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I'm the UK national co-ordinator for the International Computer

Camp for Young Visually Impaired People (ICC). The camp is an EU funded

project where participants from all over Europe meet and take part in

various technology workshops - ranging from sound editing, Internet radio,

programming to audiogames, mobility-technology and much more. This year the

creators of AudioQuake are demonstrating the game and giving some

programming tips, among other things. As well as the workshops, the week is

spent enjoying lots of leisure and culture activities and basically having a

cool time with loads of other people from all over the world!

The camp

has 2 events - one for younger participants (14 to 17) and one for older

participants (17to 20). There is already a full group of participants for

the older event but there are still a couple of places available for the

younger event.

The camp is taking place in Brno, the Czech Republic. The

dates for the younger event are: July 21st to July 28th and the group will

leave from Bristol International Airport. Funding is available to those who

need it and the group will be accompanied by experienced staff


If you fancy a week of adventure, culture and technology (and

fun!!) please get in touch with Libby Hopton

([email protected]) as soon as possible. Places are

available to anyone in the UK who is between 14 and 17.

Libby Hopton

ICC National Co-ordinator

ICC UK site -

ICC site - http://www.icc-camp.info/

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2005-04-04 00:18:27

And I would like to add: the folks from AGRIP will

be there in the second week and maybe we (AudioGames.net) will come and

visit too.

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2005-04-06 12:12:06


AudioGames.net are interested in running a workshop at the ICC, please reply

to the earlier e-mail on this matter. AGRIP have been formally invited by

ICC to attend the camp and run workshops.

We are prepared to consider

extending a similar invitation to AudioGames.net but this is not possible or

assumed without further communication first! We look forward to hearing from

you shortly.

L. Hopton
UK ICC National Co-ordinator
Member of Assoc. of


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