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FLApp: Quick Guide

I recently decided to check out FLApp again, a Fabled Lands adaptation written in Java. This is similar to ffproject.com or the Lone Wolf apps on android in that it allows you to play the Fabled Lands gamebooks while keeping your stats for you.
To my surprise, the app actually works with NVDA now. It works with jaws to a degree, but I haven't found a way to switch windows.
The purpose of this guide is to get those who want to play up and running and explain how to work around some of the oddities of the app.
Note that this guide is a potential work in progress. I may update it as I discover new features that need workarounds.


Firstly, you will need to download and install Java if you haven't already, which can be obtained here:
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ … index.html
Next, download FLApp:
Unzip it to your location of choice. After that simply run JaFL.bat.

How to Play:
This guide assumes you're using NVDA. If anyone wants to play with JAWS and can figure out how, send me a PM and I'll update the guide with instructions.
When the game starts, you'll see a standard-looking dialogue box with these options:
A list of playable books from which to start
New game
Hardcore mode
load game
Note that new game and hardcore mode won't show up until you've selected a book.
Once you choose new game, you'll be on the profession selection screen. NVDA will not detect this at first, but alt-tabbing out of and back into the window will fix this. To select a profession, find the text that says "Turn to..." for example "Turn to Andriel." Put NVDA on the word turn, use NVDA plus NumPad Slash to move the mouse to that location and then click with NumPad slash. You can also use NVDA plus Enter to click any clickable text if you find that easier.
Now your adventure sheet will come up. Here you can change the name and gender of your character and view his stats.
To get back to the game text, you can press Alt F4 to close the adventure sheet.
If you want the adventure sheet left open for some reason and just want to switch windows, you can press NVDA plus NumPad 8 twice and you should hear fabled lands. Now press NVDA plus NumPad 6 and you'll hear fabled lands again. Press NVDA plus NumPad2 and you'll be in an edit field. If you press NumPad6, you should hear some text. If you route your mouse to this location and click, NVDA should read the text normally with the arrows.
If you're ever told to tick any boxes on a screen, you can do that by moving NVDA down a level below the text field. These boxes are usually unlabelled, so you'll have to guess which to check. The game will not let you check the wrong box or proceed without following certain instructions, however. For example, in Yellowport, it will tell you to tick a box for each visit, up to 4. If you press NVDA plus NumPad2 to drop below the text field, you'll actually see 5 boxes; the last one is for your townhouse. Check the first one and you can then proceed with the game.
Also of note is that you must take this game very literally. While it keeps track of your stats, it requires you to follow instructions to the letter. For example, if the game tells you to "Lose 5 stamins," you must actually click on that text to deduct the stamina before you can proceed.
When making roles, it appears NVDA can not detect the result of the roll. However, this isn't really a problem as the app will not let you choose the wrong result. You just have to click on each section and if that was the result of the roll, you'll move on with the book.
Also note that for some reason, NVDA gets stuck at the bottom of the game text sometimes. If you find that you seem to be stuck on an option, pressing home and then reading one word back with control plus left arrow will unstick you. You can then proceed normally.
To save your game, you can move past the text field with NVDA plus 6 to the menu bar. Enter the menu bar by moving NVDA down a level. You'll now see a typical menu bar, with file, windows, etc. Even though you can enter these by moving NVDA down a level, you actually need to click them with NVDA first before the options will become active. So for instance, if you want to save your game, first click the file menu. Then enter it by moving NVDA down a level and move to the save game option. Click this and it will bring up a standard save dialogue.
One last thing to note: The adventure sheet is somewhat unlabelled. If you're tabbing through the fields and you come to a list that has 12 options that say something like text/plain/blank, this is your inventory. I assume that acquiring possessions will fill these blanks.

In Closing:
I hope someone finds this useful. I don't know how long I'll stick with the Fabled Lands games because I prefer gamebooks that have a more fleshed out combat system, but they could be fun for a while. Any issues with the guide or if you discover anything I missed, feel free to start a Fabled Lands topic or PM me.

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