2020-06-30 04:41:50

So a little over a month ago, I went into the name change topic and requested for my username to be changed from rwbeardjr to Rich but I got no response.
Is the name change topic still the place to request name changes?

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2020-06-30 04:52:55

I'm sure it is, but with Jayde taking on most of the staff responsibilities more often than not it may be that he hasn't noticed this request.

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2020-06-30 05:00:44

Carter just responded the other day

Is this the real life?
Or is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality

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2020-06-30 05:01:31

Carter made this post several days ago. I'm not flaming you or anything, but you could have at least checked the topic before posting a new one. Either ways, here's the post.\

@rwbeardjr/rich and jimmy69/jimmy
Unfortunately, others have already registered with these, usually the case with habitual names. Can you try and choose another? Sorry for the inconvenience.
I'm willing to delete accounts of confirmed spammers/impersonators, but doesn't seem to be the case here. Feel free and consult the user list to see what's available.
Each one of the other requests has been fulfilled. Thanks for the report. No way around it, we sort of forgot about this topic's existence, personally I have the tendency to neglect stickies sometimes.

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