2020-05-18 16:37:40

Hello everyone.

On multiple occasions I've asked for the ban list to be updated. Post 1 is extremely out of date, and cringy.

Off my head, Mason, Tmstuff and myself aren't banned, Zoren and Rory's warning has expired, Webber as well, Uhr has been permabanned, etc.


Hi. I'm jaidon. Im an aspiring audiogame dev. I use BGT for now, but I'm learning Python and PB. You can find me on Skype by searching Jaidon Vincent. Let's have a nice chat.
Eitherways, Chus!

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2020-05-18 17:16:27

I almost thought this was one of those posts asking a game dev or admin to unban you from a particular game

My YouTube Channel
My Twitter page
Add me on Skype. My Skype name is live:rwbeardjr
Add me on XBox. My gamer tag is rwbeardjr

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2020-05-19 03:08:40

yeah that first post really needs to be updated for the ban list