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Looking for examples of this in existing games, by emotes I mean in multiplayer games kprimarily MMOs but also sometimes others like FPS too) where you can for example type /dance, /point, /jump etc and your character will perform that action. Typically as well as the animation there'll also be text in the chat window saying that your character has performed it.

Anyone know of any that are communicated either by internal self voicing or compatibility with screenreaders?

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2020-05-20 19:38:13

You mean like a mud?

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2020-05-20 19:51:15

Yep including MUDs. But typing was just an example, some games have hotkeys to perform emotes, some games have a wheel you can bring up to choose one, etc

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2020-05-20 20:15:44

In terms of MUDs, the emotes are usually accessible to everyone because they are based on description and that's all they are. In terms of audiogames, Survive the Wild has a menu of emotes that your character can do that play sounds but don't output any text. I'm not aware of any games that make emotes accessible where they previously weren't. I've never played Second Life and so I don't actually know this, but it's a regular game with an accessible client, so maybe it has some character actions that are adapted?


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2020-05-20 20:56:08

I'm pretty sure these exist in battlefront 2 for the heroes, but I'm not sure exactly how they work as I've not played around with it much yet.  I will let you know once I do.  smile

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2020-05-20 23:09:22

Hmm. World Of Warcraft I think sort of does this, emotes are output as text in the chat window simultaneously, kind of like a mud in some cases. EverQuest might be similar. While not exactly narrated perse, League of Legends has a series of unique spoken [voice emotes] for each character as well, including jokes, taunts, laughing, though dancing isn't exactly spoken, they've also since added iconographic emotes. Some League characters also have unique ultimate skins with unique quotes and abilities, like Sona's [DJ Skin] that allows her to play 3 different music tracks. Planetside is also another that has a series of quick voice emotes for issuing orders, alerts, taunts, and jokes, which is something I think may have originated with the Tribes series of games.

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2020-05-23 07:37:57


Well the only described emotes are in muds. There are some verbal once in STW, also games like Swamp have the ability to use the /me command to make your character do certain things in chat.

At Ian BTW, do you have some form of contacting you? Possibly an E-Mail, I have a matter that I would like to discuss which I don't really like doing in public.

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