2021-03-21 05:26:18

There are games on the Alexa skill store called the dark citadel and Chess maven. Both are extremely great and accessible for blind people or anyone who wants a challenge. The dark citadel is where you can choose your own adventure, fight enemies, and there are constantly new content and chapters that are released so you never run out of fun. Chess Maven is where you can play chess with anyone else who is on the server, or you can choose to play with the computer. You can even play on echo devices that don’t have screens, as Alexa will tell you exactly what your options are and what the board looks like. Also, these games are not doing very good as far as the reviews, but I play them every day, and there are no bugs. The people who wrote the bad reviews just forgot to change them once the bugs were fixed. Could you please write a good review if you like the game? And if you are someone who wrote a bad review, could you please play the game again to see if it is working? If it is, could you please redo the review by clicking the edit button below your review?

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2021-03-21 21:05:42


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It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.

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2021-03-23 16:22:22

which one can be played with pc?

sorry for my English. I use a translator.

2021-03-23 17:14:39

JamesPotter wrote:

which one can be played with pc?

Both games can be played on pc, if you install the Alexa app.

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2021-03-23 19:37:10

I was super into dark citadel until I encountered a literal game breaking bug that makes the game crash no matter what. Nothing fixes this, not even disabling and re-enabling.

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2021-03-27 01:42:02

The developer and I have been emailing each other about the game, and he is adding new content. Sorry about the crashes you said you were in countering. If you give it about a week, I’m sure the game will be back to normal. He’s just adding a lot of new content. If you go on forum.llitd.com the developer will tell you all about it whenever he wants to release it.

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