2021-04-05 03:12:16

Hi guys.
So I don't at all mean for this thread to be offensive to anyone, because these are just my thoughts and nothing else. Many adults are great to talk to, especially my very close friends and family. But I find at times that talking to younger kids tends to be easier. It just seems like we can talk about more things, and they seem more willing to listen to what I have to say. I do realize however that when talking to kids, you need to be more careful about what you say around them. Does anyone else feel the same way that I do or am I just weird? Oh and I forgot to mention that I am an adult myself.

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2021-04-05 05:33:03

So, I turn 18 here very very soon, so I will essentially qualify myself as an adult, whether someone wants to argue that point or not. To be honest with you though, even when I was younger, I really did not enjoy talking to kids my own age or those younger than me. I have always been more of a fan with talking to adults, or older kids... about most things. There are certain topics, more personal topics, that I tend to lean towards my own age group for, but all in all, I am just more of a fan of talking to people older than me.

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2021-04-05 06:01:08

No, I don't particularly enjoy talking to children. But I don't particularly like talking to most people my own age either. The things that seem to interest everyone else just don't have any sway over me.

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2021-04-05 06:11:58

I rather talk to kids but I mostly find talking to both about equal. The exception is when I'm in a therapist session. It's easier to build rapport with the kid and often harder to talk to the parent but that's only because I spend more time with the kid as my client. I often play with younger cousins when given the chance over sitting with adults but maybe that's just because I'm a kid at heart. I can just as easy carry an adult conversation though.

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2021-04-05 09:50:19

i'm turning in 18 sooner so i can be classified as an adult by then, but honest physical age does not matter, not if you're mentally mature, as for the question, i can talk to both kids and adults no problem just as normally as i do with anyone else, it's just that my interests don't usually meet their's and i have a few people in my friends circle and in family, i'm usually quiet and silent unless someone want's to talk to me or request something, sometimes people seak me out for advice, or in a case speak to me abut their own problems and i offer constructive feedback, and that's really just about it
i didn't think of my self the type who would cair about other's problems or real life situations before, however that wasn't true, i find it easilly i can listen to to them and just empathise, it gives me real joye being abel to help someone out and gives me energy

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2021-04-05 10:16:55

I think kids can be considered the worst of humanity. Because of this, I think if I had to choose between a kid and an adult, it's likely that I'd choose the adult. But then again, I know some adults who piss me off more than kids.

2021-04-05 11:00:46

if i wana entertane someone then kids are easy. simple if i know the kid or have actually talked to them for a wile. me. wana blow a giant bubble with gum or slime or just have a giant balloon. kid. mostlikely gets really excited if their like 5 to 10, maybe older then that. then if i have one of those things, and i only tell them this if i do, then they have something fun to do and i can pretend i like doing that thing. but if i wana actually get something done then an adult is easyer.

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2021-04-05 12:10:12

I agree with @2

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2021-04-05 15:14:43

I mean... I'm still a kid. With that in mind, I definitely agree with the sentiment that it's the maturity that actually matters most. Historically speaking as a young child, I always leaned towards adults like teachers and parents. Even to this day, I make it a thing that I try to interact with young children as little as possible. That being said, I can find it hard to talk to almost anyone.

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2021-04-05 15:50:43

Hmm, I don't really like to talk to people for some reason. I rather be not noticed. Don't no why, just am.

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2021-04-05 16:03:15

Being 14 I'd say that talking to adults or other kids on the mature side is my thing.
I really don't enjoy talking to people who aren't very smart, or really little kids, because you can't have an actual conversation with them.

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2021-04-05 16:08:41

since i was a young child, i'm still young anyways, but an addult... i've always been talking to adults... not to kids, for some or other reason...

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2021-04-05 16:19:03

I much, much prefer adults about 85% of the time. This is because my conversation is usually complicated, or at the very least, I want it to be. If it's not straight-up complex, I at least want the chance to be able to talk and listen at length about stuff that my conversation partner and I are interested in. That's a lot harder to do with children, though not at all impossible.
I have little patience for kids around the ages of 2-6 or thereabouts. To me, this is the age where they're starting to talk but are still crying and whining and being rotten little shits when they don't get their way (obviously there are exceptions to this). After that, it really depends on the child.
All this having been said, I have laughed hardest in my life due to some of the things kids have said. They can be wonderfully open in a way adults almost never are. They can be adorable, infuriating, hilarious and charming by turns. Generally, I like kids, I just have issues with patience with the younger ones.
But yeah...in general, give me someone at least over the age of twelve or thirteen to talk to, pretty much any day. And even then, I value emotional maturity and intelligence, and not everybody has that. Hell, I know people twice my age who don't have it.
I, too, don't find myself caring a ton about a lot of the stuff that guys my age seem to like, or are expected to like. If I get together with my two stepbrothers (my stepmom's kids, I mean here), I'm usually bored out of my tree before very long, and will make my excuses to get scarce. They care about cars, sports and racist jokes, and I...don't.

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2021-04-05 19:02:44

post 13 is right, generally speaking it's pritty hard to find people who basicly have or shair the same interests, or at the very least, is more open to such discussions, i like deep and meaningful conversations, exchanging informations and such

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2021-04-05 22:12:52

I have a problem talking to people my age and younger. I always found myself at home with people older than me, which I consider good, but with disadvantages, of course

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2021-04-06 17:24:41

Yes! It is! I am 16 years old, and I own my online radio station. I do many contests with children who are 3 - 5 years old, because I like them. I cant wait for these radio shows, because I love kids, and it's much easier to talk to them! It's just hard to find kids who speak English here in my country so I am looking for them in other countries like UK or US. If you know any that can participate let me know. Thanks

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2021-04-08 20:19:09


Yeeeees, @1 got me here.
I'm that type of person that loves to make friends. Allthough I never refuse to talk to an adult, I feel way better to talk to akid than an adult. I thought I'm the only weird here.
@Audiogamer123, can you please share with me your radio station and tell me when's your shows? I would love to listen to them.

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2021-04-08 23:21:50

The variety of responses here is quite interesting. I saw the topic title and felt a sense of dread as I clicked on it, fully expecting yet another deluge of "kids are awesome, they're the future, pay attention to them!" stuff. And those points are valid, don't get me wrong, but it was interesting to see that a couple of you, at least, seem to not enjoy talking to kids either.

I...certainly don't. I will if I have to, but the whole experience is terrifying to me on a level I can't even begin to describe. I'm referring to little kids here, although I've recently had some experiences with younger teens that kind of made me wonder what the hell our world is coming to. In any case, I quite literally don't know what to say to young children, so if I have to interact with one, I usually let them lead the conversation, but I don't have much to say myself. I feel like I'm floundering because I really struggle to relate. Oh, sure, their enthusiasm for mundane things can be contagious, and it really is true that they can hit you hard with insights that are both charming and unintentionally thought-provoking. But no, I don't want to hear about Minecraft for the billionth time when you're 6 and shouldn't have a bloody smartphone in the first place, you know?

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2021-04-08 23:48:32

@16, how are you going to talk to 3 year olds though?

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2021-04-09 02:06:29 (edited by Chris 2021-04-09 02:23:47)

No, I don't find it easier talking to one or the other. I don't like dealing with kids under the age of 12 or 13, and some people at or over that age are just as immature. I find most people boring for one reason or another. Most of the time it's because they have nothing interesting to say, have nothing in common with me, are rude and/or stupid assholes, or meet any combination of the above. This is especially true of sighted people, and while I'm a little more inclined to talk to blind people, I don't like every single blind person I talk to either. I'm not interested in gossiping, partying, hanging out in large groups, constantly going, going, going different places, drinking, sports, gambling, doing drugs, watching 99% of TV, anything to do with fashion, etc, etc, etc. Sighted people don't want to play audio or Interactive Fiction games. Most I've run into don't even read for that matter which I find very sad. Reading can bring such joy, and it makes me very sad when people don't like to read. People ask me if I get lonely, and I do, but not for the reasons you might think. Most of the time I find I want to truly connect with one person and spend all my time with him/her. Sadly, most of the world isn't geared to this type of lifestyle, so I find myself doing my own thing. I value my privacy a lot and respect the privacy of others as well. I don't dislike most people, I'm just indifferent 99% of the time.

I used to talk to kids when I was a kid, but I got tired of it as I got older. Adults are better in most cases, but there are exceptions to the rule on both sides, it just depends on the person and how mature he/she is.

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