2013-04-25 13:47:58

Could someone reupload the game please? I got an eror 509 too.

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 14:41:22

Hello pkmnmaster,

it's really a nice idea to program such a sidescroller. It's really nice to play. I love the musics that play while you're in game. I have to think of gameboys if I hear it. :-). I only have difficulties with a lot of bosses/levels, I often don't know what some sounds mean.

But, keep on the good work!


2013-04-25 15:16:05

Sounds nice. I'll be checking it out later on today I hope... smile

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Thumbs up

2013-04-25 16:13:44

The dropbox link doesn't work here, downloads arond 500 bytes and I get a currupted file.

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 17:10:04 (edited by Aaron Baker 2013-04-25 17:13:19)

hey guys, I decreased the size of the executable by about 150 mb without sacrificing quality or sounds!
Make sure to pick the new file up at any of the three new  download locations!
Oh, and for anybody who is having problems knowing what some sounds mean, go to the options menu (shift plus o in the inbetween area) and hit tutorial. This covers some things not in the intro level.

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 18:33:02

This game is awsome!
Only one problem. I can't get passed the person with the zip files. I manage to kill about four virous's but they run passed me to fast and start muntching away lol.
Although I managed to beat the my music level. That was one cool level smile
This game is so cool. smile

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Thumbs up

2013-04-25 18:45:40

Hello Brad!
Glad you are enjoying the game!
I do not wish to give out hints and stuff for getting past my puzzles. I've done it a little, but for this one I shall not. I will say, however, that viruses only can spon after the location 164. C checks your location as documented.

Thumbs up +1

2013-04-25 18:54:27

Well, this is a well designed game. Especially as you are new to programming, and i know i found a lot of the concepts you've used a hell of a lot trickyer than this when i started out. You've layed out the interface well, and you've managed to create a fun and adicting side scroller.
All in all, well done. I wish you very much luck for your projects in the future.
Oh. and love the way you've made espeak speak the folders. Especially as i was using that espeak at the time on my sapi... Was like what the hell... (:d

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2013-04-25 19:17:34

Hi guys, do someone of you know how to delete save data? I would like to delete my data. Can someone of you help me please? Best regards. Steve

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 19:47:03

Hello Steve, simply start a new file and set the old file as the new file's slot.

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 20:09:05

Great to see you got this out and that all your hard work has paid off! Glad to see that people like it, too!
I was the first person to beta test this so I know it's possible to beet it while it presents quite a challenge.
You should be proud as your topic got more attention, faster, than even the BGT release itself did.

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Thumbs up

2013-04-25 20:50:47

Hey, I still am having trouble with the desktop and my pictures levels.THe my pictures level because of the platforms.But the destop level, does the teleport thing change each time? I know that one time,I managed to get past the steel data by using the 8th teleporter, and the other ones usuallyreturned me to the left or right edge of the pit that spanned locations 12 and 13.The next time I tried Desktop, all the teleporters caused me to fall in the pit,including the 8th from the right edge of the pit that had worked before. I ask this because I had managed to get past it,but then at the second checkpoint, I jumped for a platform and overshot it.THen when I respawned,I was in the same position but the platform had moved so far to the right from the edge of the pit it was impossible to land on.Thanks!

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2013-04-25 22:04:32

Hello KeyIsFull, the teleporters all change where in relation to the sector they teleport you when the level is initialized, however the nineth from the right edge always teleports you further in the level.
Regards, Aaron

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 22:45:56

Can someone give me an advice how to pass the second boss? thanks.

Thumbs up

2013-04-25 23:27:32

I got to the 4th part of the windows folder, and then I lost all my lives. This game is awesome, but it's one of the hardest games I've ever played. I'll try to complete it tomorrow, so I hope I'll actually make it this time.

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Thumbs up

2013-04-25 23:29:09

hey, if you downloaded Adventure At C: today, there was a problem with my ogg encoder so please redownload. BGT does not support the codec I used.

Thumbs up

2013-04-26 10:27:04

I love this game. Awesome!

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Thumbs up

2013-04-26 11:46:07

i downloaded the game, but i have some problems in the downloads stage.
how can i kill all the viruses?
they are eating the zipfiles and i can't kill them all.

Thumbs up

2013-04-26 12:11:47

This game is hard, but I really, really love it. I love the retro sounds, the keygen-like music is awesome as well.
Regarding the downloads folder, the viruses appear slightly to the right. Move to the right, just in front of a spawning virus, so you can hit them as soon as they appear. If it moves past you, you should move too, but you better hit that space bar faster smile
The only problem I had is that I didn't know which portal could take me past the steel wall. It is located after position 76, to your right. After that, you should get a checkpoint, some platforming fun and life loss, but it is doable.


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Thumbs up

2013-04-26 13:00:46

I really don't know what to do with the birds.
After the .zip level, it's a level with some birds. After killing them, it say congratulations, and the birds appear again, and it seems to be infite number of birds.
Could someone help me?

Thumbs up

2013-04-26 13:18:03

If your still in the downloads folder you have to ensure that a bird lands on the teleport pad. The person should of told you how to do that.

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2013-04-26 15:40:23

really love the game!  only thing that i find frustrating is with the boss on downloads - one virus attacks me on 0 lives, i kill it.  thats fine.  but then about 20 or more come at me and they kill me in about 4 seconds with no chance of escape!  any advice?  and i think adding more weapons would be a good idea especially since the knife isn't that great and the laser has to much to worry about - power you have in it, amount of shots, range etc... something a little less complex with a bit more range should go in the middle, imho.
Thanks for a fantastic game!

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Thumbs up

2013-04-26 16:56:26

I need help with this game.
I need help with the my downloads folder.
the boss is tough and the viruses keep coming.
I would like a walkthrough for this game.

Thumbs up

2013-04-26 17:19:00

hi all.. some hints would be appreciated. how to evade that crazy teleporter that moves around in the desctop level? thanks.
the boss in the my downloads level is not so tough. just jump over that electric things that come at you and then strike like crazy to kill them. if you keep jumping you will arrive at the boss. keep knifing him and try to hear when the bombs are coming and go away and kill them first.

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2013-04-26 17:42:58

well, I got one level further this time, but this game is just about impossible to beat. I'm stil loving this thing. Great job!

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