2021-03-28 23:45:38

hi evryone
so yesterday i happend to experience a situation which made me think about this a little further, it's about Communication, specificly speaking with someone else or in a discussion
basicly what happend is i spoke with a person close to me in the car while driving back home, i didn't really realise that the discussion was tenced in their because  i sometimes be solid in an argument and trying to proof my side but cutting out the person in the end, or, not letting the person get a chanse to explain him self and being quick to respond because i understood what he says, this has bin going on sometimes, and only recentely have i actually realised it, inshort, i ended up causing him an emotionel pain in the inside and i didn't know until one of my family members pointed it out to me,  about it, after sitting  with my self a little, i decided to take matters in to my own hands and learn from the experience,learning the art of Communication  and speach to improove my self, more over, gainning and developing empathy
i happend to read a book called Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion — by Thompson, George
which has helped a little because i was applying some of what i red in the first pages, i haven't finished the book yet, 39 pages at the most
anyone had such experiences? any advice to offer?
any additionel books that mite be of help as well
thanks  and have a nice day

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