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Morning everyone,

Welcome to Sable, which is a tool allowing you to create your very own RPG audio games, what makes it unique is that absolutely no coding or scripting is required what so ever. This is a first of its kind tool within the audio games community, within just minuts of launching Sable you can be walking around a map you created placing buildings, sounds, creating enemies to battle and placing NPC’s which you can interact with and much, much more. Some of the key features are listed below. Sable is only in its Alpha stage of development, so it is not the finished article, it still requires lots of polish, refinement and extra features and functionality. It is a test version which will expire at the end of the month, all projects created in sable will be lost after that time. Below the features list I have put a full list of the restrictions of this early alpha build of Sable, please do read through this in full before downloading Sable, as it contains important information about the software.  Link to the download page for sable is at the bottom of the post, you will need a product key for Sable which you will also find on our download page. If you want to check out sable in action, head over to our YouTube channel (the link is in my signature), where I demonstrate Sable. Happy creating everyone!
Feature List
•    A fully functional map editor that includes a fully integrated Z-axis
•    The ability to create weapons, Armor, items, status effects, abilities enemies and set up unique battle encounters
•    A fast and easy way to create triggers
•    The ability to create NPC’s and add recorded dialogue samples or written text (spoken by the TTS)
•    The ability to add your own audio assets for just about every aspect of the tools, e.g. your own terrain tile sounds, collisions, items, equipment, and so on
•    The ability to add your own custom music and ambient layers
•    A debug mode to help test your creations
•    The ability to play your creations as a functioning game
•    Experimental support for screen-reader use

Restrictions of the Alpha test build
-    Originally, this alpha test was meant to be closed to the public, but owing to the outbreak of Covid19 and the state of lock-down that the world is experiencing, we thought we would release it publicly as a way of thanking the community for all of your overwhelming support and encouragement.
- This is an alpha test for Sable, i.e. it does not have all of the features and polish that it will have once it is in its finished state.
- You will have access to this alpha test until 31 May, 2020.
- All projects that you have created will no longer be available for use after the expiration date.
- All of the audio assets that we have included with this build of Sable are placeholders and are to be used for testing purposes only.
- We have limited the size of maps to 100 by 100 by 2.
- We strongly encourage you to check out our YouTube channel{http://www.youtube.com/ebonskystudios/} as these videos can act as further tutorials.
- We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in making videos showing their experiences with Sable to feel free to do so, but we insist that Sable and Ebon Sky Studios be credited. Furthermore, you must provide a disclaimer explaining that the version of Sable you are demonstrating is in an alpha state.
- We do not have a release date for the full version of Sable. We want to ensure that our tools meet our strict quality standards. Furthermore, we are developing our own title--called Crimson Eclipse--that will fully showcase what Sable is capable of once it has been given that extra level of polish.
- If you have bugs you would like to report--and we would appreciate your feedback--please submit them to [email protected]
- All bug reports submitted will be examined--and addressed--after the end date--31 May, 2020.

Download link expired on the 31st may. Sable Alpha test is now closed and can no longer be downloaded.

Paul Lemm
Ebon Sky Studios
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCukIw1 … 9ps1vbnWMg

email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ebonskystudios/
Twitter: @ebonskystudios

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2020-05-10 12:45:07

wow so cool! gonna try it!

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2020-05-10 12:52:25

downloading right now

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2020-05-10 13:09:30

I've got to see this.

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2020-05-10 13:09:47

Not sure if this program will work under Wine for us Linux folk. But if it does, ...

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine-development
sudo apt-get install winetricks
winetricks -q speechsdk

Thanks to @stasp for originally sharing that wonderful info found in this thread.

2020-05-10 13:09:50

Lemm, you who asked the question, I confirm that NVDA and its translation
function works very well.

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2020-05-10 13:25:05

I'm trying Sable, and it's really cool. I had some concerns about BGT, but for now I have not had any problems with false positives etc.
I am very pleased to note that Sable can be used with both Nvda and Jaws.

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2020-05-10 13:41:29

@5 i tested on manjaro and it works. I was kinda scared that it may not  because linux is my only os, but it does so nice

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2020-05-10 13:47:59

hi there.
quick question. is it possible to edit things after you have placed them? for example. if I build a house or something, and I want to edit the length of it after I placed it, is that possible?


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2020-05-10 13:48:54

hi paul
maybe i can find documentation?
or not?

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2020-05-10 13:50:44

Please, don't turn down test on 31 may.

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2020-05-10 13:51:31


Ah, glad to know that it works. Definitely need to spread the joy of this around.

2020-05-10 13:51:34

@9 most things such as NPCs, signposts, objects, containers etc can be edited after creation by standing on them and pressing shift+o, however buildings cannot. You would have to delete the building by being on or in it and pressing the delete key then recreating it.

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2020-05-10 13:51:46 (edited by seb 2020-05-10 13:57:10)

@post 10 documentation is in sable's folder.

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2020-05-10 13:52:53


Well, they gotta start somewhere...

Keep in mind, it's still "alpha."

2020-05-10 14:06:17

Yes, but why they will want disable testing? Why we can't test later?

ice, fire, water, thunder.

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2020-05-10 14:20:36

thanks for the help.
I have another question.
let's say that I want a person in my project to join my party. is that a possebility, or can't you  do that yet


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2020-05-10 14:23:28

Hi everyone,

Really pleased to hear everyone is having fun and enjoying Sable so far. I want to say a huge thanks to those members who have come in and answered some Sable questions, I imagine I’m going to be pretty busy over these next three weeks, so it’s great to know I can rely on members to help each other out, we would love to build a community of creators around Sable, so its great to see people helping out each other like this.  @ Queens light and Stasp, pleased to hear this is working well on your Linux systems, i don’t have a Linux system myself to test this on, so its great feedback that it its working well for you both, if you do have any issues let me know.  @Johanntrm, thanks for letting me know NVDA translate is working well on Sable too, that’s also really good to know as I get asked lots about translation.
Paul Lemm
Ebon Sky Studios
email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ebonskystudios/
Twitter: @ebonskystudios

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2020-05-10 14:27:43

Hi Remi,

Sorry I didn’t see your post until i’d sent out my previous reply, yes that is possible. If you create an NPC and place them on your map. Then stand where the NPC is, bring up the object editor tool (shift and O), select event trigger and set an event trigger for the npc, one of the event triggers you can set gets the NPC to join the players party when the player talks to the NPC,. hope that helps and answers your question


Paul Lemm
Ebon Sky Studios
email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ebonskystudios/
Twitter: @ebonskystudios

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2020-05-10 14:27:57

reading through the documentation just to let you know Lem, that the sentences all seem to have bublets before them? whether that's just how jaws is reporting the screen, i do not have it announcing formatting, am not sure, but well written

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2020-05-10 14:35:25

Hay Paul, I'm downloading the alpha test now, but have one question.
Why did you limit the map size to 100x100x2?
I'm sure there's a good reason for this, but darn it all! I wanted to play around with adding multiple levels to at least one map, plus with only 100 by 100, I'm gunna have to restructure everything, as that is a really small map size.
Still can't wait to get in their and start creating...

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2020-05-10 14:42:16

hmmm i dont find strange

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2020-05-10 14:48:05

hi guys, everything is going quite well but.. I was over excited about this project, I downloadded the package which lemm provided earlier in the sable videos topic, the issue is, it didn't have the documentation, I cannot download the whole package again due to net restrictions, so if one of you could upload the documentation somewhere it'd be cool.

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2020-05-10 14:49:08

@post22 there is literally a file called Sable User Documentation in the main sable folder

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2020-05-10 15:00:39

No. He upploaded the file on a nother server befour this one. And he forgot to include the documentation there. I am downloading the thing again now.

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