, to the jungle level. Heck, the wind blowing along the top of the cliff on the Ledges level is some of the best I've heard. And when you're walking along the beach listening to the waves you can almost smell the tang of saltwater because the ambient sound is so incredibly rich.
  In fact the one and only complaint I have with the audio is some of the voice acting. Much of it, I would even say most of it, is excellent. But the Professor in particular is less so. Quite apart from the fact that the way they altered his voice (yes, they did increase it's pitch slightly), is rather annoying, he generally sounds as if he's reading from a script. I personally would be a lot more alarmed than he sounds if someone had broken into my lab and stolen the plans for my latest invention. Some of the best voice acting in the game, however, can be heard in the Wild West level. In fact one of the background exchanges you can hear if you enter the saloon actually spawned a minigame. I figure a lot of folks must have written to the devs to request this. I refer of course to ESP WhoopAss, which you can still get from Draconis. And of course this same scene can also be found in ESP Pinball Classic's Wild West table.
  Generally speaking though, Monkey Business is definitely a game I'd recommend for anyone looking for a good challenge. And the fact that it comes from one of the more popular audio game developers should draw in more fans.

     27 Ways to Die

  No, this is not my attempt to paraphrase a Megadeath song. Just for the pure fun of it I decided to list all the ways I know of for our hapless hero to come to an early end. And by all means feel free to send in more if you know them.

1. Take too long to follow the professor to the lab.
2. Fall into the river in the jungle and don't swim.
3. Swim under the waterfall.
4. Fall into quicksand and don't get out.
5. Bang into  enough coconut trees and let the coconuts hit you.
6. Have some fun with the mother hawks.
7. Fall off the wall of vines.
8. Walk off the ledges.
9. Step on a few snakes on the trail.
10. Take a nice, hot, relaxing acid bath.
11. Walk into the poisoned arrows in the first temple corridor.
12. Stay and have a friendly little chat with those falling rocks.
13. Stand on the gravel border in front of the altar for more than a second.
14. Try to get friendly with the ghosts of the ancients.
15. Try to leave the town (currently missing along with the Wild West level).
16. Seriously screw up the bank robberies (currently missing along with the Wild West level.
17. Fall through the creeking bridge.
18. Try to talk the bees into giving you some honey (can also be done in the jungle).
19. Those crabs look hungry. Let's let them have a snack...
20. Let Captain Monkey use you for target practice.
21. Swim out to sea for a chat with the sharks.
22. Those mast ropes ain't friendly.
23. Neither are the brush fires.
24. Come to think of it neither is Camper Bob if you put out his campfire.
25. Catch the last monkey in the game or fail to keep up with him. Hmmm, that cat sounds pissed...
26. Stand near the bombs the robots let loose.
27. Do the same for a few of Dr. Wobble's bombs.
  Well, there's all of them that I know of. Feel free to send more if you know of any.

     A Final Statement

  Well here we are, at the end of another walkthrough. I hope it's been of some help to you. More importantly I hope it's been fun playing the game. Send your questions, minus tech support ones of course, to [email protected]

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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