2021-02-03 22:24:22

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to share that the Steam Game Festival is starting today, featuring our spanking new demo.

Download the Blind Drive demo here!

It will be up for the duration of the festival, February 3-9. Give it a shot and let us know what you think! And of course, wishlist if you like it, it's super helpful.

In addition, we’ll be hosting a live stream with gameplay, behind-the-scenes and a Q&A session on Friday @ 8pm UTC. Put a reminder and drop by, we’d love to see you there.

Quick note: During testing we've become aware that the Steam client's accessibility is below-par and totally inaccessible on Mac, so apologies if this is an issue for you. We'll be up on other platforms soon as well!

BlindDriveGame.com - An arcade comedy thriller played with your ears

2021-02-03 22:54:49

Hi, well steam is a bit hit and miss for me.
At any rate currently going through some renovations here so not a good idea to play this but if its all out by early may I will be buying and playing it.
Since I have played the leaked version and so I am totally impressed, I could be persuaded to preorder right now for the entire thing, soundtrack and extras on itch if it appeared.
If there is an archive  of the stream I may listen to it later on.
Keep it up guys.

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2021-02-03 22:55:56

i played it today and it was fun. can i pre order it? cause i will

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2021-02-03 23:13:41

Thanks for the kind words! The best thing to do is to hit the wishlist button, it'll notify you as soon as it's out - and there will be a launch discount.

BlindDriveGame.com - An arcade comedy thriller played with your ears

2021-02-03 23:14:42

already did that. also i remember from the leaked version and this its cheasy epic

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2021-02-03 23:27:12

I can't download the demo

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2021-02-04 00:29:31

5 posts and zero thumbs up, yet a post detailing some pretty meh, among us jokes gets 21 karma? Folks we need to show our devs some more love.

Who has any time for the letter h?

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2021-02-04 04:56:19

Hi I love this game I'm going to get it.  The sounds are amazing!

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2021-02-04 05:22:21

Hi, I can't download it on steam, is there any other way for me to play this game?  thank you very much

My English is not  good, sorry for that but I will try to improve it, so that we can communicate more comfortably and the language barrier is not very big.

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2021-02-04 08:37:57 (edited by Defektive 2021-02-04 08:38:42)

Got the demo on Steam and I'll definitely be buying once the full game comes out.
Looks really cool, super excited!

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2021-02-04 09:40:21

Its interessting, but we have 27 chapters and not 28

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2021-02-04 09:48:06

Great news! I'll be playing it once its out for IOS. Will there be an archive for your stream since I might not be able to tune in?
@Jayjay: Agreed, this really needs to improve.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian

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2021-02-04 10:56:25

Yeah, I will be buying it once it is out for ios or android, that will be fun.
Keep it up guys, it is an awesome game indeed, with an epic storry.

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2021-02-04 12:47:52

love the demo. I love the improvement in voice, and how the dialog has changed some what, and I noticed a blindfold mode in the settings, which makes me wonder how good are the graphics?

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2021-02-04 14:55:05 (edited by Muhammad Hajjar 2021-02-04 19:38:36)

Yeah I wonder how good and detailing are the graphics, since if they live up to a mainstream level when it comes to this I can also buy a copy for my sighted brother so we can both enjoy the same game.

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2021-02-04 15:00:56

I just tried the demo and... and it was surpisingly amazing! Voice acting is just fun, the sound design is excellent. You just have to add the full storyline, some usable boosts or bonus, some more environment and... well it's just the best audio arcade concept I've played since years! Great job! Keep it up! 21th of March you said? I'll be there!
I definitly look forward to it! By the way I join up with the others, if there's any way for us to support you or to preorder the game in doing so, don't hesitate to share!

Best regard,

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2021-02-05 13:26:13

when I try to download it say's that the gabe is lock, and it wil be lokked  on 10 march

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2021-02-05 18:43:49

I have a bug to report. Sometimes If you turn for an extended period of time, and then let go of the arrow key, the turning squeal continues to play.

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2021-02-05 18:51:17

also, when I hear a car on my right or left and think I'm not in its lane, I still get hit. Also also, how do I know when I'm in the center of the road? Is their going to be a points system?

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2021-02-05 19:30:53

Please can the demo go elsewhere other than steam? don't quite understand why steam is being used as it is clear that for mac users, it is all inaccessible.

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2021-02-05 19:31:45

Also when I select the download link in windows for steam it is not working. very odd as want to play this. have my mac at the moment but can't get it, can x`go on itch or something?

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2021-02-05 19:43:28

you automaticly are in the center if not holding anything

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2021-02-05 20:16:03

Shame can't play the demo on ios as well? sounds fabulous from a stream from Liamerven that just heard. Do we know how long the full gamew be?

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2021-02-05 23:55:51

omg now that I've figured it out I can't wait for the full version lol!!

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2021-02-06 00:37:25

Hey so I don't think it's quite as simple as immediately teleporting to the center when you release a direction. You do seem to quickly correct towards the center so I think you are actually moving, at least to some degree.

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