2021-02-17 13:12:39

I was thinking of buying some because they seem a lot easier to grow. Does anyone have experience growing them or even successfully growing regular feminized seeds. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

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2021-02-17 14:33:47

Just the normal seeds, yeah

best regards
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2021-02-17 15:12:56

Sadly no. If I did, I'd be rolling in the dough.

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2021-02-17 15:28:08

@1, you gonna share that weed?

I lost a friend. but I am willing to start over.
if you wanna add me on discord, it's tom_riddle#1416

2021-02-17 18:25:08

Not really.  The market is incredibly saturated now.  Lots of centralization around big companies etc etc etc.

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2021-02-17 23:14:56

I've wanted to grow myself, but I'm not sure if I should buy a grow box, or just hobble something together. I mostly want it to be convenient for when I'm learning the basics , is the reason I'm thinking a growbox product. No one will show me anything so I'm just deciding blind. What do you guys think?

2021-02-17 23:34:40

@6 If you mean the starter kits that come with a pot and soil with nutrients and stuff I was thinking of buying one of those too. One problem is checking water ph, it's possible with sighted help though I guess unless seeing AI will actually read the ph meter's screen. It sounds like a fun project to try, but before jumping in I made this topic to see if anyone has done this before and can offer advice.

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2021-02-17 23:41:52

yeah agreed. The product category I'm referring to for other people, is things like this.
but many people just find their own containers and use their own shit for much cheaper.

2021-02-17 23:47:11

I'm just going to point out that weed grows in the actual ground.  While I'm sure that there's a lot to be said for water PH etc, maybe just get some seeds and see what happens.

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2021-02-17 23:54:06

@4 Boy please... ain't you like 13 or something? I mean, I started drinking at 14, but times change.

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2021-02-18 00:12:58

not asking to get anyone in trouble but this is just a general question. Isn’t it illegal to grow that stuff under the age of 21?

aliquando solem e caelo capiam, et libere volabit anima mea

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2021-02-18 00:53:07

Highly depends where you are.  Think that it's 18 most places.

Can't speak for elsewhere, but the U.S. is currently a free-for-all because weed is illegal at the federal level.  States do their own thing with it.  The best part is that even though it's legal at the state level it's still technically illegal at the federal level, which means that the feds could technically do things if they wanted.  There's lots of stuff around shipping over state lines and banking and things like that because of it, though.

If the dems legalize it, then there might be a more coherent framework.

That said, the only really reputable claims I've ever seen about weed causing harm is if you do it as a minor while the brain is still developing, so maybe don't do it for that reason.  I don't have references handy and I'm far from being a minor at this point so I don't care enough to look it up again, but be aware that it's a possible thing.  We'd know more but at least in the U.S. weed being illegal at the federal level makes researching it basically impossible, even in the states where it's legal.

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2021-02-18 01:28:16

To add onto 12, there's also a ton of anti-weed sentiment, e.g.: that it fries brain cells and shit like that, and therefore it should be illegal and no one should smoke it. Though this is true for other drugs (e.g.: ACID and such, which do actually have major negative consequences), the fact that its being legalized pretty much everywhere else around the world -- and the fact that I know friends who smoke it and who suffer no adverse affects as a result -- definitely gives me the impression that the negative consequences that it does have are negligible under normal circumstances.

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2021-02-18 02:47:01

My opinion on this is that it's probably around as bad as alcohol, except that it doesn't impair you in a way that makes you dangerous w.r.t. driving etc.  I would be surprised if we somehow find out that smoking it doesn't have harmful effects long term if only because that would make it a pretty major exception being as smoking anything else does.

I would also be surprised if we didn't find out that it does have some long term permanent changes/harmful effects.  This is because we have basically no long-term research that's recent.  Making it illegal wrecked our chances to do long term 30+ year studies, and in terms of being able to say "but people did it fine in the 1800s" or whatever--well, life expectancy has something like doubled in the last 60 years or so, and some increased cognitive decline at 70 or whatever really doesn't show up if you aren't doing a 30+ year study and also happen to be living in a time when 40 or 50 is considered old.

I do weed when I have people to smoke it with.  But I consider it like alcohol: I don't do it all the time because finding out what the downside of my daily joint or whatever at 70 is something stupid and regrettable that I could have avoided would suck a lot.

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2021-02-18 13:39:55

As a sort of aside: If anyone's thinking of doing this and have *never* gardened before, why not try with something more mainstream, and potentially easier to get hold of? Basil for making pesto for example, Coriander for basically anything. Rosemary is a plant so easy to grow that even I've not managed to kill it yet.

Don't forget, you have to water it every day, and look after the damn thing, like a particularly immobile child.

Take care,
Chris Norman
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2021-02-18 14:11:52


a friend of my brother started smoking this, and well ...

he literally went crazy.

he beat his parents, became involved in trafficking, and developed brain diseases.

who knows the basics, it fries your brain little by little, so go ahead.

anyway, i have nothing to do with it, so do whatever you want, it's just a warning.

long live my homeland brazil!

2021-02-18 16:34:04

Um, what? Weed does not do this...

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2021-02-18 16:52:22

Betting said brother got their hands on something else and @16 doesn't know.  Get your weed from someone shady and it can be cut with whatever, but also weed is a gateway drug for the right sort of person and if you're already getting it illegally "hey, want some heroine" is something that totally happens.

Being a gateway drug isn't bad in the sense that alcohol is just as much of one and also personal responsibility counts for a lot here, but nonetheless it is one no matter how you slice it.

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2021-02-18 17:04:45

cannabis doesn't have that effect. He either got bad shit cut with something, or he started working up the drug ladder. Either that, or it just happened to coincide with the onset of schizophrenia.

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2021-02-18 17:26:11

Cutting is one possibility. But there are also these things marketed as "synthetic marijuana" that just aren't. As in, we had a cluster of folks dying downtown a few years back because of this stuff. Could be that "weed" was a shorthand for some synthetic weed chemical that caused this.

There were also the vaping deaths a few years ago, caused by cartridges cut with something. If you're going to vape, either do dry herb or really trust your source.

TLDR: Sorry about your brother's friend, but that wasn't weed. Promise.

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2021-02-19 00:00:13

first he started using unlawful marijuana.

then he went up the drug ladder.

I say it's marijuana because I saw this guy grow up with my own eyes.

even if the final clue was not this, what was an important catalyst was yes, marijuana.

in any case, brazil is a little different than north america in this matter.

do what you want in your life, I have nothing to do with it.

in any case, it is legalized there. not here.

we practically repudiate that.

here, it destroys familes little by little, until everyone dies or is arrested.

long live my homeland brazil!

2021-02-19 00:28:18

You can think what you want, but please at least do everyone the courtesy of not bringing in cultural baggage when claiming that weed does or doesn't have certain effects.  Maybe this is a language thing and your intended meaning was that weed lead to those things because of poor decision-making.  I'm not sure.

Weed isn't any different from alcohol with respect to starting to climb that particular ladder though.  If you legalize it, what happens is that climbing that ladder becomes much harder.  Currently anyone seeking out weed there will have to go through the same people as those who sell the harder drugs and that makes it very, very easy to take just a tiny step up that ladder, and then a tiny tiny bit more of a step because what can it hurt, and...

I wouldn't say that it's different though.  Honestly a majority of the U.S. also thinks the same way.  But it's one of those policy things where anyone who is going to do weed is going to do it whether or not it's legal, and making it be illegal is at least half responsible for pushing someone down that escalating drug use path.  But because culture no government actually thinks about "how can I do the most good for the most people" on any issue you care to name, and certainly not this one, so until then we'll just keep sending people to jail for life because they did something less harmful than alcohol and pushing the rest toward the really hard and dangerous shit.

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2021-02-20 06:18:44

Despite what 21 might say, Brazil is not a marijuana-hating country. Sure it is illegal here, sure it is a major cause of incarceration here, but the same applies for U.S. and they are legalizing it there, state by state. Here in Brazil there are many law initiatives to decriminalize its use, and simple possession for personal use doesn't apply for incarceration since 2006. For each person that started with marijuana and went on to cocaine or other illegal drugs  there are many that simply use it responsibly, just like beer, which might suggest that other factors beside the drug itself may be involved in cases where someone ends up in an institution or worse. If you are under 18, you sould wait for your brain to fully develop. If you are a psychiatrist patient, you should talk to your doctor before using psychoactive drugs. Otherwise, if you are an adult, just make your responsible decisions and that's it.

Here at Brazil there was once a government initiative named PROERD, which stands for National Program for Drug Refusal. Its mascot was a lion and it mainly propagated generalized disinformation, histeria and poor urban legends about drugs, like this of the nicest guy in the world who once puffed a joint and now kills children to drink their blood in his drugged lunacy. Whenever someone comes with this kind of talk, "huh, stay away from drugs or your life will be wasted", we call it a Proerd Lion.

For more information, and not impressions, on marijuana's criminalization and its social costs:

Now, about growing.

You need top quality soil, seeds, watering and lighting if you are willing to get the best yeld from your attempt. If you just want to grow a plant and grab some buds, all you need to do is putting good seed in moist soil and keep it illuminated and moist for some months. It is a hemp plant, not an orchid, it is a strong, enduring life form, and it can take a lot of mistreatment, specially if it's an indica-dominant strain. What other people said is totally right, start growing some spice like basilico or oregano if you've never grown anything, just to see it grow and get some self-confidence. Then put your Cannabis seeds to germinate and just take care of them likewise. If you're not using terrible quality soil, and you're not going to compete at Cannabis Cup, things like PH won't makke that Hell of a difference. Keep the plant illuminated and the soil moist and you're good to go.

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2021-02-20 07:09:10


long live my homeland brazil!

2021-02-20 11:20:39

@16 that sounds more like synthetic weed to me. It's more comonly known as spice and noone knows exactly what's inside. Believe me, I have been addicted to that stuff a few years ago and it wasn't fun. It's not just one product, it's thousands. I could literally get different spice in the same city with varying effects. One of the strains was particularly bad, for like 30 minutes you were tripping balls, couldn't talk to anyone, couldn't even move cause you didn't even know where you were. One of my friends got into the hospital for messing with this stuff, he tried to smoke an entire gram in one go and needed help. Basically he went crazy and started eating rocks and cursing everyone that came near for wanting to take his well deserved meal. I was cautious and lucky enough to be able to escape these synthetics, but most of those who smoke that shit didn't. Just last week a friend died because he overdosed on them. Weed yeah, I still smoke it on occasion but spice I would never touch again.
Sadly, spice is more prevalent in countries where weed is illegal because it's much easier to produce than growing weed. I knew the dealer when I was smoking that shit and he was making so much stuf and it wasn't enough. He showed me a tub full of plant material and how he made it. In one month the tub was gone... He was spraying it with mosquito repellent, raid to be exact to enhance it and he was adding some chemicals bought from china that even he didn't know the names of. The scary thing is he isn't even a chemist or a scientist, he is just an ordinary dude with huge balls. In my country you need big balls to be able to evade the police as he did. Big balls or a lot of money, after a while he had both.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”
Stephen King

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