2005-04-08 02:25:28



Would anyone like to assist me with a remod of TH  4.24? I

would like to do two mods I can post on the audio games site, and they are a

wild  west mod, where you walk around this bad cowboy's ranch and stop the

cloning experiment, and the other in a crowded nightclub. Anyone should be

able to reach me. My email address should show up in the message. Get to me

if you'd like to help with music and voices and suc h


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2005-04-08 08:29:11

hey holden, i'd love to voice some

like maybe you've got to stop the bad rancher cloning evil

cattle and turning them into evil hamburgers, it's your job to go around

pumping them full of lead.
as for the night club, hmm that is a little

harder but if you put a gangster feel to it,
You are a hired assassin hired

by a mobster to put a stop to julius, another mobster who's been cloning

his bodyguards to prove he's the toughest.
Your job is to get in his

nightclub, shoot, stab, and gouge with broken bottles his bodyguards and

then get to Julius' office and have the final fight where julius can clone

himself during the battles.
you have five minutes of shooting him and

dodging julius' bullets then he steps into the cloner in the corner of his

office, two more juliuses appear they are easier to kill but the original

julius is still shooting at you,.
the clones die and you have another shoot

up with julius, he steps into the cloner again and you need to kill the

Then a last fight with julius and if you win, well that's it.

checked there is no e-mail address on the post, post a reply with it in and

i'll send you a game description, i'm very imaginative when it comes to

best regards.

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2005-04-09 07:14:42



I don't have the source code for the game, and anyway, I don't

know how to program. If you do, it might be negotiable. We could, however,

change the sound effects. For example, change the door soundds to outside

doors opening into inskide doors for the ranch theme, and background sounds

of crowds mingling and chatting at the nightclub. If you want to chat with

me about this, let me know. Email me at
[email protected]



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2005-04-09 21:41:03


I was thinking if you could impliment beating people up in the

night club. I mean, if you're supposed to be an assasin, then..why not go

through the crowd punching and kicking people aside. And as to the source

code, you can simply ask Munawar if he'll do it for you, and call it like

Night of action or something.

And if you want to

add me to your msn, and if you use it it's:

[email protected]


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2005-04-09 21:46:09


Assault Freak,

That's a good idea. Except I thought that maybe you're a

police officer hired to stop the mobster from killing the mobster and either

kill both of them or escort them back to the jailhouse.


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2005-04-09 22:48:24

This actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. smile.

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2005-04-09 23:50:25



If it doesn't sound like a bad  idea, could I convince you, if

I sent you the effects I changed, to make a nightclub patch so when the game

starts, you can choose Classic Treasure Hunt or nightclub Treasure Hunt. I

kno I could just change the sound effects back and forth, but why do that

when I could get you to make the patchA?


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2005-04-10 01:20:31

Hey holden,

It makes sense. Like some mainstream games, they let

you choose a mode. classic or the...well..other version.


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