2013-12-31 07:44:44

Tessa is a south African actress.

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2013-12-31 12:02:40

from whatb I heard, the voice "jerk face" might be that of seth mac farlane.

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2014-03-10 01:16:01

Well, it's been a while since this topic was here but I thought I bring ths up again because I wantd to see if anyone thought of the talk box, sonovox or electrolarynx to be a speech synthesiser that was never disussed in the Klat recording.

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2014-03-13 18:25:12

Also, I recently found an interview for one of the men behind one of the Loquendo voices on YouTube It's not an English voice, rather, it's the man behind Loquendo Jorge. I'll see if I can find it again.

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2015-01-29 21:14:53

I think that "Graham", from Acapela, must be Stephen Thorne (sample), the British actor and narrator.

Just myself, as usual.

2015-01-30 16:21:56

Hmm, that's very interesting. On the subject of the natural voices, IVONA did publish a YouTube video where they introduce the at the time new IVONA voice Eric. When I read the video description, it said that the guy who did his voice was from Hollywood and that he did the voice in a CNN-ish style.

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2015-02-01 12:10:31

wow, I love dectalk voices very much... big_smile
and also, thanks for creating this topic.

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2015-02-04 21:58:28

here is your jorge loquendo voice.

no matter what you do, alwais, ghosts will be there. Demonic spirits waiting for you. Charlie Charlie are you here? suddenly, charlie appears with a knife. He killed me! charlie charlie are you here? tell me if it's yes. Are you gonna persew me or you're leaving me in peaze? oh my gosh charlie is indeed here! he's about to kill me!

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2015-02-26 15:36:26

For those of you who want to hear the voice of Daniel, just click here:

Look and see how different it sounds from the Vocalizer voice.
And Also could anybody find the people who work for Ivona? it would be awesome.

Enjoy it.

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2015-02-26 16:24:04

and hu worked for Microsoft, I mean cortana... hmmm...

Luis Carlos Gonzáles Moráles, from Panama!

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2015-02-26 19:47:31

The person who did Cortana's voice is Jen Taylor, who also did her voice in the Halo series.

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2015-02-26 19:53:46

LOL I don't have time to look through this whole thing but I wonder if one could figure out who created Microsoft Sam? Then again, if I were that dude, I'd stay anonimous, because so many people would have made me say such terrible things! big_smile

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2015-02-27 03:37:50

and, its, cortana VS. Cortana! yes! double cortana!

Luis Carlos Gonzáles Moráles, from Panama!

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2015-02-28 09:32:51

Microsoft sam wasn't based off any human.

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2015-08-12 09:26:47

I've been wonder, since people here said that DECtalk voices were modelled after Deni's voice and somebody else's, what he sounded like in cimtrast to how Paul sounds. It would be interesting to know the differences.

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2015-08-17 04:47:26 (edited by musicalman 2015-08-17 04:51:00)

I've heard Dennis Klat's voice on a recording, though the recording in question wasn't that good, as it was ripped from cassette tape and then downsampled. It does sound a bit like Perfect Paul.
As for where Microsoft Sam and those voices came from, they had to be from real humans as they use diphone synthesis, which takes really tiny samples of human speech and then does a boatload of dsp on them to control intonation and timing.
A few days ago someone posted on Twitter about the Ivona Bryan voice and linked to a video of the guy who likely recorded for it, but I can't remember the name and didn't watch the video. Maybe I'll be able to find it again. Also that Graham sample from post 30 is almost perfect. I do love that voice for some reason and I can see how they made a tts voice from that, though in this recording the quality is a bit different, probably recorded from an old TV broadcast onto VHS or something similar. The TTS voice definitely sounds better in terms of sound quality but is a lot more glitchy and roomy.
I wonder where Acapela Ryan came from, his voice I always had a fondness to. For some reason he always sounded serious but happy during certain passages. I swear I heard his voice on a commercial once but was too sleepy to record it or go look it up, and by the time I got home and was awake enough to remember it, I had completely forgotten any references so all I can recall is the "Whoa!" moment of recognizing that voice on the radio station we were listening to. The AT&T voices were always interesting to me because of their diversity and I always wondered who recorded for those, but I suspect that information is highly under raps since they were the first to do speech synthesis that way.

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2015-08-17 09:11:36

and by the way, Does anybody know, is the voice in the audio rally racing game Daniel? It sounds very similar to Daniel because I heard his voice as a TV presenter and I posted the link here.

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2015-08-17 18:25:59

Daniel is under the name John Briggs, and he is a British news anchor.
Isn't that process for Microsoft sam called Diphone concatenation or something like that? I did a YouTube search for Denis Klat voice, but the only close match I found was the Lucy Hawkin history of Speech synthesis. Occasionally there's a guy who narrates a portion of the video, but I'm not sure if that's Denis himself or somebody else.

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2016-10-05 05:32:49


Can someone please tell me who was behind the Loquendo Steven voice?

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2016-10-06 05:36:58

I wonder who did the children voices for accistive ware, not sure if I'm spelling it right, however who is the voice of Josh and Ella, thanks!

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2016-10-06 09:11:36

Replying to post 43, it is probably not be Dennis because we know that he was barely able to speak at the time those recordings were made (see the part of the video where Lucy interviews Mr Klat's daughter). However, it could be him, but there is no evidence that I can see for it.

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2016-10-06 16:24:06

wow! interesting!
so, who's behind acapela Peter?


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2016-10-06 22:21:21

I repeat, who provided the voice for Loquendo Steven?

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2016-10-07 03:32:20

Uh, yeah

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2016-10-07 07:00:41

In response to post 48, the reason that you have not received an answer may be that no-one reading this necessarily knows the answer.

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