2006-08-10 06:55:20

I have a blind brother and he likes this game.  I tried to download it for him but I got an error message.  Could someone please fix this problem?  Thank you and GOD bless in CHRIST.

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2006-08-10 19:51:28 (edited by arjan 2006-08-10 19:52:20)

i am not sure but i think if you go to www.kitchensinc.net under Windows sapi games or what ever that link name is, not self voicing at least you should find it there.

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2006-08-19 07:48:27

Thank you for helping me arjan.  GOD bless.

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2006-08-19 09:24:32


Thanks, I fixed the links: http://www.audiogames.net/db.php?action … ;id=temp68



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