2020-06-28 22:39:20

Hi again.
I am back with yet a nother guide for OBS.
This time I will go into detail about sceens and sources in OBS.

So what is a sceen.
A sceen is basicly a profile, eatch time you switch sceens you will also have switched your sources, depending on the sceen.
For instance, I have a sceen with a game capture source.
And a nother sceen with a display capture source. When I switch sceen the sources also switch.
Keep in mind, it is only sources that switches. Not your settings, At least that is what I think, I will look into that one.

How to make a new sceen.
To make a new sceen in OBS you need to be on your sceen name.
If you have not messed with that before it will be named sceen one.
From here press the aplications key and open the context menu.
Now press add, and name it what ever you want.
Now you have a basic sceen with no source. Lets fix that.

To add a source to a sceen go to the sceen you just created and press tab.
It will sound like nothing happend, but just press the aplications key and then press add.
Now you are in the source selecter, here you can move around with errows, or tab.
The sources that you can add are as folows:
Audio input capture
Audio output capture
Display capture
Game capture  **that is not the same as display capture**
Image slide show
media source
Sceen **I do not know why you would do that**
Text (GDI+)
VLC video source
Video capture device
Window capture

Keep in mind when adding a source it will be shown in a list.
If you want to capture moltiple things, for instance a game, and some custom text you can add by using the text source.
You need to have the display or game capture source at the botom of the list.
Everything that is over that will be captured.
You can move items in that list by pressing the aplications key and press move.

That should cover everything you will need to have a better stream.
I hope this guide was helpfull, if it was please click that thumbs up button.
If you want me to make more guides let me know

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