2020-06-09 22:43:53

First step: Press  windows + I, you will enter on setings.
2. Write virus in kecck box
3. Press the down arrow, it is usually once, and you choose, Antivirus and threat protection
4. Press enter on the above option.
5.Anti-virus and anti-group protection settings, Manage settings link.
6.Press enter on the above option.
7.Press tab key until to Add or remove exclusions link.
8. Press enter on the above option.
9. Go to the Add an exclusion button wit tab key and press enter.
10. Here you choose, from: File, Folder, File type, Process, choose what you want to add as an exclusion. If it's a file, it means: a text, a game, ETC, I guess you know what it means.
11. After you have chosen what you want to add, click on what you have chosen, it will put you in a box where you have to choose from Explorer. Choose the file / folder, ETC, and press enter, if it is a folder press tab until select folder and press enter if I'm not mistaken.
Congratulations you managed to add an exclusion!

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