2013-02-06 04:32:24

I listened to the Let's Play of Airik the Cleric on youTube. I have found four out of five power cubes in the first portion of the game. I found the one in the cave, the one in the area where the chief is located after defeating the boss, the one you receive after returning the mouse to the villager, and the one in the woods beyond the southern gate. I am having issues getting to the place where the fifth one is located, even though I listened to the Let's Play episode on youTube. How do you get to that specific area?

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2013-02-06 15:04:02

Just for the future, but I'd suggest posting this to the general discussion forum, since this is not, after all, an audiogames.net game.

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2013-02-07 11:41:23


The exclusive  audio games room in the forum should only be for discussion of games such as drive, snela, Xtant, Curb game and the games in the play center designed by students studdying game design. So this topic is being moved.

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2013-02-08 15:35:59

You can get the fifth power cube out by the boat in the tropical beach place just head south and east out of the palm trees then all the way south thill you find a boat there will be a little island there with a treasure chest behind the boat.

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