2021-04-19 12:55:50

so friends, i use vs2019 with latest nvda. i feel laggy some times. and uh, narrator things don't lag with it, nvda only will lag. is there an addon for latest nvda?

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2021-04-19 20:09:43

Yes, but it's very, very broken. Try going to NVDA Menu -> Preferences -> Settings -> Advanced and checking the check box that reads
I understand that changing these settings may cause NVDA to function incorrectly.
As long as you only check this next box, you will be okay. After that's checked, tab over and check the box titled
Enable selective registration for UI Automation events and property changes
Hope this helped. There will still be weird querks, like the errors table is laggy, but it is with JAWS too, so I feel like that's on the VS side.

2021-04-19 20:11:44

May i know why it's very, very broken? Been using it since i started coding with vs and didn't experience any of very, very broken things.

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2021-04-19 21:15:36

From what I've seen, it broke more things than it fixed, and the lag seemed worse. Maybe it's improved, but I dunno.