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When the game launches there's a pause as it applies updates. Once you hear the music start there's 2 message boxes that appear that tell you about daily challenges and missions. Keep pressing down then the accept button on your controller. The second message box appears, so do the same.

You're now at the main menu.

Main menu.

There's 4 columns but the top half of columns 3 and 4 are taken up with a display area showing what option you're selecting and adverts for latest dlc.

So I'll describe the main menu as a grid: 4 columns I'll call A B C D, 6 rows.

You start at A1 - Announcements. Whatever is displayed in the top half of columns C and D if you select announcements it takes you to more information on that, usually to the online store to buy more dlc.

A2  Message log. A record of all in game messages such as when you unlock fight money or achievements.

A3 Options

Sound Settings
    BGM Volume
    SFX Volume
    Character Voice Volume
    Announcer Voice Volume
    Other Voice Volume
    Information Voice On/Off
    Character Voice Language
    Other Voice Language Settings
    Menu BGM
    Restore Defaults

Screen Settings


Other Settings
    Pause Menu Type A or B
    Replay List outcome On/Off
    Accept Invite Range Everyone/CFN friend of a CFN friend/CFN friends only/No One
    CFN Friends Request Range Everyone/CFN friend of a CFN friend/No One
    Shortcut Settings
    Keyboard Settings
    Restore Defaults
    Revoke Privacy Policy Agreement

Graphics Settings

A4 Gallery

Arcade Mode Endings - These appear as a comic strip, no sound.
    Sound - Stage BGM, Character BGM, Other BGM, DLC BGM
    Good Luck Charms

A5 Log in. If you're on PC you log in by default.

A6 Exit the game back to your desktop.

Column B

B1 Arcade Mode
    Street Fighter 1, Number Of Battles: 4
    Street Fighter 2, Number Of Battles: 8
    Street Fighter Alpha, Number Of Battles: 10
    Street Fighter 3, Number Of Battles: 6
    Street Fighter 4, Number Of Battles: 8
    Street Fighter 5, Number Of Battles: 10

    Once a game type is selected, 4 more options:
    Rounds (default 3)
    Match Time Settings (default 99)
    CPU Difficulty (default normal)
    Start Game - Takes you to Select Character

B2 Story Mode
    General Story
    Character Story
    Tutorial - Selecting this takes you to Start Tutorial? Yes/No
    Costume Settings
    Story Voice Settings

B3 Versus Mode
    LB/RB toggles between single battle or team battle
    Player 1 Vs Player 2
    Player 1 Vs CPU
    CPU Vs Player 1

B4 Challenges
    Extra Battle

B5 Training Mode

B6 Battle Settings for online

Columns C and D rows 1 to 3 is the display area I mentioned above showing latest news or option you're selecting. You can't move your cursor over this area so if you move to column C you start at C4

Column C

C4 and C5 take up the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN)

C6 Shop

Column D starts at D4

D4 Battle Lounge

D5 Ranked Match

D6 Casual Match

The menu selector rotates back so if say you're on D3 Ranked match and press right you end up on A5 Network Log in. Same goes for vertical movement. You press down from B6 Battle settings and you end up on B1 Arcade mode.

Anyone wanting extra help, further descriptions of characters, moves, endings, anything else post a request in this thread:


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