2020-06-20 09:06:35

It sounds like this game isn’t as accessible as I was led to believe. It makes sense though, as the word blind can mean anything from being able to see very well out of both eyes, but lacking the vision necessary to do things like drive or perform surgery, to not being able to see anything at all. that’s why the word visually impaired should be used more often. If I were A betting man, it would be that those considered blind used their sight to complete a good portion of the game everyone keeps talking about, the one that is not accessible. when I hear the word blind, I think someone like me, someone who lacks all sight.

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2020-06-20 09:08:50

Oh, and before anybody gets up in my grill about it, no, I’m not saying that anybody is lying. I am saying that, unfortunately, the word blind is very subjective, and to people with some side, this game can be completely accessible. Seems like yet another botched job. but again, I can’t say I’m mad, just that my hopes were a little too high. This is, after all, a new thing, making games accessible I mean.

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2020-06-20 09:11:23

Why do you say that the game isn't toaly accessible for blind people? explain?

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2020-06-20 10:14:51

Still more accessible than any games on Xbox at this point (fighting games not included)

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2020-06-20 10:32:10

As a reviewer, I've had more time to get into this game than I otherwise would have and, without spoiling anything, this is a fantastic example of how having accessibility from the ground up is better than retrofitting it at the 11th hour.  I've really enjoyed my time with it thus far, even if I've had to skip a few puzzles and had a few difficult sections.  Then again, I've learnt a few small tips that I'm thinking of putting into a guide if there's interest.

Hope everyone's enjoying this masterpiece as much as I am.

Sightless Kombat.
***If you wish to refer to me in @replies, use Sightless***

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2020-06-20 10:57:32

Yes, a little guide can be usefull for the peoples who don't imagine the accessibility of this game.
It's amasing, and I realy want that this exemple is use for other developers.

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2020-06-20 12:38:14

@Sightless Kombat, a guide would be great.

@dalen lewin, the game is fully playable by completely blind people.

Are you stuck or just going off of comments people have made?

I'm stuck in the game but that doesn't make it not playable, I'm just stuck at a part and need to use the tools given to me to get passed it.

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2020-06-20 13:19:46

I am totally blind, and am currently well in to Chapter 2.
Totally blind gamers have completed the game.
I would suggest reserving your opinions until you have actually played the game.

What you want is of no consequence to me.

2020-06-20 13:37:58

I’ve moved on a bit, and I really need the help of those who can help me.
I'm in the open area. And by chance, I visited the bank. Apparently, it update the map, but that doesn't change anything for us. How to do for this moment of the game? Because I guess the navigation assistance (L3) will get us to the goal, but I would like to visit the other places on the map. Could someone explain how it works for this passage?
thank you so much

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2020-06-20 15:22:00

after having read a few articles and topics, including this one, I still don't know if it's worth buying a ps4 for this game.
I think I'd rather ask you a few questions.
We hear many things here about accessibility, often mixed up with playability. My point is : what's playable is certainly not always accessible.
I'm pretty sure a totally blind person can finish the entiere game, but that does not make the game ccessible. I've read about navigation assistance, but are we talking about a real assistance (like audio indication), or about a system that guides you from one objective to another. What about shooting for example? I've read about slow motion, automatisation, but it seems to me that there's almost nothing between assistance and cheat code, meaning absolutly no offense.
So my question would be : are we talking about a game that's accessible because its environment is so, or a game that's playable because we can alternatively cheat our way through it or skipp the most difficult puzzles?
Don't get me wrong. I'm glad to see accessibility making its way into the videogames world, and I consider this new game as an example of how things may and should be. So I'm definitly not complaining about what has been done. I'm just asking because, if some people can do with playability, I can't, certainly not if I must pay a game consol for it.

Best regard,

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2020-06-20 16:24:06

Hello I would like a guide also. I Am not interested in any shoppers spoilers, I am more interested in basic command functionality for the controller. Your consideration for including that in your guy would be greatly appreciated.

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2020-06-20 17:15:23

I agree with Liam in post 7. Due to not being a fan of spoilers I haven't been reading this topic entirely, however the only thing I can say is after only 2 hours of gameplay I'm literally sick to my stomach.

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2020-06-20 20:32:46

@seb2314, with the story or the accessibility?

the tutorials could be layed out a little better, i'll give you that, but for a mainstream game, it's quite good.

there are things i'd improve but the game is playable.

@the person who asked if we just cheet our way through, oh no; it's not like that at all. We have to work just as hard if not harder in some places, than a sighted person would.

I'd personally not recommend getting a ps4 for this game, not because it's bad but because it's a lot of money and personally I don't think it's worth it.

I've borrowed my cussins ps4 and will be giving it back to him as soon as I complete the game.

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2020-06-20 21:05:42

OK then, I am glad to hear that totally blind people can play it. However, that question about how to navigate to other parts of the world, and not just to the next objective is now a priority for me. Is it like a heroes call, where you can adjust where it lead you, or is it already set for you and can never change? if that’s the case, then is there a system in place that can lead you off the beaten path? by the way, that reminds me, I would recommend checking out a YouTuber called Steve sailor. Another game exclusive to the PS4 he has talked about is called ghost of Tsushima. I don’t even think the game has blind people in mind, but they are building in accessibility features for the immersion factor. and isn’t that how it should be? We are truly reaching a high point in gaming for blind people now.

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2020-06-20 21:14:40

@dalen lewin, you can scan for items and enimies and explore the world that way but your main navigation aid is a system that leeds you from point one to point two.

I've heard you can do the side quests but at the moment I'm not there.

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3.9 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/vuefsu2

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2020-06-20 21:18:41 (edited by seb2314 2020-06-20 21:23:14)

@brad My previous post was definitely regarding the story. And don't get me wrong, it's actually a good thing... I just did not expect this. Even though it's quite the thing, Naughty Dog definitely did not disappoint me. When it comes to the accessibility, it's simply perfect. I'm playing on moderate, with a few changes to the settings here and there to make the game harder. This is by far the best mainstream game I've ever played.

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2020-06-20 21:20:44

And don't forget, this is a company's first major attempt and implementing accessibility from the ground up. Some feedback on how some parts of the game can be improved or be praised for access wise can go a long way to make this more common in other games, and set a foundation to work upon the next project. It's up to us to chirp out what was done well, and suggestions for how some stuff can be improved for next time.

  And hell, considering access was built into the code, some patches might make some navigational options implemented in this current game. I'm getting this for my younger brother for his birthday next week since he wants it, and I can try to see how well I cross through some parts on my own save file.

The answer to your question is forum.audiogames.net/search

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2020-06-20 21:25:20

@39, I highly doubt that game will be accessible at all for totaly blind players, so I wouldn't get your hype up about that game. And all you have to do to wander off the beaten path is not use the navigation assistance until you want to proceed with the main story again. I'm certainly looking forward to playing this once I can put the money down on it.


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2020-06-20 22:37:30

i have a question regarding the setup. When you launch the game and get past the menu to set the language for your tts and get the menu for the preset packages, how do you continue  if you want to make your own settings? Like, if you want to tweak the settings later from the options menu? I can't play this game on my own since I don't have a ps4 myself.

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2020-06-20 23:21:26

Hello everyone, I have a quick question and movement. I understand that you must hit the L3 down and then the stick forward to move and follow the camera. My question is am I able to hold the L3 down while pushing to stick forward at the same time? Any help would be appreciated

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2020-06-20 23:32:31

So I did the Seattle Days 1 chapter, the chapter where there is the open area. I used the L3 key and the object scan, but I missed things (a workbench for example). I know there are question marks on the map, but is it possible for us to visit the secondary places, and how do we find them?
Thank you

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2020-06-21 01:05:54

Before I continue... I might as well now say that as of an hour ago, I've installed Last of Us 2 and all digital content. I got the limited edition Last of Us 2 PS4 pro and it is actually engraved with the tattoo symbol, in a tactile way.
@44: once you select a preset, the next thing it does is put you into the options menu and you can adjust all of the settings, including audio, controls and accessibility. The accessibility menu is huuuuuuge, it took us 5 minutes just to examine everything.

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2020-06-21 08:57:37

Nobody can help me for the open area in Seattle?

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2020-06-21 13:29:39

this sounds good and i enjoyed listening to liam's videos this. i haven't got a playstation 4, but i hope to try it somewhere.

i may be tech mad, but i'm also audio games mad. be audio games mad with me laughing out loud.

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2020-06-21 13:35:10

I haven't gotten to the open area yet, so not too sure.

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