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Hi all
So this will be a guide showing you all how to install the wii system menu, and play native online on dolphin emulator.
Why would we do this?
Well firstly: you can play online with other people who uses a real wii, you get the full wii system experiance and lastly. You can homebrew the wii, then load homebrew games and have all sorts of fun.
Let's dive in!
First thing you want to do is make sure that your running the latest dev build of dolphin. You can find the dolphin downloads here
When you have made sure that your running the latest dev version of dolphin go to tools and  preforme online system update. From there select your region
Important. If you have usa games, but select jpn the games will not appear in the disc channel.
Now we need to map the controls corectli. Go to wii remote and configur the controler to your liking.
After that go to the tab wich says motion simulation. here you can configur the shaking, but we need to configure the pointer
Where it says up, down, left, right. That is where you need to map your controler. When that's done go back to the main window of dolphin and go to tools>LoadWiiSystemMenu.
Here's where things get tricky. You will need to use a lot of OCR, that is because you need to select your language and some other stuff. If you can get sighted assistance that would be the easiest option, but if you reelly want to try.
Use the wii pointer to navigate around. The pointer makes a sound to indicate that it's on something you can interact with. Use that to get thru this setup screen.
I don't know the layout of the keys on the keyboard used for the naming. So note that this part could be hard.
When your all done with the setup you should here music, that indicates that you are on the wii home screen.
The disc channel is top left. that is where you can load your game. I say game, because you can only have one game in the disc channel at the time.
To change the game to be loaded. press alt tab to go back to dolphin without closing the wii menu. Find your game in the list of games, and press aplications key. Now select set as default.
If that doesn't work go to file and select change disc. There you can select the disc to be loaded.
Now press alt tab again and go to the top left and hit your (A) button to open the disc channel. You will here a special intro for eatch game you start from there.
if you open the wrong channel press aether the plus, button or the minus button to cycle thru the channels until you find the disc channel
to start a game press the A button when the pointer is down to the right of your screen. There is only to buttons to find here, so it shouldn't take that long until you find it. You will here a long ok kinda sound indicating that the game is starting.
If you get an error code when trying to go online, that is normal, and we will fix that now.
There is only one thing we need. And that is:  wiimmfi patcher. You can download it here
Extract the foalder and go to the windows folder located within the patcher folder.
Now find the game you want to patch and copy it into that folder. Then run the bat file and wait. When it's done go out of the windows folder and go in to the wiimmfi-images folder.
From there copy the file inside and put it in the directory where you have all your wii games, replace the original one.
Now load the game and have fun playing online.
This guide took a long time to make, so please hit that thumbs up button! And give me suggestions on guides I can make in the future.

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