2020-06-06 14:55:26

This month we will be having one of our big events of the year, the Summer Solstice Celebration! It will begin on Friday, June 19th and end on Sunday, June 28th. Returning will be the fan-favorite event areas, Starving Rock and the Puzzlewood Forest. Each of these is a special area with its own unique challenge. Starving Rock is a marathon to kill as many enemies as possible by yourself, while the Puzzlewood Forest is a high level group zone that generates wave after wave of monsters of increasing strength.

The primary event quest area will be taking its cue from the firefighting challenge we first did in 2015 and re-used for one of the missions in last year's event. We'll be redoing this concept on a grander scale, having players travel to an island threatened by active volcano. Players will have to do battle with a volcanic eruption while saving the native villagers from certain doom!

Also in June we will be releasing the Sea of Despair, a level 43 group 15 zone for the Nightmare Plane.

Here are some updates from last month:

    When adding enhancements to crafted objects, such as studs, spikes, inlays, shield rims or gems, the game will more aggressively try to add stats.

    Ore yields have been raised, and ore value lowered to be more in line with what finished ingots sell for.

    Forged darts, bullets and arrowheads are now produced in lots instead of singly.

    Moondust (the end product of using mooncatchers) can now be higher level, but it no longer saves.

    Changes were made to the 'weight' command, including aliasing it to 'measure'. For carried objects, it now accurately reports size, weight and capacity for containers.

    The 'points' command can now be used to list all spells and skills you can improve with points and what type of points, or generate lists of abilities that improve with profession points or combat points.

    Seeker favor jobs should now have more candidate objects.

Guild-based jobs are finally finished and should be implemented soon! Certain guildmasters will offer jobs to members of sufficient rank. Now you have another reason to join the Alchemists', Cartographers', Assassins' or Smiths' guilds!

For more information, please refer to our June update on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XV-yR-ZhZE

2020-06-06 18:39:12

awesome there! I've been meaning to get back into this sort of thing. It's been a long time since I played but want to come back and liking the idea for the solstace event.

Will the Solstace event involving the volcano be fore everyone or just high-level characters. Also is it for groups or can it be soloed?

Also, what sort of things do the assassin's guild give you to do, I didn't even know that was live yet.

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2020-06-07 00:32:02

Assassins keeping things on the down low. Go figure.

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2020-06-07 06:57:18

The goal is to have the volcano scenario be completed solo, but it has a lot of moving parts to balance.

2020-06-07 07:26:55

I confess that I am no longer quite as excited about AA's events.

Christmas, in particular, has started to feel really samey over the last few years. And the summer events usually seem to cater more to higher levels and especially groups.

Obviously, it's really, really difficult to appropriately balance stuff so that chars of all levels can experience it. I recognize that this is not easy. But the fact that we're more than half a decade into this practice and low levels still routinely find mobs that do high-damage bashes, leaps, backstabs and spells, not to mention the really dangerous and potentially lethal traps in some of these areas...well, I find it troubling.

I am not attempting to discourage anyone from enjoying these events, but I'm also not convinced that all levels actually get similar results.

I think my favourite was the 2015 puzzlewood, where I had a necro-mage char at level 32 who was able to solo those mobs. I had to watch my HP and all, but it was still doable...not so much anymore.

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2020-06-07 14:36:31

Thank you, Jayde, post 5, for voicing my opinions and concerns.  I've been doing this for just about as long as I've been on ag net and I feel the same way.

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2020-06-07 17:04:55

I've been watching your updates even though I haven't been on in almost a year. I've noticed a lot of ocean areas have been added to the game. along with coasts and such. I think that's cool just a pattern I've been noticing.

Also is the Cerulean shore on Kordain still coming. You mentioned it last month and it hasn't materialized yet. There was a west (something that starts with an M) cost added to the Alteraeon Mainland but haven't heard anything for the Cerulean shore yet.

No hurry, just something I noticed.

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2020-06-07 21:02:30


Defining shorelines and ocean is part of the preparation for upcoming expanded ship content.

The Cerulean Shore is still under construction. I've been side-lined with other projects, plus I've been helping my parents move and am neck-deep into landscaping and repairing my new house. The area is unlikely it to be ready until a few weeks after the Summer Solstice event is over.

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2020-06-07 22:16:33

again, not worried about that, just didn't hear anything about it in the update. I've got about half the zones of kordin left to visit, the enormous isle of Archaise and then there are those crazy huge other continents to visit. Also, I'm not going to be playing the game like crazy so It's not like "for me at least) that I'm anywhere near running out of things to do.  and even if I had cleared the zones and such, I'd have jobs and crafting and guilds and stuff to do.

Looking forward to getting back into the game and will have tons of things to do before I run out. And even at the rate I imagine myself playing the thing, with the rate of stuff you are releasing, I'll wind up probably winding up with more to do as time goes on as things are added, rather than less.

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2020-06-10 15:14:20

@5 and @6 I'd highly recommend you try the Starving Rock area.  You should find it more suited to your tastes.

2020-06-10 16:13:19

Shadowfax, I remember the puzzlewood in 2015, or whatever the area was called, tuned such that I was able to get to 1500 monsters killed solo as a necro-mage. But in subsequent years, for whatever reason, this was no longer anywhere near as doable. I risked death every time I went in there from things that did huge damage. I don't know what was tweaked, honestly, but the solo experience for this particular area got worse.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2020-06-21 02:43:59

I just tried the starving rock area and it shows how unbalanced blackhalk is. Yes I know, I should had spelled that name with a w instead of a l. Had obs going, so I was able to post the vid up on Facebook. I do not know which, if any, of my friends will watch. Of course, I deleted the vid after uploading. Do not know why, but I just have not been getting on much lately. Find that if I do not watch myself, I can easily lose track of time... Anyway, people should try the events. No, AA is not RP enforced and it is huge. Just dislike sitting around resting as much as I do. As a side note, I would be grateful for any hint for going after a good bit of gold...

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2020-06-21 03:35:15

I remember getting some gold by selling stuff to shops

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2020-06-21 16:57:49

I really should get to the events, but don't plan on it for a few days yet. How tough has the volcano thing been for those of you who have done it?

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2020-06-22 01:58:18


The volcano portion of the event is not scheduled to begin until Tuesday, June 23rd. Right now the Starving Rock and Puzzlewood Mire challenges are ongoing.

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