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I don't think the hub of different communities would be such a bad idea. Yes it would just boil down to the same people spread out across the various communities, but I think that a lot of the various clashes could potentially be avoided as a result of the different communities being specialized. People would spend their times in the communities that interest them more. (Kind of like how Reddit users just contribute to the communities that interest them) I think there might be something to the point made in the OP about this site serving too many needs. This way, there could potentially be a community that was more open to politics for example. It definitely comes with its own problems, but wouldn't it also remove a lot of the pressure that the forum currently has of needing to be hypercautious of the content it hosts? If there was a site that only linked to smaller AudioGame communities,, would that separation from the actual content provide any protection at all? (disclaimers about the site not endorsing the content hosted on external sites or something) Regardless of how the ideal new site would hypothetically work, not relying on a centralized site like this one would help us avoid being in a similar situation in the future where no one really knows where the owners are and we just hope that everything continues to work.

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