2021-04-14 17:36:19

Hello everyone
Recently, I made a topic about 911 operator about to be made accessible. Well, they didnt answer yes, they said they will talk to that in their next meeting. 911 operator is already abandoned, so the game that they maybe can make accessible is 112 operator. It's basicaly the same, just differrend number. They might need blind developers help if they agree. I was talking with the game producer though. So, any developers to help out?

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2021-04-14 17:56:12

I'd go and create a topic in the developers room of this forum, just so that you have a more direct line to blind devs that might be interested in the hole thing.
Secondly, I'd rephrase the topic, something like, blind developers needed for 112 operator accessibility.

Greetings Moritz.

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2021-04-14 18:32:38

I'd be interested in testing whatever they come up with, but I am no developer.

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2021-04-14 18:58:44

So I guess this 112 operator is just for the firefighters or what? Meh.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian

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2021-04-14 19:38:10

Wait, what? There's another topic that says both will not be accessible, then there's this. So which one is it?

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2021-04-14 20:04:13

He posted this topic about 30 minutes before he posted the one where he claims they said they cannot do it for the moment.

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