2021-04-06 18:13:00

Hello all. We are discussing about game 911 being accessible for blind people. I started this whole conversation, because I really like this game. The developers agree to make game accessible, they just want to know how many people would test it and play it. The game is amazing, if you don't know it, go watch some youtube videos when people play it. Here is a description.
911 OPERATOR is a game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency lines and services. Main task is to answer incoming calls and to react properly - give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch correct number of firemen / police / ambulances , or sometimes  just ignore the call.
- Over 50 different voiceovered dialogs based on true events: sometimes serious and dramatic, sometimes funny or irritating
- Real First Aid Instructions and procedures
- Option to download and play on ANY REAL CITY in the world!
- 6 carefully prepared cities in campaign mode with specific events.
- Over 140 types of generated reports
- 12 types of emergency vehicles, including helicopters, vans, trucks and motorbikes
- Easily extendable by new dialogs

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2021-04-06 18:15:19

oh wow nice. I hope thhis becomes accessible eventually.

I love audiogames, a specially some offline ones like top speed.

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2021-04-06 18:25:26

I'm in. Anyone who wants to make their game accessible deserves respect and help.

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2021-04-06 18:33:46

I'd love to play this. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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2021-04-06 18:35:10

i will test play

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2021-04-06 18:38:01

I'd definitely be interested.

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2021-04-06 19:08:07 (edited by Samuel Farrugia 2021-04-06 19:11:03)

Hell yeah, ever since I saw a youtuber play this a year or so back, I was wishing that the deves would consider making it playable. Consider me soled on it.

Samuel Farrugia

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2021-04-06 19:31:57

sounds cool, bring on the game accessibility. I'll try anything.

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2021-04-06 20:09:34

I would test play it as well.

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2021-04-06 21:19:46

I would be interested in testing. Is there a form to sign up?

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2021-04-06 21:23:39

Great news! I'd certainly play it, I am just not sure if I have the time to test it.
Is this for PC (via steam)?

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian

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2021-04-06 21:36:42

well if this is going to have accessible version sune enough, at leas tplayable one i'M going to buy it right now else i'M not

2021-04-06 21:57:02

I'm in to test play as well! Sounds really cool.

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2021-04-06 22:28:25

Omg yes! Please!
Let us know if there's anything that we can do to help this be accessible!
I'd love love love to play it!

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2021-04-06 22:36:50

I do not play paid games, but the more accessibility for games, the better

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2021-04-06 22:37:03

I'm interested for this too...

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2021-04-06 23:11:11

I'm also very interested in this and would be willing to help test. I've watched some videos on Youtube and it looks like a lot of fun.

2021-04-06 23:16:01

@11, from what I understand, it's on mobile, PC, and Console

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2021-04-07 00:07:20

I want play it

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2021-04-07 01:51:05

I'd love to play this!

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2021-04-07 02:18:38

I am so into playing this game if it is accessible. I saw a video someone did a while back and I love how they were playing the game. also, @15 you are missing a lot of really fun games

2021-04-07 04:33:36

I would also be willing to test this

Hannes Fouche

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2021-04-07 05:27:15

I would be interested to test.

Best regards: Marco

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2021-04-07 06:26:38

Oh yes, I'd certainly be down for testing the game and giving accessibility tips.
I did do game testing from time to time, so I know how to give constructive feetback.

Greetings Moritz.

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2021-04-07 07:55:13

This sounds so fun. I'm willing to give feedback and test it out.

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