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This is going to be a simple tutorial on using Canvas.
If you don't know, Canvas is a learning tool that teachers use for online assignments.
This is a simple guide to show you how to navigate around it.


After logging in, you're greeted with a dashboard page, holding a list of all your available classes. This page also offers your inbox, where teachers can message you privately or in a group with other students outside of the course.
There's a few other options, most of which you may not end up using.
This dashboard is quite accessible, and you can press H to navigate by headings through your courses.

  • Directly below the "Dashboard" heading, you'll find the dashboard menu. I personally don't use this, however it contains sort options to arrange your courses as well as options for how you'd like the page to appear visually.

  • Next you'll find the course card region. It's just a sub-header for the class, and probably won't serve any purpose at all.

  • Arrowing down farther you'll find a heading level 3 containing the name of your first course. This is where you would press enter to view specific details about the course, and where you could complete assignments, view your grade in that course, ETC.

  • Below the class name, you'll find an option to change the course color, which you probably won't need, a nickname option for the course, and an option to move the course around the dashboard. I personally have never used this either.

  • Next, you'll find the actions region. This is a shortcut area to access the assignments, announcements, discussions, and whatever else your teacher uses in the class you're looking through.

  • Lastly, the course image. You won't need this either.

Next will be the heading level 3 for your next class in the list, and the options that we discussed previously. They're all going to be the same, and if not, they won't be much different.

Clicking on a class

Once you reach the course you want to interact with, press enter on the heading level 3 and wait for the page to load.
Once it loads, you'll be presented with whatever your teacher has set as the home page for the course. These vary, so mine may not be the same as yours.
Although the arrangement of the buttons and links may be different, the terms still mean the same thing, no matter where they're located on the page.

Upon clicking the course name, you'll most likely see somewhere on the page a few options.

  • Assignments: It's self-explanatory. Your teacher is most likely going to keep your assignments here. They'll be sorted by over-due, upcoming, and unsorted or undated.

  • Modules: This is where my teachers keep the assignments for my classes, and when clicking enter you'll probably just find a list of your assignments, completed or not.

  • Announcements: Your teacher will post announcements here. You can search the list or just view them in order if you'd like.

  • Files: This is where your course's files are stored.

  • People: Your classmate's names are stored here.

  • Syllabus: Your course's syllabus will be stored here.

  • Pages: Your class's pages will be stored here. Pages are just like notepad files but online.

  • Quizzes: Your class's quizzes will be stored here.

This article is unfinished. I plan on adding to it over the next week, and it should be finished by then.
Check back for more.

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